Hidden Issues With Older Homes

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There can be countless perks when it comes to moving into an older home. From walls that are steeped in history, to charming traditional features such as Dutch doors, high beamed ceilings, and beautiful craftsmanship that have all stood the test of time and you wouldn’t change for the world. Older homes can be truly enchanting, particularly once you’ve spruced them up and put your own stamp on them.

But alongside the good, comes the problem…

In this article, we have listed our top things to consider when it comes to making changes in your new (old) home!

Check Your Boiler

Before you start looking at any of the redecorating or furnishing, one of the most essential starting points is to check your boiler. Older houses often have old boilers, which can harbor mall faults that can fester. If left unchecked, over time, what was once a niggle, can turn into a much bigger problem, potentially resulting in you needing to replace your boiler with a new one. By booking in a gas safety registered boiler check as a priority, you could save yourself a significant amount of money in the long run if there are any issues.

Replace Your Carpets

If your new home has old carpets that have been laid down for numerous years, you may want to consider changing these as a priority. Not only do carpets become dated and tatty over time, but they can also entrap large amounts of hidden dirt, odor, dust, and allergens. The latter can be particularly problematic for anyone with animal allergies if the previous owners had dogs or cats, as pet dander can stay stuck within our homes for up to 6 months after the departure of pets if left untreated! There’s no better retouch than having a new, clean, fluffy carpet installed when you move into a new home to freshen up selected rooms.

Consider Double-Glazing

Along with the many charming features of old homes, comes beautiful bay windows. Whether your home is boasting beautiful bays or stunning sash windows, the conundrum is that more often than not these characterful windows can be falling apart on closer inspection. Not only can they be draft in the winter months, but they can also be noisy due to them being installed before double-glazing ever existed. There are many ways in which you can opt for a more practical window replacement, whilst keeping the original design intact if that is what you desire. Be sure to contact local window specialists to talk them through what you’re looking for beforehand.


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