Complete Haunted Laia Walkthrough | Explore The Mysteries

Complete Haunted Laia Walkthrough | Explore The Mysteries

As you step into the intriguing world of Haunted Laia, you will find many mysteries and suspiciousness all along the way. Step forward to this page, and you will encounter the ultimate Haunted Laia Walkthrough we have for you. Go on and unveil the truth behind Laia’s father and brother’s disappearance. 

Talking about the Haunted Laia gameplay, the storyline is based on the journey of Laia, who, along with her family, goes to a new house. As they enter the house, her family members start disappearing. Hence, to go along with the gaming, they must wander through various corners of the house and solve many puzzles. 

Before I reveal all the secrets here, let’s go further. Below is your detailed guide on a long-thrilling adventure with Haunted Laia. Let’s go and uncover the secrets yet to be revealed. 

Haunted Laia Walkthrough | Find Hidden Iguanas & Solve Fluorescent Puzzle

Haunted Laia game is all about a young woman named Laia who moves to a new house with her family. Suddenly, her family starts disappearing, and she wakes up remembering nothing. Hence, as a player, you must step into her shoes and wander through various mysterious surroundings to solve the puzzle. Furthermore, it is a complete guide to the game’s puzzles of Haunted Laia. Let’s go!

Find the First Iguana: Room 1

haunted Laia walkthrough

As you begin your journey, you will observe a door. Collect the rope from the floor below the chair and click on the arrow on the left side. You will see a shelf with 4 heads and a red jacket on the right. Pick up the clue paper from the pocket and then tap on the sleeve on the right side. There will be a tail sticking out. 

There are 10 hidden iguanas in the game, and this is the first one. To see your progress in the game, you can look for the settings page at any time. 

Now, spot a purple book on the blue cabinet. Open it and select the pages to tear the blank piece of paper. Your next move in Haunted Laia is to move into the Cabinet Door Star and grab the painting of 5 different things. Let’s go!

Cabinet Door Star: Room 4

You will see a right-side door on the blue cabinet with a star. Turn to the right and then right again, and you will notice 2 pictures on the wall. The left one will be of you, and the right one will have the clue. Around the windmill, there will be 5 items: Wind on the top, eye on the left, sun on the right, and frog and snail below. 

Look out for your own picture and head back to the cabinet with a star-shaped lock. Align the symbols or items to match your picture, and the door will be opened. 

Pick a Blue key and a Pulley, and move to the wall twice with the two pictures. Take the Blue Key to open the bottom drawer at the bottom of the Laia picture and pick up the ‘tint for a typewriter.’  Have a look underneath and see what the role of a typewriter is in the Haunted Laia walkthrough.


haunted Laia walkthrough

Turn to the right, and a typewriter will be on the table. Attach a piece of paper and a ribbon to it. You will see a message typed out stating your next clue. It will reveal 4 heads, which vary in every game, so you must go through your own list. Follow the directions mentioned below to learn about your 4-number code in Haunted Laia:

  1. Head back to the shelf with 4 heads.
  2. Tap on the heads as stated on the paper. 
  3. Every head will make some noise a specific number of times. 
  4. This is your 4-number code.

Move to your left side; there will be 2 shelves with a purple box on the upper one. Enter this code to open it. As the book opens up, you will see a small crank and a paper with a clue. There will be 3 rows of x’s. Observe the color, as it will vary for each layer and every game. 


You will also see some pulleys on the right side. Attach the Pulley to them > then the rope > and then the crank. Tap on the crank to raise the box. There will be a puzzle in the box. Go through the paper clue above and align the 3 rows of skulls to match it with the colors. 

Now, gather some Cutting Pliers from the box and use them on the metal grid on the hole to open it. With this, you start reminiscing about the past, and a flashback will hit you from the previous day in the cave. Let’s see what this flashback is all about underneath. 

haunted Laia walkthrough

Flashback: The Cave

While the Flashback hits, you head back to the cave, where you will locate many drawings hung on the wall and Iguana. The painting will have 2 drawings on the wall, with one face 3 eyes, and 2 figures standing by the door. 

As you tap on the small hole on the right side of the wall, you will see your second Iguana. Make your way through the doorway to the first room. Look for the shelves on the top left and pick up the black book from the lower shelf. As you open the book in your inventory and wander through the pages, several clues will be in there. 

Move to the left side, and there will be a cabinet with a broken right door. Note the symbol clue mentioned on the wall. Pick up the nail from the cabinet > open the door > and gather the lettuce head. 

Move to the left side to see a puzzle on the wall and next door. Head to the doorway to open the way with two levels. There will be a broken rope bridge on the lower level. Pick up the smaller rock in the center. 

Another Iguana will be hidden on the right side of the larger rock. Now, move further to see what this Lower level brings to you in Haunted Laia. 

Lower Level

Head to the doorway on the left and make your way down to the lower level. Look for the top of the large blue cabinet and open the doors to locate a Toy boat and a Green Key. Look for the bottom doors, and you will notice a puzzle there. 


  1. There are 8 locking bars, 4 at the top and 4 at the bottom.
  2. An arrow reflects the first one to be opened up.
  3. Select the red button beside each bar to open it. If the sequence remains open, it means it is correct.
  4. If the sequence is incorrect, it will be closed off, and you will have to restart.
  5. You can get the sequence via trial and error method.

Pick up the drill and a fluorescent tube. Head back to the top level and the main room > make a right to the broken cabinet. 

4 Colored Lines

haunted Laia walkthrough

Look for the panel on the right wall with 4 colored switches. Take the green key and open the panel. Keep the fluorescent tube inside as the panel opens up, and there will be 4 line shapes on the white squares. 

Place the 4 switches to light on the colored lights and the symbols will begin to reveal on the 4 squares. Use the clue in the black book to see the 4 symbols sequence. 

After the sequence turns to the left side, head back through the door to open the 2-level space. Go down to the lower level and head left to encounter a red door and a rock face. 

See the box below the face and enter the code to open it. Pick up the large candle, a box, and a piece of paper with a clue. Now, head right and move upward via the first room. Look for the puzzle on the left side. 

Follow the instructions mentioned above and head to the Room 4. Communicate with the storage box underneath the mask and duplicate the same shapes by using various light colors. You can remake the further shapes based on the lights and lines on the fluorescent holder. 

  • Square
  • Hourglass
  • Circle
  • Wind

After the box gets unlocked, pick up some items, including a candle, Box, and Paper Clue; head back to Room 1, click on the Passage above, and move to the upper area. Then, click on the back button to return to Room 3. 

Wrapping Up

This was all about the Haunted Laia Walkthrough. Read this article thoroughly and follow the directions as stated above to help you reach your goal. Embark upon the sheer adventure and open as many doors as possible to collect your necessities. Also, do unleash the mystery by bringing a total wandered. Drop your experiences in the comment box below, as I cannot wait to read your exciting stories. 

Also, Path of EX is an open platform. Let me know if you have any more questions, and I promise to answer them for you ASAP. 

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