How Long Does an Instagram Shadowban Last? Get Out of Shadowban RN

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Social media platforms have become strict about rules and regulations. They refrain from showcasing any inappropriate content on their platform. So, they have introduced shadowban because of the users who do not follow the rules on their platform. Platforms like TikTok have introduced the same feature as their platform. Instagram is the latest addition to this group. Most people have this question in their mind how long does an Instagram shadowban last?

Hence, we have framed an article where we have satisfied all your curiosities by answering the question of how long does an Instagram shadowban last? You may refer to the article below, and I am sure you will get all your related queries answered as well.

So, waste no more time and read our article to get the appropriate answers.

How Long Does an Instagram Shadowban Last?

Instagram Shadowban generally lasts for 14 days. Sometimes it may last longer than this when content is posted on the platform through your profile with the help of third-party apps. So, if you wish to avoid Instagram shadowban, please abide by the rules and regulations on the platform and be a saint for Instagram!

Do not use bots or third-party apps that are strictly prohibited on Instagram, as it may lead to your account’s permanently deleted. You should also stay away from hashtags that are banned by the account. Hence, always do some research work on the hashtags you are using on Instagram before using them.

Before we move any further, please shed some light on what Instagram shadowban is. Please refer below to get the answer.

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What is an Instagram Shadowban?

Instagram Shadowban can be a nightmare for some users. It is a recent addition to the platform, where the content, posts, and even your reach on Instagram is permanently blocked for a certain period. You do not get notified about this from Instagram but can understand the same when you verify it through other sources.

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Wrapping Up

As we have approached the end of our article, we have a small disclaimer that social media has become very strict with its community guidelines. Hence, please abide by their rules as much as possible otherwise, you may get your account on their platform permanently banned or blocked. I hope the article helped you, and to help you further, we have more articles on shadowbanning on other platforms. Please refer to them through our website, Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Instagram Shadowban?

Instagram Shadowban is a recent feature on the platform, where the entire content and audience reach are restricted due to not following the community guidelines.

How long does an Instagram shadowban last on someone’s account?

Instagram shadowban lasts on someone’s account for at least 14 days.

I have been shadowbanned on Instagram for more than 14 days now; what should I do?

In that case, you should refrain from posting content on the platform for a few days. Stop the use of any kind of third-party apps. Do not use bots or anything against the platform’s community guidelines.


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