How to Add Friends in Gas App? 4 Ways to Add Friends

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Gas app is designed so that you gas up your friends. Let your friends know that you admire them for being themselves. But how to add friends in Gas app? Here are 4 ways in which you can add friends on the app. The gas app is aimed at teenagers; you can easily add people from your school as well.

You can now join school in Gas app. The app is designed to make you feel good despite what the virtual world tells you. You can answer polls and get coins. You can earn coins in Gas app which you can buy later. The app will also let you know who answered the polls. You can see who liked you in Gas app. The app is free to use. But you can also upgrade it to the paid version of God Mode. You will have access to exclusive features in God Mode in Gas app.

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While the app is an amazing initiative to create a safe and positive virtual space for teens, it is no fun without friends. So, how to add friends in Gas app? Here is all you need to know about adding your friends to the app.

How to Add Friends in Gas App?

How to Add Friends in Gas App

Want to Gas your friends about how amazing they are? Let me tell you how to add friends in Gas app. Right now, you can add friends on the app in 4 different ways. You can add friends in Gas app in these 4 ways.

  • Phone Contacts
  • Friends-of-Friends
  • School
  • Username

For you to add friends from Phone contact, you need to give the app access to your contact book. From what I know, you will receive suggestions for adding friends-of-friends and for adding friends from school. But for adding friends using a username, you will need to know the profile username for your friend’s account.

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Wrapping Up

So, now you know how to add friends in Gas app. You can add friends in 4 different ways on the app. We will keep coming up with more such updates. Follow us, so you don’t miss out. Keep coming back to Path of EX!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add friends to Gas app?

You can add friends to Gas app through phone contacts, school, friends- of friends, and with username.

What is Gas app?

Gas app is a re-introduction of the 2017 TBH app. Gas app aims to create a more positive space in social media.

What are coins in Gas app?

You can earn coins in Gas app by answering polls. The more polls you answer, the more coins you will earn. You can then, buy these coins from your profile.

How to delete account on Gas app?

You can delete your account on Gas app by going to Profile> Edit profile> Account Settings> Manage Account> Deactivate account.


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