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Was it his smile, his laugh, or his personality, that made you fall for him? Do you get butterflies every time you see him? Maybe, it’s time you confess your feelings, but how? You might be scared as hell but this can be the best thing of your life. It will be worth it! So, if you are wondering ‘How Do I Tell Him I Like Him?’, then this is the best article for you on the internet. 

Once you know he is more than a crush, there’s no point in keeping your feelings to yourself. Your nights are already sleepless from stalking him on Instagram and other social media apps. Are you aimlessly wondering whether he’s into you or not? Does he have a girlfriend or not? STOP! You don’t have to wait for him to make a move. It’s time you take the lead and confess all your feelings for him. 

Before you confess that you like him, you have to know why you are doing this. Firstly, you are doing it for yourself and secondly, you might not want to hide your feelings for a long time. There are so many ways you can tell him you like him and we have written all about it. 

Before you spill all the beans, make sure you go through all the points mentioned below, at least once. Let’s move ahead. Stay Tuned! 

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Tell Him You Like Him

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Tell Him You Like Him
Source: Cocktails and conversation

You cannot just go with the flow all the time. Like any sane person, you need to process a lot of things in your head before confessing your feelings to him. 

No More Sleepless Nights! No More Imaginary Dreams!

Confess and make the slate clear. How? Let’s unravel everything for you.
So, are you ready? 

1. Be Honest About His Feelings Towards You

When you are into someone, all you want is to be with them. The feeling is as exciting as it can be. Unfortunately, that can lead you to false hope, and of course, you don’t want unrequited love. Some guys just cannot reject a girl because they know it will hurt her. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Tell Him You Like Him
Source: Medium

Also, if he’s treating you just like a normal friend and you are getting mixed signals, then you cannot feed your brain the same. Think through, you cannot just imagine a La La Land in your head and expect him to feel the same. 

Therefore, you must be completely honest with what you feel about him and what he feels. If you are not sure about his feelings then don’t expect that he’s as much into you as you are.

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We recommend you clear up your mind of your expectations before you tell him you like him. 

2. Don’t Fool Him Into Liking You

You want him to like you because of your personality, not because of something you say to him or something you do to him. It has to come naturally, just the way you liked him in the first place. You should not do something that makes it harder for him to speak his honest feelings. As we said earlier, some guys are just too polite to say ‘NO’. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Tell Him You Like Him
Source: Jonathon Aslay

A lot of people can get words out of someone even if they don’t feel the same. You don’t have to do any such tactics because it won’t stay for long if the feelings are true. That’s one way to see it. 

Also, this is just to clear your mind to get prepared for his honest reply when you confront your feelings towards him. 

3. Be Brave!

I know you’re scared! But it will be worth it. No matter what happens after you speak your heart out, your honesty will be appreciated. It will take a lot of courage, even a little risk, but he’ll know you came forward for him and no guy can dislike that. Trust Me!

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Tell Him You Like Him
Source: Evening Standard

Everybody knows how tough it is to confess your feelings, especially boys. Most of the time it is they who are the first ones to confess. So, when you tell a guy that you like him, firstly he knows how tough it is to do so, secondly, he’ll feel special. Why?

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There aren’t many guys who get proposed, ever. Even if he doesn’t like you as much, he’ll always remember you and you’ll make a special place in his heart, just because you approached him first. So go for it ladies! 

4. Don’t Retract

Often when people get rejected they reply by saying ‘Oh! I was just kidding, ‘I meant it as a joke’ and more lies like that. Never Do That! Ever! This only makes the situation more awkward. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Tell Him You Like Him
Source: Meme Generator

Own what you feel, even after getting rejected. Do your feelings change after getting rejected? No, right? Then why lie about it. Maybe he needs a little time. Saying that you meant it as a joke or something only gives a message that you are not serious about it. You surely don’t want it. 

I hope you don’t mess things up for him by doing any such stupidity. I know you don’t want to risk losing a friend but you won’t be able to live with yourself if you don’t say it. So you are not only confessing for him, you are doing it for you too. 

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5. Talk To a Friend

Now, when I say a friend, I mean an actual real friend. Not someone you met on Instagram or any other popular social media app. A friend who knows you, your past experiences, and everything about this guy as well. If you don’t have any such friends, then you can even talk to your siblings or parents. After all, they know you the best and they care about you the most. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Tell Him You Like Him
Source: TV Insider

Coming back to the topic, a friend will tell you the best about your feelings. You can know all your plus points and drawbacks from your friend. S/he will know if this is just a random crush of yours or if you’re really serious about it.

So make sure you have a good talk with your friend/s and make up your mind clearly before confessing anything to anyone. 

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9 Ways To Tell Him I Like Him 

This is it, girls!

Do all this to tell your man you like him. No matter what he says, this will only do good to you. You will know what to expect of him and what not to expect of him.

Chill! He won’t bite you. 

1. Just Be Yourself

9 Ways To Tell Him I Like Him 
Source: Greatist

Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Not even if hell freezes over! You want to spend your time with someone who loves you along with your scars and imperfections. Pretending like you’re perfect doesn’t attract people who appreciate you. They might like who you are pretending to be, but not the real you.

So, it’s very important for you to just be yourself and have fun. You’ll know if he’s even worth your confession or not. 

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2. Be His Friend First

Aren’t those couples the best, who became friends first and then lovers? Everybody adores these couples because they have a relationship besides being just a couple. They are friends first and then couples.

9 Ways To Tell Him I Like Him 
Source: MensXP

Also, becoming someone’s friend gives you a lot of ideas of who the person really is. If you’ve already had a crush on him for a while then it’s time you try to be friends with him. That’s the best possible way to be closer to someone. Be his friend, stay with him in good and bad times and he’ll eventually know how you feel about him. 

3. Compliment Him

Of course, you find him smashing hot. Is it his hair? Or do you find his eyes the most beautiful in the world? There has to be something about him that attracts you. So if you are talking to him and find that he’s looking great, tell him. He’ll love it. 

9 Ways To Tell Him I Like Him 
Source: TheHopeLine

If he’s not a ladies man he’ll definitely get flattered. Complimenting him also means that you like something about him, which means it’s a kind of hint to tell him you like him. But don’t go overboard with it which can make you look desperate. I know it’s tough but know when to stop. 

4. Get Close To Him 

You should always try to get close to him, and by this, I do not mean physically. Talk to him, be a good listener when he shares something. I’m telling you it’s very sexy when someone just listens to you with their full attention. It is rare these days, which makes it so precious.

9 Ways To Tell Him I Like Him 
Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Only talking your hearts out (not about your feelings necessarily), will bring you a lot closer than any physical attraction ever would. People crave a deeper bond these days and if you could just show him that you are there for him, then it’s a way of telling him that you like him.

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5. Do Things You Both Like 

9 Ways To Tell Him I Like Him 
Source: David DiSalvo

There can be a million things you two could do together (don’t get any ideas). Even if you don’t meet every day or you are just phone buddies, you can still watch movies together with Netflix Party. Or stuff like that. 

If you guys can meet then you can go for Karaoke in a pub or if you like talking you can ask them these questions to ask your crush and have fun with it. You should definitely look out for things and activities you can enjoy with him. It will only make your bond stronger and natural. 

6. Open Up To Him Before Confessing

Before you jump right into him, you should be comfortable telling all of it to him. Try telling him something personal to you and you’ll see by his reaction how much he’s into you. This will help you open up to him more. 

9 Ways To Tell Him I Like Him 
Source: Business – Insider

It will give you an idea of whether you can trust him with your feelings and once he knows you are comfortable with sharing a lot of personal stuff with him, he might already guess you are into him. Wouldn’t that be great? 

Also, if he’s also vulnerable around you, he’ll also share something that nobody knows about him yet. Again, it’s a chance you would have to take to get closer. 

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7. Share Your Snacks With Him 

9 Ways To Tell Him I Like Him 
Source: NY Daily News

If you are a foodie, like Joey, then food is actually a big deal to you. If you don’t share your snacks or food with anyone, sharing it with him will give him an idea that he’s special to you. Do not think this idea is silly, It is Not! Food is an emotion and if you want to share it with him then that cannot be a small thing.

Let him know how you don’t share food with anyone, but you just cannot refuse him. A few hints sometimes can be a lot beneficial. This would only mean he’s special to you and things you cannot share with anyone can be shared with him. 

8. Be Bold

9 Ways To Tell Him I Like Him 

If you are sure of your feelings and if you cannot hold them anymore, just go tell him. Don’t make a fuss about it, make it clear and short. Know that if you don’t confess it now, you might already be his friend. Do you want that? No? So, just tell him. 

Tell him you want to confess something, he’ll know it’s something important. Meet him in person and don’t hold back. Don’t fear rejection or losing him. Even if there’s a little chance he might say yes, then go for it. 

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9. Don’t Confess Too Much

9 Ways To Tell Him I Like Him 
Source: Healthline

The last thing you want to do is to scare him off. Telling him you like him is important, but you must know how to use your words wisely. Don’t start by saying that you love him already, he might not be able to process so much. Instead, you can tell him that you like him and you want to know him more. Or use subtle lines like that. 

If your confession becomes overwhelming, he might also lose a friend like you. So you should say everything easily, keep it short and simple. 

Don’t stutter, try to remain calm, I know it’s not easy, but it’s for the best. All the Best for your Next Adventure!

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Wrapping Up

Go Get Him Girl!
I really hope you find this article helpful, and you got your answers to ‘How Do I Tell Him I Like Him.’ Comment below your views and share this article with your friends. 

If you want us to write anything else in particular, then let us know. We will try our best to answer you.

Have a Great Day Queens!

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