How Long Does a TikTok Shadowban Last | 2022 Update!

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TikTok is one of the largest competitors in social media and has to keep up with its reputation. They will go to any extent to keep the community safe and happy- that’s why they created guidelines and shadowbanning. You might be wondering how long does a TikTok shadowban last. We wish we had the right words; know we care. A TikTok shadowban is not permanent, and it will reverse in time. Let us enlighten you more!

Artificial intelligence can be good and bad at the same time. There will be a minor loophole in every artificial intelligent program that cannot match the sentiment of a human. Automatic bots are designed with specific algorithms. They don’t have emotions or feelings to understand your concern. Shadowban is not like a prison sentence-Sometimes you can be the wrong victim too!

Having a fundamental knowledge of everything in daily life itself is a hack. So, know more about your applications and their guidelines a bit. This article is everything you need to know about a TikTok shadowban, particularly how long does a TikTok shadowban lasts.

What Is A TikTok Shadowban?

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A TikTok shadowban is an automatic moderation of human errors by TikTok bots. TikTok algorithms have set a guideline for its users. Any violence against that guideline will put you on Bot’s red list. They will limit your content on the horizon of your followers. Your account will lose its significant exposure to the outside. In simple words, your account will behave like a private account- Only your followers can see what you post.

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You might have worked so hard to keep your account engaging. Shadowban will primarily affect this. Until TikTok lifts the shadowban, your efforts won’t be recognized. So we always suggest you check whether you got shadowbanned or not if you experience low engagement in your account. 

What Causes A TikTok Shadowban?

The main concern with TikTok shadowban is we don’t get notified about it. So we don’t know what went wrong. Either we kept posting without rectifying the issue, or we might start a new account. It is always necessary to have an essential awareness of the social media platforms. We all tick that ‘agree to privacy and guidelines‘ while installing. It is a long list to look at, but you should read at least what they collect from you and what they restrict.

TikTok is opaque about data collection (that’s why they got banned in some countries) but crystal clear about their guidelines. Following are the significant restrictions to avoid when you post content.

  1. Inappropriate Content
  2. Nudity
  3. Hate Speech
  4. Threatening Activity
  5. Promoting Illegal Activity
  6. Spamming
  7. Copyrighted Music

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How To Know If You Are Being Shadowbanned?

Let’s have some primary hacks to know if your account got shadowbanned or not before depending on any fraudulent apps to detect it.

  1. Ask a stranger to check your latest post
  2. Check your TikTok Analytics

How To Remove A TikTok Shadowban?

Lifting a shadowban can be a piece of cake if you know the reason. Since we don’t have a caution notice in the first place, let’s try every solution.

  1. Update TikTok.
  2. Take a break from TikTok (In 2 weeks, your account becomes normal).
  3. Re-upload suspected content after checking validation.
  4. Remove copyrighted music.
  5. Create your content (Do not plagiarize).
  6. Contact TikTok customer service.

Even if you find out the reason, Shadowban most likely lifts only after its period.

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How Long Does A TikTok Shadowban Last?

Unless this is an authorized process by TikTok, the answer is unpredictable. In the beginning, TikTok shadowban used to work only for 24 hours. But in time, with the updated algorithms, shadowban time also increased. 

Currently, available data shows users are experiencing shadowban for up to a month. The minimum time duration is between 1 week to 2 weeks now. If you are not an aspiring creator, you can opt to use TikTok without an account.

You should keep in mind that you don’t have to panic every time if you don’t do anything wrong because shadowban is an automatic process to moderate the violations by a Bot. It cannot always be perfect. You can always reach out to TikTok customer service and express your concern if you haven’t done anything wrong. 

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Wrapping Up

We cannot plead or fool programmed bots since prevention is better than cure; practice to be a saint in TikTok. Shadowban is not permanent. It will lift itself after the duration of uncertainty.

If you got shadowbanned, avoid more in the future as it will permanently terminate your account.

I hope you got everything in hand. Let us know what we missed and forgot to quote.

Until then, hasta la vista!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does a TikTok shadowban last?

A shadowban can last up to one month. Normally it wear off in 2-3 weeks.

2. What happens during a shadowban?

Your account exposure will be limited to your followers during a shadowban, like a private account. Your contents will not appear under hashtags.

3. Can I lift a TikTok shadowban myself?

Probably not. You can take immediate measures to lift the shadowban-You might get lucky with reduced duration. A TikTok shadow ban typically raises after one or two weeks. Some users complained that their accounts were under shadowban for one month.


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