How To Assign Crew To An Outpost In Starfield | Easy Steps

How to assign crew to outpost starfield

Companions and crew members play a significant role in Starfield, primarily when they are assigned to a particular outpost. Here, on this page, you will find detailed information on how to assign crew to an outpost in Starfield and what crew members should be assigned to the Outpost. Head on!

From romancing with companions to customizing the Ship’s interior, Starfield keeps checking its players well. When crew members are assigned to an outpost management or outpost engineering, they can acquire those skill trees without spending their skill points.

However, if you want to learn how to assign crew to an outpost in Starfield and, further, how to create a crew station, I’ve got you covered. Let’s move further, and you will learn everything concerning the same.

How to Assign Crew to an Outpost in Starfield?

How to assign crew to an outpost starfield

Starfield features multiple planets and unlimited resources for you to embark on a thrilling adventure. Here, a player ought to indulge in mining resources using a cutter. However, you can also collect resources on a larger scale by arranging a mining operation on a planet or a moon.

To do so, one must create an outpost and assign some crew members. Here’s your tutorial for the same.

Steps to Assign Crew to Outpost in Starfield:

  1. Craft an outpost and form a crew station above it.
  2. Click on the option TAB to open Starship Menu > click on the Ship on the bottom-left corner of your screen. Or press H.
  3. Click on C to open the crew interface.
  4. Then, choose the crew member you want to assign to this Outpost.
  5. As the Assign crew menu opens up, assign your crew to the Outpost by choosing their names from the recruited companions list.

You will find your crew member on the Outpost. He will continue to stay there until they are unassigned.

How to Create a Crew Station in Starfield?

How to assign crew to outpost starfield

Well, to assign crew members to the Outpost, you do need a crew station on your Outpost. Further is how you can do so.

Steps to Create a Crew Station in Starfield:

  1. The first thing one needs to check is sufficient resources, including Nickel: 3, Aluminium: 5, and Iron: 2.
  2. After having all the resources, Open the scanner (F) and type Outpost builder UI (R).
  3. Click TAB to enter Build Mode > Head on to the Miscellaneous section (top right) by repeatedly pressing C.
  4. Select the Crew Station > from here and create it by pressing E.
  5. Press E again to confirm your decision.

You have successfully created a crew station in Starfield.

What Crew Members Should be Assigned to Outpost in Starfield?

The best crew members to be assigned to on Outpost in Starfield are the ones that embed Outpost engineering and Outpost Management skills. After you assign members with these skills, you don’t have to use your points to unlock that skill tree.

Majorly, crew members are spotted in the major hub cities of the game.

Wrapping Up

This was all about How to assign crew to outpost starfield. Check out the above guide and learn what crew members are vital to assign in an outpost and the assigning procedure. Do let us know if you have any further doubts.

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