How To Start Podcasts On iTunes in 2021?

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Many different forms are available online and anybody can find out on your podcasts on iTunes. You can truly present your podcasts on iTunes for free and achieve new auditors. Before presenting to iTunes, you need to make sure that you will cover all these things constantly.

Your podcast is present in front of you with all the relatable information or whatever you’re doing to handle it. Make sure that everything is in the same way that you want. 

When you finally set up your account details, those details are going to be submitted to your podcasts. Whenever you open iTunes, there is an iTunes Store where you need to click the podcast tab for many options. By doing all such things, your podcast gets activated. That’s how you complete the whole phenomenon.

For some further details and information, you need to read the whole article properly. You will get all the relatable answers as per your query.

How To Start Podcast On iTunes

Some simple methods are given to you so that you can easily reach your goal. Basic information is given below.

How to Get Your Podcast into Apple Podcasts (iTunes)

How to get your podcast into Apple podcast(iTunes)- How To Start Podcasts On iTunes in 2021
Source: MobileSyrup

Follow these 3 steps to complete your program in Apple Podcasts. Start from your very first experience!

Step 1– Log in to iTunes connect and begin your journey.

Step 2– Provide validity to your podcast RSS feed.

Step 3– Submit your whole action to your Apple Podcasts.

The evaluation process can take up to 2 weeks, but you always get a verification email within 3-5 days. In the meantime, you can use Podcasts Connect to control the current status of your program. 

If by any possible way, your podcast was not authorized, you can troubleshoot valid logic and resubmit your program after getting the expected improvements.

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How to Get Your Podcast on iTunes (Another Way)

How to get your podcast on iTunes- How To Start Podcasts On iTunes in 2021
Source: ConvertKit

You need to follow 7 steps to complete your whole process.

  • Your podcast should be recorded first.
  • Your podcast details are filled in.
  • Select a unique podcast platform for hosting.
  • Your RSS feed URL should be retrieved efficiently.
  • Create and download an iTunes account.
  • Present your podcast to Podcasts connect.
  • Then wait for the approval.

At this time, you can move back to your iTunes Connect dashboard to combine more, survey, monitor, and update your podcast list. With all this process, your podcast feed goes active for every iTunes user.


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What’s the Difference between iTunes, Apple Podcasts & Podcasts Connect?

What's the difference between iTunes, apple Podcast and Podcast connect?- How To Start Podcasts On iTunes in 2021
Source: CNET

Note– this can become a bit complicated! Apple has been in podcasting for so long that they’ve worked over many platforms, and we remain stuck with the legacy of each one of their signatures.

When we first started with iTunes, there was the PC and the mobile app where you can submit your podcast and attend to others.

iTunes however endures as an application, but Apple delivered some Apple Podcasts a few years before to renew the listening adventure on mobile. That is where people find us, more frequently.

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This explanation will give you a brief knowledge that how iTunes, Apple Podcasts, and Podcasts Connect are different from each other.

Can anyone upload their Podcast Files to iTunes?

Can Anyone upload their podcast Files to iTunes?- How To Start Podcasts On iTunes in 2021
Source: Quick Start Podcast

The simple answer from my side is- NO.

No one can upload their Podcast files to iTunes because of some privacy factor.

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Do You Need More Help with iTunes or Other Parts of Podcasting?

Do You Need More Help with iTunes or Other Parts of Podcasting?- How To Start Podcasts On iTunes in 2021

Before you begin, memorize the think regarding your launch improvement project. How are you serving to carry the first few 100 audiences? Also, tell us about your content plan. Must have an idea throughout the route which you want. Those early audiences can make a huge exception. The right stuff, the right period can cause the difference in raising by the 100s or raising by the 1000s.

If you need any type of help with that, join us in our ‘’Podcast Host Academy’’. You will find in-depth subjects, live training sessions every two weeks, and a supportive neighborhood to receive all of your problems with. Plus a collection of extras, like the free songs, launch checklists, commissions on treating and accessories, and a lot more. Surely, see you there!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to put a podcast on iTunes?

It costs zero. You just need to sign up by podcast hosting assistance. Few of them are free but have some restrictions.

Can podcasts make money?

Yes, they all can. You just need a good content, idea, illustrations, themes, and cool features too.

Does a podcast need a website?

Sometimes it’s easy to get a website on your particular podcast. But, on the other hand, it’s been very difficult to maintain it properly. So, the answer is YES with some limitations.

Final Summary

All the above-mentioned data is specially made with very easy descriptions. You can understand all the given steps without making any extra effort as per your requirement and need.

I hope you accurately get all your answers and if somebody asks you anything about Podcasts, you can brief them easily.

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