‘Hopefully we’ll meet again’: Residents recall old Wilson church

‘Hopefully we’ll meet again’: Residents recall old Wilson church

With mixed feelings and heavy hearts, Colfax County residents said goodbye to the old Wilson Church, the landmark that Mike Dvorak said could be seen from any hill within 10 miles.

The church, located off of County Road N near Clarkson, was in disrepair and had been vandalized. The building is being demolished.

To many, the old Wilson church brings back a flood of lasting memories.

Dvorak recalled being at the church during a beastly hot summer for his sister’s wedding. One of his daughters was baptized in the church, he noted.

“I feel bad that they’re taking it down,” said Dvorak, adding that his family was among the church founders. “But I totally understand why they are. … I’m OK with it coming down.”

For Vicki Brabec, the church is also important to her family, as many relatives are buried in the cemetery.

“The cemetery was really our connection to our past,” said Brabec, who’s lived in the Clarkson area for decades and lives near the church. “Not that many people are buried there anymore, but my whole family, my brothers and sisters and even our kids, we’ve all bought plots there so it’s going to be our home forever.”

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