How to Add More Light To Your Home This Spring

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Having more daylight in our homes has been linked to improvements in our wellbeing and mood, making us feel more proactive and engaged with the day ahead. Introducing natural light to the home can make a room lighter and brighter and give the appearance of more space. But how do you invite more light into your house

Use reflective surfaces to your advantage

Having shiny surfaces such as a glossy cabinet or kitchen island will reflect natural light that filters into the room and give the illusion of a brighter, bigger space. Keeping your colour scheme light and airy in the kitchen will give a cleaner, larger feel to the area. 

Things like mirrors and glass ornaments will look classy and stylish but also introduce light in other rooms such as the lounge, bathroom or bedroom, making it feel happier and more energetic. 

Consider a glass-top coffee table if it suits your home’s theme and watch the space multiply. 

Flooring that reflects light.

The right type of flooring can also encourage light into your home if correctly maintained and polished. Try decorating your floor space with ceramic or wooden floors that you can polish and make shine. 

Surfaces like marble and granite can reflect lots of light, illuminating the walls and other areas of the room. 

These types of surfaces reflect so much more light than a carpet would, but if you’d rather have carpeted floors don’t stray into dark colours. Stick with light colours like creams, whites and light greys.

Adding glass furnishings

If you’re able to splash a bit more cash, look at getting new windows installed. Getting rid of any dull, old glassware and replacing it with new, brighter and shinier versions can illuminate a space and reflect light onto other surfaces around the home. 

Things like glass vases, photo frames or even ornaments and sculptures can really open up a space. If you’re feeling creative, why not install a glass panel into your wall or under the stairs? This will create a more open divider between two rooms and will give the effect of one larger open space rather than two separate ones. 

This will need to be done professionally as it’s a large task and many things can go wrong when removing walls. When contemplating such renovations it’s good to consider your financial options beforehand. 

Use light, bright colours where possible

Light doesn’t have to be totally natural. You can create light in your home through other means like redecorating and a fresh lick of paint. Opting for bright colours will give the effect of a warm and inviting space, allowing you to have sunshine in your home, even on gloomy days. 

Colours like creams, yellows and light greens are all brilliant for adding brightness to a room. If you’re not so keen on in-your-face colours, try more muted tones like mustards and leaf greens.


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