Best How I Met Your Mother New Year Episodes | HIMYM Got The Eve Right

Find happiness amid the chaos with these New Year's specials of HIMYM.

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No matter how much hype How I Met Your Father gets, we will always be a fan of How I Met Your Mother. The show is the real OG and we cannot skip it even on a single holiday. Despite the fact that most shows largely cover only Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. HIMYM has given us some really great episodes on New Year’s eve. Tune into this article as we have covered the Best How I Met Your Mother New Year Episodes

HIMYM has given us so many classic episodes to binge-watch every season. Be it Slutty Pumpkin,  or The Final Page, the show has made us laugh, sob, skeptical about life, and then laugh out loud all over again. However, there are still some holiday specials that are just as entertaining, but underrated. 

This article intends to bring just those episodes out, so you can watch some non-hyped but super fun HIMYM content. If you have gone through all the HIMYM Thanksgiving episodes, it’s time to check out some How I Met Your Mother New Year Episodes, and trust me, you will love them all. 

Top 3 How I Met Your Mother New Year Episodes 

Best How I Met Your Mother New Year Episodes | HIMYM Got The Eve Right

Holidays have always been the ultimate reason to be cheerful around the season. But don’t you feel like it is a little overhyped? Okay, there are festivals and everyone is happy, but I am not used to being happy, especially for a long time. And all of these best How I Met Your Mother New Year episodes cover just that feeling. It’s so realistic! Amid this melancholic life, finding a reason to be with friends and participating in New Year’s is chaotic and you will see all of it in the episodes given below. 

3. Tailgate | Season 7 Episode 13

Best How I Met Your Mother New Year Episodes | HIMYM Got The Eve Right

It’s 2012, New Year’s Day, and Marshall is keeping his tailgating tradition alive. Every New Year’s, he visits the grave of his father to tailgate, while listening to the football game on the radio. However, he cannot spend some time alone with his dad cause he’s having such a cool tailgating party there. 

Mourners at another funeral and Marshall’s brothers also join Marshall, making the funeral scenario sort of funny. Also, there’s a lot going on with Ted, Lily, Barney, Robin and after some time they also join Marshall in his tailgating tradition. In the end, Marshall shares the story of New year’s eve with everybody making it one of the best How I Met Your Mother New Year episodes. 

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2. No Tomorrow | Season 3 Episode 12

Best How I Met Your Mother New Year Episodes | HIMYM Got The Eve Right

No Tomorrow” gives a clear message, Never listen to any of Barney’s advice. Plus, his tactics only work for him, not everyone else. This best How I Met Your Mother New Year episode has two scenarios. One is where Marshall, Lily, and Robin. They decide to stay in the apartment and play a board game. Another is where Barney convinces Ted to join him in beer drinking. 

Barney also proposes a “No Tomorrow” theory in this episode and says that whatever they do today will have no consequences tomorrow, at all. Having fun in the apartment, Marshall throws in a ghost story when Robin realizes that the apartment is crooked and Lily doesn’t know it yet.

At the party, Ted seems to think that Barney’s theory is actually working. Firstly, there are too many girls around him (something he’s not used to), secondly, he has got two Champagne bottles on someone else’s bill, and even gets asked by a gorgeous woman (who is married btw). What are the odds? Fast forward to the next morning, Ted wakes up with a dark eye and realizes he has committed credit fraud and even made out with a married woman. 

Also, Ted abandoned his date, wanted to get intimate with another woman while clarifying he will never see her again, and doing all of this while being drunk. So, no matter which party you go to, never abandon your date, drink too much, and commit any crime. Okay?

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1. The Limo | Season 1 Episode 11

The Limo” episode of HIMYM is just like life, totally chaotic. Ted wants everybody to enjoy the usual upsetting New Year, so he rents a limo and asks everyone to join him. Robin has already made plans with her boyfriend Derek, so she cannot join them in the limo. But Barney, Marshall, Lily agree to join Ted in his limo and attend five different parties, choose the best one among them and enjoy New Year’s eve there. Sounds like a plan to them! 

On their way, all of them meet someone out of their group, like Ted gets his coworker Marybeth, Barney finds a girl with a Russian accent, Natalya. After visiting party number one and finding that it is total drab, the gang decides to visit party number two. It is now when Robin calls Ted to let him know Derek has dropped his date with her. What will Ted do? Even though picking up Robin will delay all the plans, Ted decides to pick her up. After Robin has arrived in the limo, she is sad cause she will have no one to kiss when the clock hits 12, so Ted promises her that he will kiss her. 

Long story short, after visiting four parties, eating a hot dog, meeting with Not Moby, and barely escaping from the psycho dude with a gun, Ted realizes this limo was a bad-bad idea. Even Lily is alone without Marshall and is going crazy to find him when they are stuck in traffic. At last, when it is 8 minutes to midnight, and when Derek joins Robin and everybody is paired, Ted opens the champagne and gets out of the car. Being the sad guy, Ted starts walking away from the car when Robin follows him and kisses him exactly at midnight, saying she remembered their promise to kiss each other. 

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And that’s how even after so much drama and chaos a little happy ending makes “The Limo” one of the best How I Met Your Mother New Year Episodes. 

Wrapping Up

Whether you are spending New Year’s alone, with siblings or friends, you have to watch these best How I Met Your Mother episodes. While everyone is gushing over the new Father series, you don’t want to miss a holiday special of this epic show. 

I really hope you like this article. Do comment below your views and your favorite moments of all of the HIMYN holiday episodes. 

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