What are Helldivers 2 Super Samples & How To Find Them?

Helldivers 2 Super Samples

Are you still looking for super samples to upgrade your weapon? You need to farm super samples to upgrade your weapons in the gameplay. Let’s dive into the guide to learn about Helldivers 2 super samples and how they can be farmed. 

Helldivers is super exciting action-packed combat mission gameplay. Players make squads to take on challenges from the terminids and automatons threat. To beat these threats, players need to upgrade their weapons. Stay with the article to learn how to farm super samples in Helldivers.

In this article, I have discussed how to farm super samples and how to locate Helldivers 2 super samples. Read the article further to clear your queries about super samples.

What Are Super Samples In Helldivers 2 | Helldivers 2 Super Sample

Helldivers need to be equipped with standardized weapons to complete the mission and tasks. These standard weapons can be unlocked and upgraded with the help of samples. Without samples in Helldivers 2, players would miss the upgradation of elements, which is required to defeat the army of terminids and robots. Samples are pinkish-colored glowing objects that can be found floating in the gameplay. These samples can be located on certain missions and locations.

How To Find Helldivers 2 Super Samples | Farm Of Super Samples

Helldivers 2 Super Samples

Finding super samples in Helldivers 2 is not an easy task. These super samples are hidden and very rare in the gameplay. But these super samples are important to upgrade an entire category of elements. If you are looking for more upgrades, let’s see how we can farm super samples in Helldivers 2.

1. Play Eradication Mission

The eradication mission is based on killing your enemies, which is set on small maps. The mission has a high concentration of samples. Once you are on this mission, look for crates and ruined fortifications.

2. Using Stratagems

Stratagems can be used to find the location of super samples. It can locate the super samples to upgrade your weapons.

3. Loot POIs

The most basic way to get super samples is to spot them at point-of-interest locations like frontier bases, research sites, and crashed areas.

Wrapping Up

As you move onto the levels, upgrading your weapons should be the top priority in Helldivers 2. Super samples optimize the weapons’ quality as you take on the fights with terminids and automatons. In this article, I have discussed super samples. Do let me know if you have any queries regarding super samples.

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