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When words like Love and Sitcom are used in a single sentence, you know the show How I Met Your Mother is being addressed. Known for its suspense buildup, dramatic reveal, and unique structure, HIMYM never left the gossip table throughout its running time. Through its 9 season run, it has given us memorable How I Met Your Mother Valentines Episodes, which we will never forget.

Though it’s hard to believe, it has been 8 years since the show ended with its dramatic reveal of ‘the Mother.’ The show created such hype that no one has ever before been so excited to see who was finally the chosen mother. I mean, seriously, kids aren’t excited that much to see even their own mother. But what made this show rank first when it comes to love is the fact that an actual proposal happened while filming the show. Don’t believe me?! It’s true…Jana Rugan and Timothy Russo really got engaged on the season-two finale filming. Exciting, isn’t it?

Well, Irrespective of the fact that the series ended in 2014, we couldn’t stop ourselves from visiting the show and its remarkable episodes on occasion. Whether it’s Christmas or Valentine’s, we need to have our nostalgic binge-watching. So let’s get to all the How I Met Your Mother Valentines Episodes-

All Romantic How I Met Your Mother Valentines Episodes (HIMYM) Binge-Worthy for Valentine’s Day

The series follows the adventurous story of Ted Mosby, who is recounting to his children the events that led him to meet their Mother. So, suit up and get ready to go on this amazing journey of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) Valentines’ Episodes.

  • Rabbit or Duck | Season 5, Episode 15
  • Ten Sessions | Season 3, Episode 13
  • Girls vs. Suits | Season 5, Episode 12
  • Desperation Day | Season 6, Episode 16
  • Mystery vs. History | Season 7, Episode 06
  • The Drunk Train | Season 7, Episode 16
  • The End Of The Aisle | Season 9, Episode 22

1. Rabbit or Duck | Season 5, Episode 15

This is the first  How I Met Your Mother Valentine’s Episode of the show. It begins with Ted, Marshall, Robin, and Lily hanging at the apartment watching Superbowl, in which they see Barney with a sign asking for women to call him. As a result, his phone is continuously beeping with calls.

Robin reveals that she has a valentines date with Don Frank, and the group starts debating whether he is attracted to him using Rabbit-duck-theory. Meanwhile, Ted lets Marshall and Lily pick his valentine’s blind date this year. But when they forget to fix him a date, they think of using Barney’s list of discarded girls to find him a match, ultimately deciding on Natalia. Well, you must have guessed how the date will play out, and it definitely does not disappoint you. All the series of laughs and hilarious moments with the phone make up for an amusing session.

Also, Robin gets invited by her obnoxious colleagues to Valentine’s party at his apartment. By the end, Don apologizes to Robin for his unprofessional behavior and praises her news anchor skills.

2. Ten Sessions | Season 3, Episode 13

Another Valentine-themed episode that deserves a position among How I Met Your Mother Valentines Episode is Ten Sessions. 

Himym Valentines episodes

This episode shows a classic scene of chasing the love interest where Ted has fallen for his doctor Stella Zinman. He wants to ask her out, but since this is against AMA rules, he decides he’ll wait for 10 sessions to formally ask her on a date. After 5 sessions, when she still refuses, he is disappointed and thinks by getting in the good grace of Abby, the receptionist, he might be able to change Stella’s perception. But as per HIMYM tradition, things never turn out as expected, and instead, Abby falls for him.

After a lot of hard work and chasing, he finds out Stella has a crush on him as well.

And she never actually said no. Being a single Mom, she is just too busy to date. He then takes her out on a Two-minute date where they finally share a kiss. Yeah… Finally. I am starting to think this show just loves creating the builds-up.

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3. Girls Versus Suits | Season 5, Episode 12

As the name suggests, Girls vs. Suits is one of the most intriguing How I Met Your Mother Valentines Episode. However, no direct relation to a valentine is mentioned; you’ll know exactly why this episode needs a special mention after watching.

Here, Ted meets a girl Cindy and instantly forms a connection. He soon finds out that she has serious issues with her roommate as all her dates fall for her instead. Suddenly, Future Ted says Oops..!! And reveals that the roommate is the Mother- around which the whole show is built. Truly… Oops..!! Cindy tells how the Mother paints pictures of robots playing sports and has breakfast foods singing show tunes. Meanwhile, future Ted reveals the painting of robots playing volleyball hanging in the den and an English muffin singing “Memories”. 

On the other side, Barney is picking up a bartender, Stacy Keibler, who just can’t tolerate guys in suits. Therefore forces him to choose between Suit, his first love, or Stacey, his current crush.

This How I Met Your Mother Valentine’s Episode soon turns into a musical performed by the entire cast.

4. Desperation Day | Season 6, Episode 16

This is another one of How I Met Your Mother Valentines Episodes that goes overboard and makes us roll on the floor with laughter. It starts one day prior to Valentine’s day and shows the chaotic desperate scenes of 13 Feb. 

Barney, in this HIMYM Valentines episode, declares that 13 Feb is his favorite day of the year. Intrigued? Well, you will when you hear his reasons- he has dubbed 13th Feb as the ‘Desperation Day’ and, to justify it, narrates a fake story about how this ultimate day causes single women to lower their standards.

How I Met Your Mother Valentines Episodes

While on the other hand, Ted and Zoey have started dating, and Ted is freaking out about his first Valentine’s Day. To take the easy road, he decides to accompany Lily, who is visiting Marshall in Minnesota on Valentine’s day. Though a lot of chaos ensues, by the end, everyone seems to have a valentine’s day just as they imagined. 

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5. Mystery Vs. History | Season 7, Episode 06

In the episode, Ted is going on a mysterious date as he has decided not to gain any prior information on Janet Mclntyre. But the gang interferes, investigating Janet online, much to his dismay.

In the meantime, Marshall and Lily are painting the room for their baby and have decided to recruit Barney, Robin, and Kevin for help. They are conflicted about knowing the sex of the baby and are tempted to open the envelope. While a debate on Mystery starts, Kevin stands up and points out that everyone is meddling too much in each other’s business. They all just need a break. Well, won’t we all, but what can I say? Some people just can’t keep their noses out of others’ business. No, I’m not throwing a shade ( well..Maybe I am..wink! )

This How I Met Your Mother Valentines Episode is definitely worth a watch.

6. The Drunk Train | Season 7, Episode 16

This chapter begins with Lily proudly showing off her unborn child’s kicking abilities. Marshall and Lily have decided to visit Vermont for their Valentine’s getaway and, along the way, choose to extend the invitation to Robin and Kevin. 

While Kevin and Robin are trying to take their relationship to the next level, Kevin casually proposes to Robin. She subtly skims her way out and then, during the next day reveals she will never be able to have kids. But Kevin’s reaction is not what she expected, and he proposes to her for the second time. And guess what?? She finally says Yes. yeah..!! That calls for a celebratory toast. Cheers to you.!

Meanwhile, Ted and Barney are seen riding on the Drunk train for 2 days and still couldn’t find a date. Then, Ted realizes Barney has a crush on Quinn even though he will never admit it. Similarly, Quinn is told by her friend that she is talking continuously about Barney, and it seems she likes him too. Well, the whole world can see except them.

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7. The End Of The Aisle | Season 9, Episode 22

7. The End Of The Aisle   |   Season 9, Episode 22

This is the last episode before the ultimate finale, but the one that created its unforgettable impact.

It’s 5:28 p.m on Sunday, just half an hour before the wedding. Both Barney and Robin start freaking out and having panic attacks about the upcoming union. On one hand, Robin is concerned about whether she is making the right choice by marrying Barney or not?? On the other, Lily and Marshall realize that they somehow haven’t kept the promises made to each other in their vows.

Going through the chaotic thought-provoking journey, Marshall and Lily chose to re-write their vows and finally come to an understanding that a relationship isn’t static but dynamic; therefore, while growing together, they can make new vows that adapt to the person they’ve become. 

Also, Barney promises to start an eternal honest relationship and makes Robin believe that she is indeed making the right choice.

This is definitely one of my favorite episodes, which shows characters maturing and gives a perfect fairytale ending to our romantic notions. Don’t you think this is the perfect way to end a How I Met Your Mother Valentines Episode marathon?

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Wrapping Up

Well, I don’t know about you, but I sure had a hell of fun reminiscing about this epic How I Met Your Mother Valentines Episodes. The news about the show ending undoubtedly made us sad, but that doesn’t mean we have to forget about the show. As Lily Aldrin says- “Why say goodbye to the good things?” So, postpone whatever you had in mind and spend this Valentine’s day paying tribute to this show. For your help, I have prepared you a list of-

I hope you got what you are searching for. Keep visiting Path Of Ex for more intriguing collections.


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