Best How I Met Your Mother Christmas Episodes Ranked

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Christmas is only a few days away and you definitely don’t want to get bored all along the holiday season. Luckily, our favorite sitcoms have created several holiday specials so we don’t have to worry about anything. Talking about sitcoms, HIMYM has entertained us a lot in the Christmas season. So, we are here to reveal the Best How I Met Your Mother Christmas Episodes.

The show lasted for 9 years and that couldn’t have happened without the outstanding cast of HIMYM. Josh Randor (Ted Mosby) and Neil Patrick Harris (Barney Stinson) are my personal favorites from the cast. Besides being the cuties, their on-screen relationship with Cobie Smulders (Robin Scherbatsky) actually got the show going. 

Not just Christmas, but the show makers have also covered some really good HIMYM Halloween episodes, and just in case you have missed on some fun, make sure you watch all those too during the holiday season. Let’s not keep you waiting anymore. Quickly go through this list of best How I Met Your Mother Christmas episodes.  

All How I Met Your Mother Christmas Episodes 

Starting from 2005 and airing around 200 episodes, HIMYM is definitely the favorite sitcom of many people. The friendships, love, relationships, you see all of it in the sitcom, and it’s enough to make you all happy. 

If you want to laugh and feel cheerful about the holiday season, then you can also check out all the How I Met Your Mother Thanksgiving Episodes. Friends and feasts make a good combination and that’s exactly why you should watch these episodes. 

1. How Lily Stole Christmas | Season 2 Episode 11

Best How I Met Your Mother Christmas Episodes Ranked

The first episode in the list of best How I Met Your Mother Christmas episodes is “How Lily Stole Christmas”. It is one of the first few episodes where Lily does her Aldrin Justice thing. It’s basically Lily’s way to get back at someone by stealing any of their things. Ted is super excited to meet his friends on Christmas.

While Lily is busy decorating her place when she sees an answering machine and after playing it, there are many messages in it from Marshall and Ted saying mean things about her. After apologizing to Lily, Ted spends his Christmas with a religious cousin. 

There are also many other things about the episode that can make you mushy. Like when Marshall displays kind gestures towards Lily and understands that friends are also family. 

2. Little Minnesota | Season 4 Episode 11

In the second How I Met Your Mother Christmas episode, Robin is homesick and sad because she is not spending Christmas with her family in Canada. Marshal, being a good friend, takes her to the Walleye Saloon. It’s the same place he visits when he misses his hometown. However, after some time, Marshall realizes Robin needs to visit a place that reminds her of Canada. So, he takes her to the Hoser Hut, which is a Canadian bar. 

Also, Heather informs that she will be moving to New York City. Since she is Ted’s sister, he is worried that Barney might again hit on her and write weird Christmas songs on her. 

3. False Positive | Season 6 Episode 12

Best How I Met Your Mother Christmas Episodes Ranked

False Positive is my favorite one out of all the How I Met Your Mother Christmas Episodes. The best thing about this episode is that it’s filled with emotions. The episode starts when Ted waits for all his friends after they watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” in a theatre. Then Lily comes to think that she is pregnant which is later cleared that she is not. 

Barney and Robin are having problems with making decisions. Robin considers herself an underachiever and Barney is back to being a toxic shopaholic. After looking at mess everywhere, Ted brings back everyone from their potholes and encourages all to get on the right track. 

The episode ends with Ted going to the theatre to watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” alone. 

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4. Symphony Of Illumination | Season 7 Episode 12

Being the ultimate friends that they all are, “Symphony of Illumination” focuses on how all the friends support Robin when she needs them the most. Robin finds out that she cannot have kids and obviously it’s heartbreaking. But when all the other friends find out about it all of them make an effort to make her cheerful. 

Ted sets big Christmas lights in the apartment, Marshall says he will get the best decor for Christmas. However, later we see that some kids played Marshall, locked him on the roof, and threw a party in his house. A perfect ending for a perfect How I Met Your Mother Christmas Episode. 

5. The Over-Correction | Season 8 Episode 10

Best How I Met Your Mother Christmas Episodes Ranked

“The Over Correction” is one hilarious How I Met Your Mother Christmas episode, and if you haven’t watched it up until now, then please do. In the episode, Patrice and Barney start dating and it pisses Robin off because she hates her. To separate the two of them, Robin plans to expose Barney and his womanizer attitude. 

Breaking Barney’s apartment, Robin comes to find his Playbook. Robin asks Ted for help and while both of them are searching for the book, the couple arrives and Robin and Ted have to hide in the closet. To their surprise, they find that Lily is also hiding in the closet. To know why just watch the episode and laugh all your heart out. 

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6. The Final Page | Season 8 Episode 11 & 12

The one Christmas special that you should never miss at any cost. Ted takes Robin as his date to the gala for the GNB building. There Ted spills the fact that he knows about Barney proposing to Patrice. It is obviously a shock for Robin, so she gets on the roof of the building only to find that she is “The Robin” in the playbook. This means all this Barney-Patrice relationship was only to get Robin back. Barney did play smart here. 

And then in the middle of all the city lights, Barney confesses and there we have another great How I Met Your Mother Christmas Episode. 

Wrapping Up

Despite a very long journey, we will never be tired of watching HIMYM over and over again. If you also feel the same then you would love to binge-watch the best How I Met Your Mother Christmas episodes this year with all your friends and family. If you liked this article then comment below your favorite episode from the list. 

You can also share this article with your friends with whom you would want to watch the best HIMYM Christmas episodes. 

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