How to Achieve Cost-Effective CRM Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics 365

How to Achieve Cost-Effective CRM Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Customer Relationship Management, called CRM, has become an important and vital tool for the development of businesses. And to develop and maintain Customer Relationships has never been as easy as it is today, owing to the advent of technology and the availability of a number of tools. From the list of a number of tools available, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the potential contenders with awesome outstanding features that meet the requisite parameter for better CRM. Let us dive in to know more about it. 

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the most essential steps in ensuring business growth and high-profit margins for companies. The most important step of completing a business sale is gaining the satisfaction of the customers, and to get satisfactory and positive feedback, a good customer relationship management strategy is required. 

Nowadays, many companies have started to invest more in their customer relationship management to come up with better strategies to attract more customers and turn them into loyal customers. One of the methods that companies use is the integration of a creation process that is able to analyze, deliver precise customer segmentation, store important customer data, and many others.

One of these applications is Microsoft Dynamics 365, which has proven to bring success in the CRM sector of many businesses.  By integrating the usage of Microsoft Dynamics 365, businesses have been able to come up with attractive marketing campaigns which have increased sales and profits.

However, to start using Microsoft Dynamics 365, companies are required to input and transfer all prior data that they have collected in regard to their customers into the tool, and for that, consulting with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting services by EPC Group should be considered to ensure that customer data is transferred accurately, without any mix-ups and data loss. Thus, when considering a change in the CRM platform, companies should think about consulting with professionals to ensure a safe transfer process. 

Why Should Businesses Achieve Cost-Effective CRM Solutions With Microsoft

CRM is one of the important factors in making a business successful. For that, Microsoft has come up with a technical solution called Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft Dynamics can be used to provide employees with all the necessary data to achieve good customer CRM. 

Many benefits come with using Microsoft Dynamics 365. One among them is the easy access it offers to statistics and advanced analytics, which can be used for making decisions. 

On the other hand, the tool provides flexibility and customization to employees. The feature allows the employees to have easy access to customer data and provide the necessary feedback during customer calls and services. 

Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics can be used from the Microsoft Office 365 environment, allowing companies to work from a single operating platform and share all necessary data with the whole company. In other words, alongside using Microsoft Dynamics, employees will be able to use Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, and other Microsoft products, making the process of providing service to their customers easier and quicker. 

Thus, when dealing with a lot of customer service and customer relationship management problems, companies should invest in Microsoft Dynamics to achieve better CRM results and increase sales and profits. 

To achieve a cost-effective CRM solution, it is important that businesses are equipped with the right knowledge of how to set up and use Microsoft Dynamics.

Achieving Cost-Effective CRM Solution With Microsoft

There are certain things that you have to keep in mind in order to achieve a cost-effective CRM solution with Microsoft. Given below are some of the points enlist that need to be considered for better results.

1. Understanding Microsoft 365 Features and Choosing the Right Plan

Before subscribing to Microsoft Dynamics, it is important that businesses know what features are offered by the tool and whether those features will be beneficial for them. After knowing which features are beneficial for the type of business that they provide. 

2. Collecting All Data and Preparing Them For Migration to Microsoft

After figuring out whether the tool will be beneficial for improving the customer relationship management of a company, all customer data should be collected and stored in a single place to prepare it for migration and transfer. 

In order to speed up the migration process, this step is very important as it does not hold off on any of the operations that the businesses provide. 

3. Transforming All Data 

Now that the customer data is collected, those responsible for the transfer should transfer all the data onto the new environment.

4. Ensuring All Important Data Is Migrated To the Digital Platform

After transferring all the data, some sort of audit needs to be done to check whether all the data has been transferred and whether they are transferred under the right customer’s name. 

5. Training Customer Service Employees on How to Operate the Tool

Now that everything is transferred onto the new digital platform, managers should conduct training sessions with their customer advocates in order to provide them with the right methods of using the tool benefiting from the offered features.

6. Constant Monitoring Of the Success Of the Tool

Finally, managers should constantly monitor the tool to understand whether there is success after the tool’s integration. In other words, constant monitoring is required to allow companies to understand whether there is a positive correlation between the success of the CRM and the integration of Microsoft Dynamic.


To sum up, CRM is one of the most important factors that can be used to ensure the success of the company. Thus, it is important to integrate better solutions and achieve better results. 

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