What Led to Max App Not Saving Progress | Know Here

What led to Max App Not Saving Progress |Know Here

Max, the successor of HBO Max, is a new venture in the field of Streaming by Warner Bros. It just was a bombshell dropped by the media Discovery that took everyone by surprise that how can, even just after 3 Years of its launch HBO Max go this way. Is your Max App not saving progress? One such noticeable change was a change that was quite irritating and disturbing for the users of the Max. Why and what could have led to this error? We will try to explore this in this article.

In just three years from the day HBO Max was launched by Warner Bros., HBO Max had decided to go as max. Not only the name, even the logo, the color, and the tagline have been changed, which ultimately dumbstruck many in the industry. And the HBO Max stops working. It is history now. Now HBO Max, a collab of Discovery Plus and TLC, among others, is replaced by Max.

Since there are certain glitches and technical faults that have surfaced late since this major overhaul by the Max. Max app not saving progress is one of the issues. Let us dive in to know more about it.

How to Fix Max App Not Saving Progress?

What led to Max App Not Saving Progress |Know Here

It has come to the fore that the Max app is failing to save progress, and users are complaining about this problem on certain platforms like Reddit and others. The users fail to understand why the Max App can’t save the progress, and they are propelled to watch the content afresh from the start, which has irritated and exasperated the users.

Although users have tried the standard ways of fixation, to the misfortune of almost all, the error seems in no mood to wither away. Max app not saving progress as a result seemed to have garnered hundreds of thousands of replies on Reddit and other platforms.

Max, As of now, is silent and has not come up with a solution for the users, thereby making it all the more tough, irritating, and disturbing for the users.

Wrapping Up

HBO Max to Max has not been a smooth takeover. It has given me a tough time with the users. The users are facing problems as they encounter the errors like Max app not saving progress. The silence on behalf of the Max authorities adds to the miseries of the users. although users are using certain standard ways of fixing. But anything concrete is yet to be ascertained.

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