How Much Does Pinterest Ads Cost | How to Pay Ads on Pinterest?

When Pinterest launched for the first time, everyone considered it just another image-sharing social media platform. But over time, they broke the stereotype and became one of the authentic platforms for idea sharing and business. With the increased business opportunities, Pinterest also added ads to its interface. Pinterest ads bring more engagements and impressions to your account. Let’s crack on how much Pinterest ads cost.

Are Pinterest ads worth it? This is the common question most Pinterest creators ask themselves. But you don’t have to doubt it as it is a perfect way to increase your marketing. Pinterest ads are essential for your brand recognition. It will help you reach out to your niche’s audience faster.

If you are a new creator on Pinterest, you might have a thousand queries to clear. Pinterest never fails to amuse creators with innovative strategies to flourish your business. This article is all about how much does Pinterest ads cost and how to pay for Pinterest ads.

What is the Best Pinterest Advertising Strategy | What are Pinterest Ads? 

Pinterest pins in a book; How much does Pinterest ads cost

Pinterest advertising strategy is a key to boosting your business. It has a well-developed plan to follow. Pinterest ads are one of the most exploited ideas of Pinterest advertising strategy. It allows users to market their brand to a broader audience. More business proposals will follow more engagement to the account. Other key advertising strategies are,

  • Pinterest account optimization
  • Well researched keyword insertion
  • Pinterest campaigns
  • Create one-tap-pins.

What are Pinterest Ads benefits?

Pinterest ads have endless probabilities for a strategic business developer. Everyone comes to Pinterest in search of an idea or a product. So if you could advertise your brand well, most likely, you will be recognized better.

  • Brand recognition.
  • Brand advertisement.
  • Create more traffic.
  • More business opportunities.

What are the Pinterest Ad Types in 2024?

Take a look at different types of Pinterest ads and what they represent. Always ensure your Pinterest ads size doesn’t exceed the recommendation of a 2:3 ratio.

Pinterest ads ; how much does pinterest ads cost
  1. Idea Pins- Short video pins of up to 20 graphics. They cover how-to-do content or demonstrations.
  2. Try on Product Pins- Create virtual ‘Trial room’ experiences—more engagement time on the account.
  3. Collection Ads- One large video or image with up to 24 supporting photos for a click-bait. Perfect for branding.
  4. Carousel Ads- You can add 2-5 pictures to a carousel. When someone saves your carousel, all images on board also get protected.
  5. Promote Pins- Boosting well-performing pins to more audiences.
  6. Shopping Ads-  It is pulled from your catalog of products, which helps to create faster sales.

How Much Does Pinterest Ads Cost | What are Pinterest Ads Objectives?

If you plan for a Pinterest campaign, you must know how much Pinterest ads cost and how to pay for Pinterest ads. There are several reasons for you to choose Pinterest ads for your marketing. Depending on the method of choice, Pinterest ads cost may vary. These are the significant intentions to rely on Pinterest ads,

  • Build brand awareness.
  • Boost engagements to your Pinterest account.
  • Promote Pinterest pins to get more business.

When you choose to build brand awareness, you plan to express your products and ideas of business to a broad audience. If you build an awareness of your business, Pinterest ads cost 2-5 dollars for 1000 impressions.

If you are an account holder with sufficient brand recognition, you might want to leverage the engagement to your account. If boosting engagement is your primary purpose, Pinterest ads cost 10 cents to 1.50 dollars.

If you want to promote particular pins to your audience to drive more traffic, Pinterest ads cost 10 cents to 1.50 dollars per click.

How Much Does Pinterest Ads Cost Monthly?

Since many creators are making a decent income through Pinterest, most choose a monthly plan for Pinterest ads. According to recent studies, Small to medium business owners spends around 200 to 1500 dollars on Pinterest ads and 1500 to 2500 dollars on Pinterest campaigns.

How to Pay for Pinterest Ads?

Billing for Pinterest ads is made accessible in a Pinterest business account as long as you know how much Pinterest ads cost. 

  • 1. Log in to your ‘Pinterest business account.’
  • 2. Click ‘Ads.’
  • 3. Select‘ Billing.’
  • 4. Click ‘Payment settings.’
  • 5. Select ‘Billing information.’
  • 6. Enter ‘Billing address’ and ‘Credit card info.’
  • 7. Tap on ‘Save.’

Let us add a YouTube video for better understanding of Pinterest payments.

 Wrapping Up

Pinterest offers a comprehensive platform for business opportunities. Among various Pinterest advertising strategies, Pinterest ads are one of the prominent performers. Most of the creators doubted themselves about how much does Pinterest ads cost. All we want to say is that Pinterest ads are worth it. 

We’ve made a sneak peek at Pinterest ads and strategies. Let us know if this is helpful. Suggest more titles you want us to talk about.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do Pinterest ads cost per day?

Pinterest ads cost per day will be approximately 10 cents. It can be 6.6 dollars in a day if you are willing to spend on more engaging Pinterest ads strategies every month.

2. Are Pinterest ads free?

No. Pinterest ads cost around 2-5 dollars for 1000 impressions, but they are worth it.

3. Do Pinterest ads cost money?

Yes. Pinterest ads are one of the best Pinterest advertising strategies. For 1000 impressions, Pinterest ads cost an average of 2.5 dollars.

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