High Low Dressing: How to Ace that Chic Look 

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Are you one of those who would like to maximize the mileage out of your wardrobe by perfecting high-low dressing? In case you didn’t know yet, high-low dressing refers to combining your high-end fashion pieces along with your basic essentials to accomplish that chic but casual look.

One of our favorite methods to take on that style is to pair a blazer with a flowy maxi skirt. On top of that, you can also pair your silky blouse along with a denim jacket. Just imagine the results! You will get an effortless style with a daily appeal. How awesome is that? 

Everyone totally loves a fantastic mix of high and low fashion. As pieces from each are smartly combined, you notice combinations that could fit various types of occasions. We are surely intrigued, from style icons making the high-low fashion a thing to celebrities welcoming classy pieces with basic options! 

In this new hype of styling, we are here to help you determine the best ways to match high and low style pieces to ace that smooth combination. Below are some amazing high-low pieces you can add to your existing wardrobe or utilize to begin curating a brand-new casual-chic style. 

Make sure you understand the definition 

You must learn the basics first. It will help if you learn what high and low fashion is. Normally, high fashion includes heavily embellished fashion pieces you would often break out on special events. These pieces could also become fashion items that are quite expensive and considered more like statement pieces.

On the other hand, you can consider your low fashion pieces to be your style staples. Keep in mind that these are the classic mainstays inside your wardrobe. That could range from your basic t-shirts to your recurring denim jeans or even a set of your casuals

Check some of the best style icons out there

It always helps to have that style inspiration with you. Are you not exactly certain on which piece looks good with another? Well, it’s time you learn from the fashion experts. 

Did you know that some of the best personalities in the world love to mix high and low fashion? Some of these stars include Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, and Oliva Palermo. 

A quick look at their style profiles, and you will instantly learn a few things. It’s worth noting that Olivia is a master in matching bottoms and tops while making the ideal balance of high-lows. Meanwhile, besties Taylor and Selena always like to perk up daily staples such as dresses and pair them up with statement accessories. 

Shop smarter, not harder

You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money to look chic and sophisticated with high and low fashion. You simply need to realize where to shop and what to purchase. The ideal way to mix high and low fashion works is to have some higher quality items in your wardrobe. 

Those could be anything based on your personal style. For instance, you can pick a beautiful dress, a good quality pair of jeans, and a blazer, as well. Those pieces are extremely versatile, and they’ll go with everything if you stick to a color-coordinated wardrobe. 

Again, you don’t need to spend loads of money. Many stores make a good start for discounted high fashion brands. Moreover, it will help if you begin small, especially if the budget is a big concern. 

Always invest in pieces for special events

What are the other things you need to do aside from having a collection of fancy fashion pieces that you can wear to formal events? You can best bet that you’ve got a reason to occasionally break out the glitter, sparkles, and other dramatic ensembles with high-low fashion. 

What’s more, your staples plus those high-end formal items are a surefire way to ace high and low dressing. Always keep that in mind. 

Invest in statement accessories 

When you are in doubt, you can always trust the uplifting aspect of your statement accessories. Why don’t you go for a stunning pair of Bolsha Sunglasses by Barton Perreira that can immediately inject a dose of elegance into your basic tees?

If you choose the right type of low, it can look even better with those high-end accessories. Splurge one fantastic bag and one good pair of shoes each season. The bag doesn’t have to be brown or black. It could be green, blue, or red but goes with everything. 

The shoes must be comfortable enough, classic but current, and must flatter your leg and feet. It should also be a heel height you can endure. You can also consider those beautifully decorated shoes and bags that will make your overall outfit pop and stand out.

Stock up on your staples

Bring out all your denim jeans, shirts, and other bottoms and tops that you’re used to flaunting each day. Keep in mind that shirts are versatile fashion items that will always find a spot in any style season. The same thing goes for footwear and denim, such as flats and sneakers. 

Make things your own

What about if the bottoms are bad, but the rest is great? You might go to the trouble of changing them. Wrong and bad belts with cheap hardware can offer something away as low. So make sure you put your high-end belt on it. 

Final Thoughts

These days, people are free to experiment with fashion, have fun and enjoy a manifold of style staples. The more personal and unique it is, the more you stand out. You will find many ways to make high and low pieces look better, but not everything will look good with every item. Pick one that matches your unique taste and style. That way, everything else will just follow. 

We hope you find the high and low fashion tips above helpful and informative. Do you have any high-low fashion tips you would like to share? Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving your comments down below! 


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