How Can I Know if Someone Is Married or Not?

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Is someone’s social media handle or availability on dating apps proof that they are single? Can you trust people based on their relationship status that ‘they claim’ on social media? No. You definitely cannot. There are people who have trusted blindly and false depictions have literally scarred people from trusting again.

Thank God for applications like CocoFinder that allow its users to attain a first-hand view of someone’s marital status. You do not have to fall victim to someone’s availability or lack of it. You do not have to believe the blatant lies or false depictions on social media too.

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When do you need to check someone’s Marital Status?

Many times, we come across people we like. You might like people at the first go, based on their prima facie appearance, but that can’t be their ultimate judge. Lying about the past, lying about the present, and lying about the future intentions are just too casual these days.

Therefore, in order to protect your own emotional interests, in the below mentioned scenarios, you must totally try CocoFinder:

How Can I Know if Someone Is Married or Not?
  1. Hey, I just met you

You can read more about how something as simple as knowing someone’s first name can tell you all about them. When you just met someone and like them, you can know about their marital status as well. You can do so without even asking them.  

With something as basic as just their name and location, you can find the status of their marriage on CocoFinder. You can save yourself from the emotional turmoil of waiting long enough till it’s socially acceptable to ask about their marital status.

  1. Online Frauds

Is someone’s presence on a dating platform sufficient proof of their relationship status? A lot of innocent and vulnerable people have fallen prey to fraudulent depictions. So, before being emotionally involved or getting things on board, it’s always better to see the true black and white. 

CocoFinder allows you to have that edge. You can see through a person’s dating profile. Dating per se is a hectic task and you should avoid the hassles with frauds. You can, therefore, ensure your emotional and physical safety by looking up the person on CocoFinder and knowing if their status is really what they claim to have.

  1. Reason for Divorce

Not all divorces end in mutual decisions. Sometimes, the reasons for divorce are wrongful conduct, hostility and even improper behaviour. No person will admit the fact that they were hostile in the marriage, but that does explain a lot about them.

Every divorce goes through a formal statement issued from the State. The statements, litigations and all other relevant paperwork are available on state portals for purview. But, you can’t just randomly access them, you need to have the right platform. CocoFinder is that platform.

  1.  Curious about someone

Sometimes, there is a gap after which you are meeting someone. Some events get you back together with people of your past. For instance, a school or college reunion gets you to face to face with the people of your past. You do not want to bring up an uncomfortable topic when talking to them.

On CocoFinder, you can check in a jiffy about someone’s marriage or divorce. You can avoid touching any topic that is uncomfortable to the person on the other side. Even if you want to reconnect with your Ex from the past, knowing their current relationship status will save you some work.

Use CocoFinder to check someone’s Marital Status

There is one conclusive and corroborative proof of someone’s marriage. This document is called a marriage certificate that is an official state record of the marital union of two individuals. 

Having said that, every State is not so technologically advanced to publish the record of the marriage certificate online. In such cases, you will need to physically approach the Authority and seek the requisite details.

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In addition to marriage certificates, there are also joint accounts, joint ownership of property, children’s birth certificates, etc. that act as conclusive proof of someone’s marriage. You can attain first hand access to all these databases in a jiffy through CocoFinder.

Process of Checking Marital Status through CocoFinder

It is extremely easy to use CocoFinder to obtain someone’s marital status in a few minutes only. There are no hassles, no dilatory processes and no delays whatsoever. Below is the process you need to follow:

Enter the Name

You need to enter the name of the person whose marital or divorce status you are seeking. Even if you just have the first name or last name of the person, you can always arrive at a better profile search through CocoFinder.

Vague search items result in vague results. The search results will come as profile search results from social media. You can compare the face vis-à-vis the name. You can identify the person you are looking for and select the same.

How Can I Know if Someone Is Married or Not?

Filter the Result

Once you identify the person you seek, you can click on the ‘Access Report’ to view the data of the person. 

Download and View Report

To download and view the report, you have to provide your email details that will receive the report of the person. You can also provide your credit card details and make the necessary payment for that. 

View My Report

Once the payment is done, you will receive the full report of the person on your email. You can see exactly what their current marital status is.


If you want to swiftly know the current status of someone’s marriage or divorce, using platforms like CocoFinder will save you a lot of time. The results will be attained in a jiffy and you will know every important detail about the person.

You can read more through someone’s social media profiles, but that’s just the truth that the person wants you to see. You can avoid all the emotional turmoil, suspense or any uncomfortable encounter by just looking someone up on CocoFinder.


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