Hogwarts Legacy Talent Builds: Best Spells, Talents & Traits

Hogwarts Legacy Talent Builds

Hogwarts Legacy Talent Builds allow players to alter their gameplay and improve their spells and skills. At the same time, others could argue that the talent structure is somewhat underdeveloped for an RPG altogether. Move ahead and learn everything about Hogwarts Legacy Talent Builds.

Hogwarts Legacy Talent builds would be wary when you are using your skill points. It is important to remember that players cannot change their chosen talents at their discretion. The reality that not all skills can be mastered entirely by one character makes this situation worse. Choosing the right talents will be essential to getting the most benefit from their character because there are only 50 skills available and only 36 talents chosen from that can be used by level 40. 

The Hogwarts Legacy talent builds are listed in this article. Continue reading to find out the optimal equipment, skill sets, spells, equipment for every build, and equipment for each build, in addition to the essential cosmetics.

5 Best Hogwarts Legacy Talent Builds | Which is the Best Build in Hogwarts Legacy?

Here is a summary of every Hogwarts Legacy Talent Build you need to learn about today. Each part begins with an explanation of the essential talents in each area and suggestions for selecting the best talents. Just after this piece, a roadmap will be offered for choosing which skills to develop first. So let’s scroll down and learn about all the Hogwarts Legacy Talent Builds.

Hogwarts Legacy Talent Builds

1. Spell Talents

22Transformation Mastery:Transformation transforms the target into an Explosive object that can be thrown
16Bombardo Mastery:Hits multiple targetsDescendo Mastery:Hits multiple targetsGlacius Mastery:Extra Projectiles
5Diffindo Mastery:Pierces EnemiesDepulso Mastery:Hits multiple targetsConfringo Mastery:Extra Projectiles
Incendio Mastery:Adds an Area of EffectAccio Mastery:Hits multiple targets
Levioso Mastery:Hits multiple targets

The two key talents players should acquire at Level 5 are Levioso Mastery and Confringo Mastery. At every point in the game, these two potent spells will be used frequently. Although it can be challenging to line up many foes so that the bullet pierces each one, Diffindo Mastery is another excellent option because it causes a lot of damage.

Even yet, Diffindo remains a powerful spell in this Hogwarts Legacy talent build. Thus the unexpected increase in damage is appreciated. Close-Range Combat is better served by using Incendio Mastery, Accio Mastery, and Depulso Mastery, which may be used to draw numerous opponents in with Accio, scorch them with Incendio, and afterward blow them off with Depulso.

On Level 16, Bombardo Mastery is a crucial talent since the foundation spell’s impact will substantially divide opponents and deliver a significant amount of damage. Descendo Mastery isn’t particularly effective because the additional resistance is not robust. 

Some other helpful talent to maximize harm to many victims is Glacius Mastery. By Level 22, Transformation Mastery is an absolute necessity because it not only offers a quick way to eliminate an opponent but also a potent exploding weapon that can be tossed for substantial damage to numerous opponents.

2. Dark Arts Talents

Dark Arts
22Avada Kedavra Mastery:Kills all cursed targetsCurse Sapper:Killing cursed targets restores HP
16Crucio Mastery:Crucio inflicts Multiple TargetsImperio Mastery:Mind-controlled targets inflict curses
Slowing Curse:Arresto Momentum inflicts curseEnduring Curse:Extends curse duration
5Disarming Curse:Expelliarmus inflicts curseKnockback Curse:Flipendo inflicts curse
Stunning Curse:Stupefy inflicts curseBlood Curse:Outgoing damage hits all cursed targets

Blood Curse is among the real spells necessary for fully exploiting the Dark Arts branch, beginning at Level 5. Curses are hardly frequently applied earlier than later inside the tree. As Stupefy and Expelliarmus both will frequently be utilised all across the course of the game, Stunning Curse and Disarming Curse are efficient methods to cause the curse effect.

In Level 16, Lasting Curse is essential for keeping curses on victims so that Blood Curse can harm numerous targets. If you decide to employ the Unforgivable Curses, Crucio, and Imperio Mastery are crucial for casting curses.

One of the greatest curses inside the game at Level 22 is Avada Kedavra Mastery, which is the pinnacle spell to create a Dark Arts Set that is compelling. An excellent talent to pick up to improve survival is Curse Sapper, one of the best Hogwarts Legacy talent builds.

3. Core Talents

Core Talents
22Protego Mastery:A Perfectly timed Protego breaks enemy shields and damages.Stupefy Expertise:Stupefy deals damage
16Basic Cast Airborne: Absorption Hitting Airborne targets with Basic Cast builds Ancient MeterProtego Expertise: Perfectly timed Protego blocks damage enemiesEvasion Absorption: Dodging attacks builds Ancient MeterStupefy Mastery: Increase the duration of Stupefy’s stunWiggenweld Potency 2: Increase Healing Potion effectiveness
Revelio Mastery: Revelio range increasedSpell Knowledge 3: Additional Spell Set
5Basic Cast Mastery: Basic Casts causes spells to recharge fasterProtego Absorption: Blocking with Protego builds Ancient MeterSwift: Improved DodgeSpell Knowledge 2: Additional Spell SetWiggenweld Potency 1: Increase Healing Potion effectiveness
Ancient Magic Throw Expertise: Weapons disarmed with Expelliarmus can be thrownSpell Knowledge 1: Additional Spell Set

Basic Cast Mastery is one of the finest spells to learn first at Level 5 since it enables the casting of more potent spells more frequently. Because some of the best spells in the game are Ancient Spells, Protego Absorption is also quite good. Eventually, players will learn a large number of spells, and these won’t always fit into a single Spell Set. By acquiring all Spell Knowledge Talents, players can deploy their spells without constantly visiting the spell menu.

However, based on your level 5 growth, you could only require one additional spell set, allowing you to conserve that skill for a more crucial task. Once you’ve mastered the Expelliarmus spell, Ancient Magic Throwing Skill is exceptionally potent in this Hogwarts Legacy Talent Build. Swift helps travel through non-flying regions of something like the map, especially in Hogsmeade when hunting for Demiguise Statues and interior locations when seeking Field Guide Pages. To those who cannot be expected to block or evade future attacks, the Wiggenweld potion is helpful. 

Basic Cast Airborne Absorption and Evasion Absorption are incredibly effective for constructing the Ancient Meter at Stage 16. The remaining skills are optional for users or, at best, circumstantial to set Talent builds in Hogwarts Legacy. Stupefy Expertise is advised at Level 22, as stupefy will be cast frequently. Protego Mastery and Protego Expertise are only helpful if you can learn precise sequencing blocks.

4. Stealth Talents

Stealth Talents
22Petrificus Totalus Mastery: Petrificus Totalus hits multiple targets
16Sense of Secrecy 2: Less detectable while Stealthed
5Human Demiguise: Can now Sprint while Stealthed
Sense of Secrecy 1: Less detectable while Stealthed

Stealth is a highly effective Talent Build in Hogwarts Legacy because Petrificus Totalus is yet another kill. Whereas the top skill is an ought to, each is essential for getting past extremely challenging areas. Unfortunately, few alternatives are available; if stealth isn’t your thing, you can dismiss them.

5. Room Of Requirement Talent

Room of Requirement Talent
22Focus Potion Potency:
Extends the duration of Focus Potion when using spells
Venomous Tentacula deals more damage and breaks shields
Thunderbrew Potency:
Increased size and damage of the storm effect
16Maxima Potion Potency:
Further increases damage and breaks shields
Mandrakes damage and duration increased
5Invisibility Potion Potency: Invisibility last longerFertilizer:
Doubles Chomping Cabbages sent
Edurus Potion Potency: Invincible and deflects attacks

It is more challenging to suggest Room of Requirement abilities because doing so will allow you to take maximum advantage of them. However, to use the linked skills, users need to spend the time to create or purchase these consumables and have items in reserve in their inventory. Another issue is that only one quick slot is accessible, so changing it requires pausing and using the item menu. 

These Hogwarts Legacy Talent Builds can increase the effectiveness of potions and plants in battle, even though neither is very important. For example, the equivalent abilities of the Edurus Potion and Maxima Elixir, two highly potent medicines, are significant assets.

How To Use Talent Builds In Hogwarts Legacy | 3 Rules To Use Talent Builds 

These finest skills depend entirely on the personal preferences of each player. However, to enjoy these Hogwarts Legacy Talent Builds, there are three fundamental rules to follow.

Rules are:

  • Damage
  • Functionality
  • Lifestyle quality

1. Damage

Hogwarts Legacy Talent Builds

Gamers should concentrate on gaining access to the abilities that cause the most harm initially. Then, it is essential to select abilities that enhance these spells. Finally, it will be necessary to answer the query for those gamers engaged in the role-play.

With the right skills, the terrible curses can be highly effective, particularly as the game progresses. If one decides against going down that road, one can also choose whether to spend their resources somewhere or only indulge a small amount in the dark arts, in which there are still some valuable points.

2. Functionality

Hogwarts Legacy Talent Builds

Specific skills offer the player a tactical benefit rather than causing severe damage. For example, the player can take a break and manage the masses by employing skills that prevent the adversary from dealing harm, including blows, freezes, and dazzles, and even utilizing refreshments like elixir and herbs.

3. Lifestyle Quality

Hogwarts Legacy Talent Build

Lastly, a few crucial skills that, based on a person’s game level, ought to be conscious of because they will make fighting much smoother.

Recommendations of Hogwarts Legacy Talent Builds | Pick Your Best

Here are recommendations for Hogwarts Legacy Talent Builds to pick, commencing at level 5. This primarily relies on your preferred way of playing, which could be spell-or stealth-based or curse-based.

Hogwarts Legacy Talent Builds

Progression of Hogwarts Legacy Talent Builds 

  1. Levioso Mastery (Spells)
  2. Confringo Mastery (Spells) or Swift (movement speed)
  3. Ancient Magic Throw Expertise (Core)
  4. Basic Cast Mastery (Core)
  5. Protego Absorption (Core)
  6. Spell Knowledge 1 (Core)
  7. Diffindo Mastery (Spells)
  8. Spell Knowledge 2 (Core)
  9. Stunning Curse (Dark Arts)
  10. Blood Curse (Dark Arts)
  11. Disarming Curse (Dark Arts)
  12. Level 16 Bracket: Bombardo Mastery (Spells) or Enduring Curse (Dark Arts)
  13. Basic Cast Airborne Absorption (Core) or Crucio Mastery (Dark Arts)
  14. Evasion Absorption (Core) or Imperio Mastery (Dark Arts)
  15. Spell Knowledge 3 (Core)
  16. Glacius Mastery (Spells)
  17. Human Demiguise (Stealth)
  18. Level 22*: Transformation Mastery (Spells) or Petrificus Totalus Mastery (Stealth)
  19. Stupefy Expertise (Core) or Curse Sapper (Dark Arts)

Players can now choose what to do with their scores since the ones mentioned here will become the most advantageous initially. However, whenever users find themselves utilizing them frequently, gamers may also opt to learn the Wiggenweld Potency skill anywhere at any time. During general matches, it’s advised to stick with the Core, Spells, and Stealth trees; if you want to cast additional spells to spread curses, grab the Dark Arts trees’ additional branches.


Although Avada Kedavra has a skill that may be unlocked at level 22, the spell doesn’t actually get usable at level 27.

Hogwarts Legacy Harry Potter Build: Best Traits To Use

Hogwarts Legacy Talent Builds

Choosing these Traits will help you build the best Harry Potter Talent builds in Hogwarts Legacy. If you wish to access Tier III Traits in Hogwarts Legacy, you should equip Legendary gear.

Listed below are some of the best Traits options and some buffs they provide for your character. All of these will require that you have Kneazle Fur for Talent builds in Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Concentration III – Increases damage of all Damage Spells.
  • Control III – Increases damage with Ancient Magic Throw.
  • Disarming III – Increases the damage dealt with Expelliarmus.
  • Scorching III –  Increases the damage dealt with Incendio.
  • Binding III – Increases damage with Petrificus Totalus.

Wrapping Up

Here you go with Hogwarts Legacy Talent Builds. The article has everything you need to know about the Hogwarts Legacy Talent builds. Now you can go ahead and choose what Talent Build you would like to have. If you have any queries regarding this article, let us know in the comments down below. Also, don’t forget to check out Path of EX for more Hogwarts Legacy and other gaming-related articles.

Happy Gaming!

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