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Smriti Razdan
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The thought of moving in with someone can make you super-excited and nervous at the same time. The thrill of living together and making your own decisions can be life-changing, but what if it is too soon? How would you know you are not rushing it? Worry Not! We are here to help you; go through this article once, and you’ll know “How Soon Is Too Soon To Move In?

When you live together, you guys will see each other at your best and worst. There are more pros than cons when it comes to living together. Although, if you don’t get meshed up easily, it can cause some friction and a lot more trouble. By the end, you’ll be a step closer to making your decision. I promise!

People think they will magically be happy as long as they are together, but we all know that’s not true. It would be best to live with a partner if you were a better girlfriend or a boyfriend. Compatibility is the first parameter, but it is not the last. It would help if you talked about many things with your partner so that you know it’s not too soon to move in. Check out the points below and help yourself in making a strong decision. 

What Will Happen If You Move In Too Soon? 

Happy Couple; What Will Happen If You Move In Too Soon? 

You need to understand how adverse the consequences can be. Before moving in with someone, there are a lot of things to be kept in mind. Your bond and friendship might be one thing, but many other factors need to be taken care of. We have discussed all of them below. But before that, let’s hear about the consequences.

You need to know the person thoroughly before moving in with him. There are chances that you know his family, friends, and even his habits. But, compatibility with a person is a whole different thing. In fact, it is the only thing that will let you both move further together.

There are many chances that you guys will face a fight every second day because of compatibility issues. It takes a lot to live with someone. You have to adjust according to them, and sometimes they have to change according to you. If you two aren’t that compatible, it can only decelerate your bond. I’m sure you won’t like to see friction between you and your partner that often. 

What Will Happen If You Move In Too Soon? 

You will be jeopardizing your mental peace for sure. I’m not saying everything will go down, but what if it does. If you aren’t sure about moving in with someone, then what’s the need for it? As explained in the above point, as tough as fights can be, you can be sure it will impact your mental peace. If you are a working person, then that will influence your work life too. You don’t want to take such a risk.

Moving in with someone requires a lot of effort and work from both of you. If things go drab, there are chances you’ll end up regretting your every decision. I’m sure you don’t want to regret making a decision that was supposed to bring you two closer. If you think that can happen, that’s your cue to take more time before you move in.  

How To Know If It’s Too Soon?

Firstly, let’s begin with whether you and your partner are ready to move in together or not. Or is it just another go-with-the-flow thing you guys want to try? 

1. You Frequently Fight

What Will Happen If You Move In Too Soon? 
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If you guys haven’t even moved in yet and are stuck in fights you cannot get out of, it is not the right time for you to move in. Here, you must realize, arguments aren’t bad. The fact that people cannot resolve them easily makes the situation worse. 

If you guys often have unresolved fights, then why would you want to move in? I know you must be thinking that it will kill the distance between us but trust me, if you cannot endure each other at a distance, you won’t be able to endure each other living in the same place.

2. You Have Been In LDR For Long

People who have been in a long-distance relationship are more likely to face some friction, especially at the beginning of moving in together. Even if you guys have talked and kept the touch over the years, people change. Their habits change. Know what you are getting into before taking the big step. 

What Will Happen If You Move In Too Soon? 
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You guys are in your mid-twenties, everybody is either getting married or moving in, and you want something happening in your life too. If that’s why you are moving in, then please don’t. Peer pressure can be very hard on some people. Even if either of you is doing it because of peer pressure, you will make everything worse for yourself and your partner. 

3. You Are Moving In Because It Will Fix Your Relationship

What Will Happen If You Move In Too Soon? 

Trust me; instead of moving in, you should seek a therapist. Moving in is not a solution for people who struggle to be together every day. It will only make you guys hate each other even more, and you don’t want to do that, do you?

If something isn’t feeling right, trust your gut feelings and stop yourself from making this huge decision. Take a break, talk, but don’t rush such important decisions. 

Things You Need To Know About Your Partner Before Moving In 

What Will Happen If You Move In Too Soon? 

If you are still reading this post, that means you are determined to move in with them. Well, in that case, we will help you think about your decision. These are the points you should keep in mind before moving in with your partner-

1. Cleanliness

Before anything, before your bond, before your friendship, cleanliness is the first thing you should think about. What does his or her bedroom look like? Are they as much into cleaning as you are? If yes, then great! Move on to the next point.

2. Temper

Before moving in with someone, you should deduce if the person is short-tempered or not. It’s not worth living with a person who gets angry at you for the minute things. It is the bare minimum you can expect from someone- not to be a short-tempered person. 

3. Financial Responsibility

Who pays the bills, and who pays the loans? You have to discuss all these things regarding the money. After all, you don’t want to be dependent on someone. So, it’s best if you talk about financial responsibilities before moving in with someone. 

What Will Happen If You Move In Too Soon? 

4. Future Plans

Be a smart person; think everything through. The kind of aspirations your partner dreams about should not keep you out of the picture. Ask them, what’s next? What will be the next step after moving in? I know, it might get overwhelming. However, once you know how big this decision is, you’ll surely want to go over everything twice before actually moving in with someone.  

5. Chores

If you are not that do-it-all person, you would want to divide the household chores between you two. It will make things more transparent and easier for both of you. Always share your work. Don’t be that bigger person who says, Ohh! I’ll do anything for you! That doesn’t work when you have to do it yourself every single day. 

6. Pets

What Will Happen If You Move In Too Soon? 

Who can forget pets when it comes to moving in? Are you into dogs? What if your partner is into cats? Or some other animal? Would you still be comfortable if they adopted their pet? Besides talking about the choice of pets you guys want, you should also talk about their boundaries.

Will pets be allowed on the furniture? Rugs? Where and where not? Talk about everything before moving in with your partner. 

7. Medical Issues

If any of you have some medical issues, it’s better to talk about them now. Don’t feel embarrassed about it; it’s very important to share everything now (if you haven’t before).

Your partner will take care of you according to your needs, and everything will be smooth. 

Wrapping Up

These were the most important things you need to think of before moving in with someone. According to research, it takes 3 years to know someone fully. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait for three years to understand your partner. If you are sure that it is the best thing for you guys, you should do it after going through everything important. 

At least wait for a year before you move in with someone. Process your feelings and other aspects clearly and practically. Once you have made a decision, talk to your family and close friends about it. If they agree with you, you’ll be double sure of your decision. 

That was all about this article on “How Soon Is Too Soon To Move In?”. If you have any more questions, then do comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 


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