How Spotify Duo Works: A Detailed Guide for Beginners

How Spotify Duo Works?

Spotify is one of the leading music streaming platforms. It regularly brings its users new updates, and recently, a new update popped out regarding the Spotify membership plan: Spotify Duo. Since then, all music lovers are only thinking about how Spotify Duo works. The new Duo membership plan is launched by Spotify for two people who share the same address. 

There are plenty of options when it comes to online Music streaming apps. These online music streaming apps have various subscription plans and memberships, which sometimes are considered a bit off the way for the budget. Spotify Duo has precisely brought what you might need. If a single membership plan is big for you, Spotify Duo is going to offer fantastic value for money to you. 

Spotify Duo subscription is meant for two people living under the same roof. They can be couples, siblings, roommates, members of the same family, or any pair of people who live together. To know details about how Spotify Duo works, you need to go through the page below.

How Spotify Duo Works?

How Spotify Duo Works?

When you join a Spotify Duo membership with your partner, you don’t need to share your login details; you will only share your plan. Although you both might share one plan, you both will have your own account functionings. You can listen to your Rihanna playlist at the same time as your roommate is listening to her Ariana playlist. This is how Spotify Duo works.  

It is simply a Spotify discount subscription offering a premium account for two people. Spotify Duo offers that at a lower cost than two separate individual premium accounts. The Spotify Duo is mainly aimed at couples who love music, but it can be taken advantage of by other duos who share the same roof. 

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How Spotify Duo Works as a Money Value Saver?

How Spotify Duo Works?

Pricing in any app is at the top among the deciding factors. Spotify Premium account subscription pours out as an expensive deal for consumers when compared to Spotify Duo. Spotify Duo works at the cost of $12.99 a month, which is better and more beneficial than a single subscription plan which is $9.99 per month, and the Family plan for six members, which is $14.99 per month. The family plan, which offers six slots, is only two dollars more than the Duo plan, but if you only need Spotify for two people paying two extra bucks would not be expensive.

Payment can be made by using a debit card or credit card. You can also consider using your earned gift cards. However, Spotify clarifies that you won’t be getting refunds for any unused time. If you have duration left on your plan, it’s better to wait until your subscription is closer to renewal. 

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Eligibility to Subscribe to Spotify Duo

How Spotify Duo Works?

After knowing all the detailed information about how Spotify Duo works and its money-saving value, it will require you to fulfill certain terms and conditions and stand on its eligibility ground. Then you will be able to use the benefits of Spotify Duo.

The three main requirements that any Spotify user must fulfill are as listed:

  • Both account holders need to reside at a common address. This is the top most requirement Spotify seeks from you.
  • As you further proceed in the process of activation for the premium Duo accounts subscriptions, you’ll be asked to provide your home address. If the two addresses don’t match, you cannot use Duo. 
  • Spotify, from time to time, may ask for re-verification on addresses. In the past, Spotify has used certain GPS checks to confirm if the users are still fulfilling the eligibility criteria. 

Also, speculation airs that Spotify would time to time, check that both accounts are logged in from the same wifi address, at least for some time. Though, Spotify hasn’t given any confirmation on it yet. 

The terms and conditions policy clearly states the hold of the right to cancel or suspend your Duo subscriptions if you don’t fulfill the eligibility criteria for Spotify Duo.

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How to Subscribe to Spotify Duo?

How Spotify Duo Works?

After learning the answers to all your questions, such as How Spotify Duo works, its money-saving value, and eligibility criteria, its time to see how to subscribe to Spotify Duo.

Now, are you the first person to sign up for the plan? If yes, congratulations, then you are the plan manager. It means that the payment of the subscription fee, setting the address for the account, and such things will be looked after by you. You will have access to add or remove another member from your quality of perception. 

To begin as a plan manager with a Spotify Duo account, follow the given steps:

1. Visit Official Spotify Duo.  

2. Then, click on the Get Started button. 

NOTE: You can log in using Facebook, Google, Apple, or a phone number, or you can also sign up with your email id.

3. Now, you need to fill in all of your details and double-check them.

4. Hit on the Buy Spotify Premium Duo button.  

Then, follow the further instructions to invite your co-partner to join in. And you are done with it!

On the contrary, if you are not a plan manager and you want to be a part of a Spotify Duo subscription, you need to follow the steps mentioned below: 

  1. Log in to your Spotify account or create one if you don’t have one. 
  2. The Plan manager then needs to create an invitation by visiting  the Spotify Duo invite page 
  3. Then wait for the plan manager’s invitation link via E-mail or WhatsApp as they sign you up.

And that’s it! Within minutes, you and your partner are good to go with all the offers the Spotify Duo plan has to offer. You can also withdraw from your Spotify Duo subscription at any moment without any penalty. 

NOTE: If you are the first one to join or start the plan, you are the plan manager. If you’re the second one, you can’t change the one who signed up earlier.  

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Perks of Spotify Duo 

The Spotify Premium Duo has all of the best beneficial features and services in it. An in-depth analysis can help you to maximize its value plan to the fullest. After gaining information on the topics such as how Spotify Duo works, its eligibility criteria, and how to subscribe to it, let us check the basic features of Spotify Duo.

Now there are numerous reasons to choose Spotify Duo as a worthy option. A few of them are listed below: 

  • No Ads: Getting no advertisements is one of the biggest reasons for you to choose it. Everybody wants to listen to uninterrupted music unless you are nostalgic for a broadcast radio streaming. You will definitely enjoy the absence of ads.
  • Download Music: This subscription allows you to download your favorite songs. You can later listen to them offline as well. This will release you from the worry about network strength and usage of mobile data. 
  • Control on Songs: Free version doesn’t give control over songs being played, whereas it also has a limited number of skips. The premium version allows you to do all that and gives less of a feel like radio. 
  • Share Playlists: Spotify Duo gives you access to share your self-made playlist with your companion. You can also share your personal playlist on your Social media handles like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Tumblr, etc. 
  • Follow your Favourites: In Spotify, along with following favorite artists and singers, you can now follow your friends and family members with similar tastes in music. This will help you in exploring more music. 
  • Discover new Music: As you sign up for this feature, Spotify will start recommending artists and songs based on your playlists and searches. Discover weekly playlists will also be created for you by this streaming service. 

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Wrapping Up

Overall, this feature for users is very convenient and pocket-friendly. With all such features, Spotify has deepened its roots in the online music industry. I hope this article has helped you in the best way possible in learning about How Spotify Duo Works and more information related to it. 

So, that is it for today! I will keep coming up with more guides for your favorite music streaming platform, Spotify. If you have any questions, do comment down below. I will reach out to you soon! And, to stay updated with the latest trends in Social Media, Tech, and Gaming, do visit our website, Path of EX!

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