What is a Great House Warming Gift for Home Warranty Clients?

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Home warranty companies provide homeowners with coverage for a variety of systems in their homes. When the current owner buys another property, they have the opportunity to transfer an existing home warranty to their new property. Home warranty companies that have a great relationship with these customers should show their appreciation by sending a housewarming gift to the new homeowner. 

A Basket Filled With Cleaning Products

Whenever a new buyer moves into a home, it is a great idea to get them a gift that includes items they will need immediately. A gift basket filled with cleaning supplies for the new homeowner could come in handy and save them money on these necessary household products.

If the home warranty company knows enough about the homeowner to know what products they prefer, the company can design a gift basket that includes the homeowner’s favorite selections. By finding housewarming gift ideas, companies could provide a homeowner with a great gift that makes them feel appreciated. 

Fire Extinguishers for Their Home

Fire extinguishers are a great gift for homeowners and are needed to protect the home. Homeowners who have fire extinguishers in vital spaces throughout their home need extinguishers that are appropriate for each room and the type of fire that could happen.

A home warranty company could become familiar with risks related to each room in the property, and if they offer fire extinguishers as a gift, they can choose according to the risks the homeowner faces. The sentiment behind the fire extinguishers as a gift makes the homeowner feel as though someone cares about their safety.  

Gift Cards for Retailers Who Sell Appliances and Electronics

Gift cards for retailers that sell appliances and electronics could be a great choice for homeowners who have a home warranty. Once they purchase the appliances, the homeowner can add the appliances to their home warranty and get maximized coverage for the new products. If the products are covered under the warranty, the homeowner can file a claim through their home warranty company for repairs, maintenance, and new products when they need the products.  

Snacks and Drinks for Their First Night 

A gift of snacks and drinks for the property owner’s first night in their new home is a terrific choice. Home warranty companies can send the gifts to the new address and make the homeowner’s night by giving them something to unwind and relax later at night. Candies and high-quality snacks along with wine or even soft drinks are great selections for the gift. The home warranty company could also send a complete basket full of goodies.  

Wax Burners and Wax Melts

Wax burners and wax melts are incredible choices as a housewarming present. The company can provide a beautifully crafted wax burner that will match the current decor or color schemes inside the home. Next, they will add a variety of wax melts that smell wonderful. These gifts provide a terrific fragrance that flows throughout the entire home quickly.  

Home warranty companies provide exceptional services for their clients and transfer existing home warranties to a new property when the clients buy another home. The companies must show these customers how much the company appreciates them by sending a housewarming present to the new home. The gesture could improve the relationship between the home warranty company and their clients. 


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