How to Add Snapchat Widget to Lock Screen on iPhone (2022)

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Snapchat is a popular app among the youth. It has brought in a host of features in its app, which help youngsters to enjoy and keep them glued to the app. The recent addition is the Snapchat widget. When the news flashed, almost all the users were looking for How to Add Snapchat Widget to Lock Screen.

This feature is incredible, and users are eagerly waiting to use it. The feature is available to some users and others who cannot use it as of now, do not worry; it will be available soon. So, the feature is available for iPhone users as of now.

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The company has also announced that it will bring in more new features in the coming days. So, read ahead and share your feedback with us.

How to Add Snapchat Widget to Lock Screen on iPhone?

How to Add Snapchat Widget to Lock Screen on iPhone (2022)

Before you begin to add a Snapchat widget on your iPhone, go through the following points-

  • Your iPhone is updated to the latest version iOS 16 or newer.
  • Snapchat application is updated.
  • You must be logged into your Snapchat account.

So, let’s get started and know how to add Snapchat widget to lock screen-

  1. long press on your iPhone screen and bring up the Edit menu.
  2. Select the customize button.
  3. On the next page, tap on Add Widgets.
  4. Select the Snapchat app from the list of apps.
  5. Click and add the Camera or Pin a Friend or Group.
  6. After selecting, click Done to save the changes.
How to Add Snapchat Widget to Lock Screen in 2022?

Note:- When you pin a friend or group, tap the widget after placing it to select a friend or group.

According to Snapchat, the new widgets are available on iOS 16 or newer devices. You can easily add them above or below the digital lock screen clock.

Snapchat is looking to make its place on the lock screen of your mobile. Earlier, Facebook also added a widget for Birthdays at a glance and top updates for iPhone users. Google has also promised to provide iOS16 lock screen widgets for essential apps like search, chrome, Gmail, and maps.

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Learn More About Snapchat Widgets on iOS 16

How to Add Snapchat Widget to Lock Screen on iPhone (2022)

Snapchat has announced that it is releasing an app update to provide support for the lock screen widget on iOS 16. There are two Snapchat lock screen widgets to select from.

  1. The first option is a small square open directly to the Snapchat camera.
  2. The second is a larger rectangle that opens to a conversation with a group of friends.

The widget displays your streak with the friend with other emojis shown next to a particular chat in the app. The new lock screen widgets save all the conversations with your best friend on the lock screen. This helps to start the chats with just one click. In a blog post, Snapchat announced that with the help of this new tool, you could save yourself from scrolling and start snapping. Hence, your visual conversations with your Snapchat camera are at your fingertips

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Watch How to Add Snapchat Widget to Lock Screen on iPhone

Wrapping Up

The Snapchat widgets are the new addition to the app, and it helps to include the app on your lock screen. Although the feature is not available to every user worldwide, it will soon be. Snapchat is also bringing new features to its apps. So, if you wish to know more about them, please refer to our website Path of EX for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add a Snapchat widget to lock screen?

When you wish to add a Snapchat widget to your lock screen, then hold the lock screen, bring the edit menu, and select the customize button. In the edit mode, click the row to add or swipe your widgets.

Is the Snapchat app available in the web browser as well?

No, it is not. But very soon, the company will bring its app to the web browser version of the app, which will be available on desktops.

Why Snapchat lock screen widget not showing?

1. Go to Settings
2. Tap on General
3. Tap on iPhone Storage
4. Tap on the Snapchat app
5. Tap on the Offload app
6. Go to the App store and reinstall the Snapchat app


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