Top 10 Hidden iOS 16 Features You Don’t Want to Miss!

Hidden iOS 16 Features

Apple has made some excellent upgrades for iOS 16. Some of the changes were most awaited by iPhone users. Here are the top 10 hidden iOS 16 features you need to know about. Not only is the lock screen interface a major change for iOS 16, but there are also some hidden features that you might not know about.

iOS 16 has changed the patent iPhone lock screen entirely. You now get to add widgets on your lock screen. You can also change the clock style on your lock screen. You get to customize your lock screen altogether. If you have a knack for astronomy, you can change your lock screen to a Dynamic Astronomy lock screen. Apart from these, there are a lot of other features to explore in iOS 16.

So, what are some of the hidden features of iOS 16? Let’s see the top 10 hidden iOS 16 features.

Top 10 Hidden iOS 16 Features

Hidden iOS 16 Features

Now that iOS 16 beta versions are released on the public forums, many of its hidden and lesser-known features are coming to light. Here are the top 10 hidden iOS 16 features you need to know.

1. Password Protection for Hidden and Recently Deleted Albums

One of the top privacy changes that iOS 16 offers is password protection for Hidden Photo albums. The hidden photos album was not really a “Hidden” folder. There was a lack of privacy for the Hidden photo album. Anyone who was using your iPhone could easily find it and access it. But now, with iOS 16, Hidden album will have password protection. You can also set a password to unlock the recently deleted photos album.

2. Landscape Mode for Face ID

Hidden iOS 16 Features

Apple has confirmed that Face ID will now work even in landscape mode. However, only some supported iPhone models will be able to use this feature. Now, you can unlock your phone while you are lounging on your couch. Even if Apple is yet to confirm the models that will have this feature, we can expect this to be available in all models after iPhone 12.

3. Pair your Joy-Cons with iPhone

If you have a Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, you can now connect it to your iPhone. As an avid gamer, this is a really amazing upgrade. While Apple had already allowed other major gaming consoles to be connected to iPhone and iPad, you can now connect your Nintendo Switch. This is one of the hidden iOS 16 features that is a big deal for gamers.

4. Live Translations from the Camera

You can now translate billboards or any other document. Especially if you travel a lot and need to have translations for store banners, street name plates, or even for a restaurant menu. You can easily do that without any third-party app in iOS 16. You just have to hold your camera at the object to view the translation.

5. View Wi-Fi Password From Settings.

You can now view the Wi-Fi password from the Settings on your iPhone. You can also copy Wi-Fi passwords to your clipboard if you have unlocked your iPhone using FaceID or Touch ID. Once you have copied the password to the clipboard, you can easily share it with your friends.

6. Airpods Section in Settings.

iOS 16 will have a section in Setting entirely for Airpods control. iPhone along with Airpods, is the mandate for any Apple user. However, iPhones did not have a separate section for Airpods, even though it was an Apple flagship product. Well, Apple is about to change that. iOS 16 will now have a separate section for Airpods in Settings. This hidden iOS 16 feature was a much-needed one.

7. Password Protection for Notes.

You can now lock your Notes app on your iPhone using FaceID or a passcode in iOS 16. One of the much-needed upgrades that iOS 16 is doing is for the Notes app. Your notes will now be organized in chronological order. And you can lock your Notes app using the same passcode you use to unlock your iPhone.

8. Edit Messages Sent on iMessage.

Hidden iOS 16 Features

In iOS 16, you can now edit the messages you have sent on iMessage. You can make edits to the sent message. However, the edits you make will be visible to the receiver. You can also unsend a message. And if you are busy to reply to a text but want to respond to it later, you can make the message as Unread as well. This is one of the hidden iOS 16 features in Beta 2. This will be a respite for people who make typos.

9. Remove Duplicates of Your Photos or Videos.

You can now easily find and remove all the duplicates of your photos as well as your videos. With iOS 16, you won’t have to worry about searching for duplicate photos and videos throughout your gallery. You can easily find all the duplicates through Settings. You can choose to delete the duplicates or even merge them. It’s safe to say this is a necessary feature from all the hidden iOS 16 features.

10. Pin Tabs in Safari.

Hidden iOS 16 Features

If you are one of those people who have multiple tabs open in their safari browser, you will love this. You can now pin important tabs in Safari. Now you won’t have to scroll and keep looking for that particular tab. With iOS 16, you can simply pin a tab in your Safari. As Safari has already capped tabs on 500, this one from all the hidden iOS 16 features will be a lifesaver.

Wrapping Up

So now you know the top 10 hidden iOS 16 features. There are some impressive upgrades such as translations from camera, pairing Nintendo to your iPhone as well as landscape mode for FaceID. iOS 16 will also have a dedicated section for Airpods in Settings.

Drop a comment below to let us know which of these is your favorite feature. We will keep coming up with all the latest updates in technology. Keep visiting Path of EX!

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