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When we think of movies about technology from the past, it was quite far-fetched. Then to combine technology and horror, we don’t have the highest of expectations for these movies. As technology has improved, so have the movies that are based on technology. Technology has taken over all aspects of our lives. Our cars, homes, and appliances are all interconnected to our phones, making more of our lives dependent on technology. After speaking to a few IT Support Providers, they’ve found that the dependency on technology has not been entirely positive, to the point that a new term was coined, ‘technophobia’. 

Technophobia is the fear of new technology. This has been great for the horror movie industry since they could now introduce this new fear into movies. Before horror movies focused on robots taking over. With artificial intelligence (AI) starting out as software, there is now the fear that our phones and laptops will be taking over. An example of this would be someone who lives in the UK and an IT Managed Services Company uses their technology to collect data. They then use this to create AI software that then becomes sentient and uses this to take over all technology. This is a story that many horror movies focus on today, moving away from the old robot theme. And with the internet taking over and all more of our personal information being so easily accessible, there are more real doors opening up. Here are our top 5 favorite tech horror movies that have been released in the past few years. 

  • Girl House (2014) – A streaming site gets hacked by a deranged fan and a beautiful young girl is the target. 
  • Like. Share. Follow. (2017) – Popular YouTube star is stalked by an obsessed fan.
  • Bad Match (2017) – A player uses dating sites to torment women. 
  • Unfriended (2014) – Six teens who cyberbullied a classmate become the targets of an online stalker. 
  • Don’t Hang Up (2016) – Teens spend a night prank calling but become the victims of a stranger who turns their game against them. 

If you love horror movies and especially those that actually seem possible, then these movies are a must-see! With the focus on social media and technology, these movies are getting more and more realistic. As a provider of IT Support Company UK based business use, we know how close to home these movies can be and just love these technology-based horror films.


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