How Old Is Dog Day From Poppy Playtime: Dog Day’s Age

How Old Is Dog Day From Poppy Playtime?

How old is Dog Day from Poppy Playtime? Can you guess the right age? Dog Day is one of the minor antagonists in the horror video game series. The Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 game has unique hybrid toys that will give you nightmares. However, guessing their age can be challenging. Let’s find out how old is Dog Day from Poppy Playtime here.

Poppy Playtime: Chapter 3 has taken the Poppy Playtime series to a whole new level. It was released on 30 January 2024. The game features the deadly antagonist, CatNap, who is killing everyone mercilessly in the game. If you are brave enough to escape, this game is just for you. Here, I will tell you how old is Dog Day from Poppy Playtime.

Dog Day is a terrifying pooch and leader of smiling critters in the game. The hybrid dog is a deadly enemy and is always ready to kill the player in the game. However, the climax of Dog Day is totally shocking! Read ahead to know about how old is Dog Day from Poppy Playtime. This article will guide you through.

How Old Is Dog Day From Poppy Playtime | Dog Day Age In Poppy Playtime

Dog Day was an orange-furred dog. It had a big but creepy smile and wide black eyes. Dog Day was an optimistic toy in Poppy Playtime that always looked on the brighter side of life. However, he got trapped by CatNap and converted into a minor antagonist in the game. DogDay became the leader of the Mini Smiling Critters creature and killed anyone who tried to stop the experiments in the Poppy Playtime game.

However, Dog Day meets a tragic end and gets killed mercilessly by CatNap in the game. DogDay succumbs to CatNap’s poisonous gas that turns Dog Day into a maniac. In the end, CatNap orders Smiling Critters to devour DogDay brutally.

Wrapping Up

The article covers the details on how old is Dog Day from Poppy Playtime and related details. You can read the complete Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 ending here to learn more about the Poppy Playtime characters. If you have any questions about DogDay or you want to guess how old is Dog Day from Poppy Playtime, drop a comment below.

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