House passes bills establishing new restrictions on firearm sales, stirs mixed reactions

House passes bills establishing new restrictions on firearm sales, stirs mixed reactions

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The House passed two bills that require background checks on all firearm sales and implement a 10-day vetting process for anyone seeking to purchase a gun.

Similar bills were passed by the House in 2019 but died in the GOP senate. This year, these bills will move on to the Democrat-controlled Senate for review.

The first bill aims to enforce background checks on all private and online sales which include gun shows and transfers. It provides some exceptions involving temporary transfers, like gifts from family.

The second bill would push for a 10-day review timeline for background checks. As stated on Govtrack, the purpose of this is to, “strengthen the background check procedures to be followed before a Federal firearms licensee may transfer a firearm to a person who is not such a licensee.”

The expanded timeframe for background checks would be very different from the current process of buying a firearm. Phil Jones, manager of ZX Gun in Fort Wayne, said this would slow down and impact the buying process.

“Extending the delay does nothing more than increase the burden on law-abiding citizens from exercising their constitutional right to have a gun,” said Jones.

Jones also emphasized that the federal background check is already very thorough. Regardless of whether an individual has a permit to carry or not, everyone is subject to getting checked when buying a gun.

“People say, well, I already have a handgun permit in Indiana,” said Jones. “Yeah, that’s a permit that’s issued by the state of Indiana, but it has no bearing on whether or not the federal government approves them for FBI background check with every single firearm transaction.”

While there are some exceptions, the FBI usually responds within a matter of minutes of a gun store employee submitting a request. The expanded 10-day review would change that.

WANE 15 viewers took to the Facebook page to express how they feel about the new bills. The reactions were a mixed bag of supportive and unsupportive takes on the new bills. Others simply wanted further information about the subject in order to make up their minds.

“Absolutely yes,” said Kevin Hartman. “I am all for gun ownership but there should be extensive background checks and registration of all guns.”

“Already background checks done on legal firearms sales,” said John Stanley. “Why 10 days for an extended?”

“No,” said Rick Coker. “It’s all unconstitutional.”

For now, the bills are up for review in the Senate but in order to pass as law, they would still require considerable bipartisan support.

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