Hello Neighbor 2 Walkthrough: How to Beat Act 1?

Hello Neighbor 2 Walkthrough

Hello Neighbor 2 is a popular horror puzzle game that is a sequel to Hello Neighbor 1. Ever since its release, the game has kept the players on the hook. Players are quite excited about it and want to know about all the codes, collections, and more. This game guide will go through the Hello Neighbor 2 Walkthrough. 

In the Hello Neighbor 2 game, the player plays the reporter role and comes to Raven Brooks Town. In this seemingly quiet town, everyone hides secrets. Uncover the neighbors’ darkest secrets and solve “Hello, Neighbor 1”’s most notorious opponent, the case of Mr. Peterson.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in to learn about the full chapters of the game and how to clear the obstacles and solve the puzzles in the game. 

Hello Neighbor 2: Act 1 Full Guide Explained

Hello Neighbor 2 has many acts, and for players to get through, the players must collect four keys to unlock the Neighbor’s basement. You will find each key after solving a puzzle inside 910 Friendly Court while hiding from Officer Nielsen, who’s guarding the house. The house can be reached by heading down the slope and then going right from the WCB4 TV, the building where players wake up. The four puzzles are:

  • The Dollhouse Puzzle
  • The Locked Safe Puzzle
  • The Race Car Toy Puzzle
  • The Picture Frame Puzzle

The Dollhouse Puzzle (1st Floor)

Hello Neighbor 2 Walkthrough

Once you enter from the back door, you will have to look for a dollhouse puzzle. Once you enter,  immediately look left to see a drawing on the refrigerator, you will see a Dollhouse with three dolls standing on top in a specific order; remember it for later. Here’s how to get each doll:

The Neighbor Doll:  Move out of the kitchen from the right door and turn left. Now, you need to climb the closet and move the picture frame to crawl inside. The Neighbor Doll will be at the end next to a map.

The Little Boy Doll: For the little boy doll, you need to jump down from the closet and turn right to a picture frame. Move it aside to reveal a three-letter riddle. Now, write the word NOT in order to unlock a hidden room. Enter the room and now take the Little Boy Doll along with the Crowbar.

Hello Neighbor 2 Walkthrough

The Little Girl Doll: For the third doll, you will need to be inside the kitchen and navigate to the upper left corner to find a red plank stuck to the wall. Use the Crowbar to remove it and obtain the Little Girl Doll from the small space.

Now that you have gotten all three dolls, it is time to solve the puzzle by placing the dolls in the exact same order as shown in the drawing on the fridge; from left to right, put the Little Girl, the Little Boy, then the Neighbor Dolls. The Dollhouse will open and reveal one of the four basement keys.

The Locked Safe Puzzle (1st Floor)

 Hello Neighbor 2 Walkthrough

The second puzzle on the first floor is the locked safe puzzle. You can find the locked safe puzzle inside the room next to the stairs.  For this puzzle to be solved, you will need four numbered cubes found scattered around the house. It is to be bored that you don’t have to necessarily collect them, but it is crucial to find them to know the cubes’ numbers.

For Cube Number 4, head to the kitchen, and open the fridge. 

 Hello Neighbor 2 Walkthrough

For Cube Number 9, get out from the right exit and navigate right to enter the bathroom. Open the lid of the toilet 

 Hello Neighbor 2 Walkthrough

For  Cube Number 1 and Cube Number 8, you will find these inside the locked safe room. Cube Number 1 is on the side table to the left, whereas Cube Number 8 is right next to the safe.

You will have to interact with the safe and enter the year 1984 to open it and collect the second basement key.

hello neighbor 2 walkthrough

The Race Car Toy Puzzle (2nd Floor)

Now a player needs to head to the second floor, it can be a little tricky to go there as to it’s blocked by crime scene tapes. You will need Scissors to remove them. To get the Scissors, navigate to the marked location shown on the map, which is where the Neighbor Doll is found inside the house. Once on the second floor, head to the first door (the bedroom) on the left and follow these steps:

1. Head to the desk and take the red lever from the crate on the ground.

2. Now, turn left and put it in the slot left of the empty bookcase.

3. Enter the newly revealed hidden space and look left.

4. Now, use the Scissors to cut the spider webs and take the battery.

5.  Head out of the bedroom and keep going to enter the room at the end of the hallway (the kid’s room).

6. Move right to the table where the race car toy control is placed.

7. Now, insert the battery and pull the lever twice to make the car bring the key.

Players now have three keys to unlock the basement.

Wrapping Up

Hello Neighbor 2 is an interesting take on horror puzzles.  hope all your doubts regarding Hello Neighbor 2: Walkthrough How To Beat Act 1 are clear. Now, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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