How to Get HBO Max App Student Discount In 2023?

HBO max student discount; How to Get HBO Max App Student Discount In 2023

Are you a student juggling a packed schedule of lectures, assignments, and exams and finding ways to stream something good to take off the stress? Well, the new HBO Max App student discount might be the solution. To unwind from the academic whirlwind and immerse yourself in the world of captivating stories and binge-worthy shows, Hbo Max App is a go-to streaming platform for millions, including students. Let us find out How to get  HBO Max App student discount in 2023.

HBO Max, the ultimate destination for all things entertainment, has stepped up to make your student life even better. With their exclusive student discount, students can enjoy a remarkable selection of blockbuster movies, critically acclaimed series, and a vast library of diverse content. The new HBO Max App caters to every mood and interest of all its users.  With the new HBO Max App having cool features like HBO Max subtitles and hosting HBO Max watch parties, it has emerged as one spot for entertainment.

Keep scrolling to find out How to get HBO Max App student discount after the launching of the new Max App. So, grab your popcorn, sit back and let the new HBO Max transport you to a realm of captivating content, making your student life a bit easy.

How to Get HBO Max App Student Discount?

HBO max student discount; How to Get HBO Max App Student Discount In 2023

As of June 15, 2023, the newly launched Max App does not offer a student discount. The app is currently available at a monthly price of $14.99.  Although there was a student discount for HBO Max before, but HBO Max discontinued this discount in Jan 2023. It is also not confirmed by the company if they will relaunch the discount or not. Let us hope that they do!

Hbo Max used to offer a student discount for eligible university students. To be eligible, students had to:

1. Student Status: Generally, a user must be enrolled as a student at a recognized college, university, or educational institute. This was for both undergrad and grad students.

2. Age Limit: There was an age limit for the student discount, typically ranging from 18 to 26 years old. However, the age limit was variable according to country or region.

3. Verification: You were needed to verify your student status through a verification process. This may involve providing your institute name, student ID number or other relevant documents.

By fulfilling all the necessary eligibility requirements, users could query of How to get  HBO Max App student discount would be answered. HBO Max App, saving up to 50% of the money on regular subscriptions.

Advantages of The HBO Max Student Discount

Now that we no longer have student discount, but we might need to know How to get HBO Max App student discount incase it ever resurfaces. The HBO Max student discount though no longer available, had some key advantages for the student community. Let us go through these advantages in case it ever comes back:

1. Cost Saving

a cost tag being cut by a scissor; How to Get HBO Max App Student Discount In 2023

One of the primary advantages of the HBO Max student discount was the significant cost saving it offered. By subscribing to the student discount, one could enjoy the vast library of premium content at a reduced price of about 50 % of the usual cost. This allowed students to access high-quality entertainment without straining their budgets.

2. Access to Premium Content

Hbo Max offered a diverse range of premium content, including superhit movies, famous TV shows, series as well as documentaries, and more. With student discounts, students could access all the content opening up a world of entertainment options to explore during their downtime.

3. Flexibility And Convenience

HBO Max provided streaming on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, and even gaming consoles. This flexibility allowed students to enjoy their shows and movies wherever and whenever they wanted, providing a convenient and personalized viewing experience.

4. Exclusive Releases and Original Programming

HBO Max homepage; How to get  HBO Max App student discount

HBO Max is known for its exclusive releases and original programming. With the student discount, users gained access to those exclusive releases, allowing a user to stay up to date with the latest shows and movies that everyone was talking about.

5. Additional Features

HBO Max often provided additional features like personalized recommendations, curated playlists, and offline downloads. These features enhanced the overall streaming experience making it more tailored and convenient for students.

Alternative Streaming Platforms That Provide Student Discounts 

Alternative Streaming Platforms That Provide Student Discounts 

Now that HBO Max has stopped its student discount, there are few other platforms that do provide a student discount as of June 2023. That way, we do not have to know How to get  HBO Max App student discount, and we can try other platforms. These streaming platforms are:

1. Amazon Prime

Prime video; How to Get HBO Max App Student Discount In 2023

Amazon Prime offers an enticing deal for students, featuring a 6-month free trial followed by a 50 % discount on monthly or annual subscription prices. This discount applies to various Prime benefits, including streaming content.

2. Hulu

Students can enjoy a substantial 65% discount on Hulu’s ad-supported plan, making it an affordable choice for streaming their favorite shows and movies. By taking advantage of the student discount, students can gain access to an extensive library of content that spans various genres and categories. It also allows students to join a vibrant community of viewers to discuss their favorite content.

3. YouTube Premium

Youtube Premium

YouTube Premium offers students an exciting opportunity to delve into an ad-free video experience and exclusive content. With a generous 6-month complimentary free trial, followed by a 15 % discount on the standard monthly subscription price, students can enjoy uninterrupted viewing. Students can also have access to YouTube originals, offline video downloads, and background playback.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, the HBO Max student discount opened the doors to a vast arena of premium entertainment for students, allowing them to access movies, series, and exclusive content all in one place. By offering this discount, HBO Max acknowledged the financial challenges students face and provided them with an affordable way to elevate their streaming experience.

Although the student discount from HBO Max has stopped, there are still some other platforms that provide student discounts, like Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube Premium, and more. So, find the one platform perfect for you and get that student discount to save your hard-earned bucks!

Hope this article helped you to learn about how to get HBO Max App student discount in 2023!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are high school students eligible for the HBO Max App student discount in 2023?

No, high school students are not eligible for the HBO Max App student discount in 2023, as currently, HBO Max is not offering any discounts for students.

2. Is the HBO Max App Student discount available for international students?

No, the HBO Max App student discount is not available for international students as HBO Max App stopped the student discounts completely from Jan 2023.

3. Can I cancel my HBO Max App student discount subscription at any time?

Yes, the HBO Max App student discount could be stopped and canceled at any time a user wanted to.

4. Are there any streaming platforms that provide student discounts?

Yes, there are several streaming platforms that provide student discounts, like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and YouTube Premium.

5. Does Spotify provide student discounts?

Yes, Spotify does provide a student discount. Spotify offers a student discount of about $5 per month off the usual price.

6. Does Apple TV provide student discounts?

Yes, Apple TV does provide student discounts. Apple TV offers a free 1- year trial for students, and then the monthly price is $4.99 for students.

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