Holidays in Dubai 2022

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Dubai is the second-largest metropolis in the UAE. It is one of the ten largest world business centers. Every year it is visited by millions of tourists from all over the world, who come here for unforgettable experiences, the best shopping, incredible architecture, oriental luxury and gorgeous beaches. New unique objects are constantly being opened here. For many, Dubai is associated with large-scale events known throughout the world. The city has repeatedly become a platform for economic forums, meetings and exhibitions. From the huge size and great opportunities run up the eyes. What to do when visiting Dubai, below are just a few of the activities and activities available in this wonderful city.

Make a Photoshoot

Dubai is a city with beautiful futuristic buildings, so this is a great location for a photo shoot. Dubai has a huge number of supercars and expensive cars. You will also have the opportunity to take possession of a stylish car for the rest.

This is another location for a photo shoot, in the salon of a Ferrari or a Lamborghini against the backdrop of Dubai, you will look very colorful. Evolve can rent out one of these cars. After all, you will have to travel with a photographer or the whole family. In the Dubai climate, it will not be very comfortable to travel by public transport.

Evolve took care of tourists, a wide range of rental cars from the service will be at your disposal, prices are quite acceptable for the Dubai car rental market, you should not be afraid of the security of transactions with the company, because a serious rental company will not deceive. It is important for them to keep customers and get positive emotions from you.

Therefore, filling your Instagram with photos with expensive hired cars will be one of the activities during your vacation. But you will get tired of taking pictures for the whole vacation, and you will always need to move around the city and behind it, so you should pay attention to car rental in order to properly distribute your vacation budget.

Holidays in Dubai 2022

Fishing in the Persian Gulf

Dubai was originally a fishing village. Due to the small amount of land resources, people were forced to constantly fish. Now it’s a hobby. A large number of varieties of fish live here, if you like fishing, then you will have the opportunity to go fishing in the Persian Gulf for a modest amount of money. This will definitely bring unforgettable emotions, do not forget to take a photo with the catch.

Holidays in Dubai 2022

Visit the Ski Resort

If in the midst of the hot Arabian summer you miss the snow, then this problem is easy to solve – in the Mall of Emirates, you will find Ski Dubai, the only indoor ski resort in the world. Here you will find yourself under a real snowfall, sigh nostalgically near the living Christmas trees and famously ski down a 400-meter mountain.

Other Entertainment

There are countless things to do in Dubai. During the rest, you will have the opportunity to visit a huge number of exhibitions. If suddenly you are interested in the history of the city, we advise you to visit museums. Dubai is very well prepared to receive tourists, you won’t get bored there.

The city is especially beautiful at night, due to the large number of high-rise buildings, the light is very bright, so in the evening you can visit restaurants or cafes. It is also worth noting that the city is beautiful from above. So be sure to take a helicopter flight. If you are traveling to Dubai with children, then you will need to consider a slightly different holiday option, pay attention to the hotel and your budget.


Rest time will fly by without you noticing. Enjoy life, after a good job you need a good rest, so get behind the wheel of a Ferrari and enjoy Dubai views.


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