Scary Haunt O’ Ween Is Back To L.A. This October 2021!!

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Smriti Razdan
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Here comes the favorite time of the year, when there are shows, events, and our favorite creepy festival Halloween. Last year due to various restrictions we couldn’t celebrate the most entertaining night of the year. You couldn’t even buy the best pumpkin patches in LA. However, this time things are going to change and you are going to love it. Haunt O’ Ween is coming back and if you missed it last year, then there’s enough time for you now, to pre-book your tickets ASAP.

Before you jump to the booking portals, ask yourself, do you know all about Haunt O’ Ween? If not, then you must know what they are going to offer you for your precious money. Scary ghosts and skulls are all fine, but what else? Is it worth the hype? Well, if you don’t know answers to all these then just scroll down a bit and know everything you need to know about Haunt O’ Ween.

Coming on 31st October, this year Halloween is surely going to be far more fun and creepy than the last one. The COVID- restrictions, and lockdown is really a sucker for boredom. However, everything changes this year. There are little to no restrictions and you can have as much fun as you want. Many surprises are waiting for you, so get ready for the spookiest ride ever. 

Tickets Open For Haunt O’ Ween 2021 In Los Angeles

Tickets Open For Haunt O’ Ween 2021 In Los Angeles
Source: The Knockturnal

Last year’s Halloween experience at Haunt O’ Ween was indeed fun, but this time it’s going to be grand. There are a few changes in the restrictions, like in the last year, cars were allowed in the area, whereas this time it’s all walk-in experience. I think it will only let you enjoy it more. 

First things first, the Haunt O’ Ween event is starting from October 1 to October 31, the night of Halloween. As you know there are quite crazy activities you can enjoy in the event including face painting and games. The presenters Experimental Supply is the company organizing the event. Now, this company has been awarded for its exemplary large-scale production experiences. They have even done all this for movies such as IT: Chapter 2, The LEGO Movie, Smallfoot, and more. So, you know it’s actually going to be “An Immersive Halloween Experience

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What’s the Address of Haunt O’ Ween?

Tickets Open For Haunt O’ Ween 2021 In Los Angeles
Source: Hollywood Gothique

The one-of-a-kind Haunt O’ Ween experience is happening in South California. Its precise address is 6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd Woodland Hills, CA 91367. You can book a cab or visit the place by marking it on the maps.  

You might also be interested in knowing the timings of Haunt O’ Ween in LA. Know that you can visit it from 5 PM to as late as 11 PM. However, there’s no time duration. You can visit the place and stay as long as you enjoy it. This is one of the best things about the Haunt O’ Ween event in LA that there’s no time restraint on the person. 

Who Can Come?

Tickets Open For Haunt O’ Ween 2021 In Los Angeles

The Haunt O’ Ween event is popular for welcoming people of all ages. From barely walking kids to your grandparents, you can visit the event with your whole family. However, if you have a baby with yourself, then there might be happy news for you. There are no tickets for babies under 2 years of age. Yes! You read that right. If you have a newborn with you or a baby that’s under 2 years old, you don’t need to pay anything for the baby. 

What’s The Price Of Haunt O’ Ween Tickets?

The price of the Haunt O’ Ween tickets is pretty basic. Any adult can visit the place for $30 for non-weekends. For weekends the price for a ticket per person is $35. As we said earlier, children under 2 years of age are free to enter so there are no tickets for infants and babies under 2 years of age. 

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What Will You Get?

Tickets Open For Haunt O’ Ween 2021 In Los Angeles
Source: Mamahood Adventures

Here comes the exciting content. Beyond free sweets and candies (by the way, they are included in the tickets) you are going to have food trucks available to curb your appetite. There are going to be all kinds of creepy games amidst the glowing gourds. The science and technology used to enhance the whole experience will surely blow your mind. It is being rumored that the organizers have some brand tricks for all the visitors that have never been seen before, by anyone. 

What to Expect From Haunt O’ Ween?

Well, according to the map provided by, the place is actually creepy, to say the least. As you enter the place, firstly, there’s a “Grand Entrance”. After that, there are the iconic places for all the moving skeletons, can you guess its name? It’s the “Funnybones Graveyard”. As creative as this name is, this is nothing compared to the next adventures in the Haunt O’ Ween event. 

Tickets Open For Haunt O’ Ween 2021 In Los Angeles
Source: NBC Los Angeles

Is there a Halloween without scarecrows? I don’t think so! After the graveyard, you’ll see the “Scarecrow Garden” which is filled with neon and UV lights that will give you an illusion of some other dimension. Moving forward from the scarecrows, there is the “Illumination Realm”. The realm is the playground for exercising the latest technology for scaring you to your core. If you survive this, you’ll be put in the way of “Forgotten Carnival”. Here, you can expect anyone dead to come alive as zombies and god knows what. It is being said that the carnival space is for the retro ride lovers who have a thing for scary clowns.

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Moving forward from the carnival here will come to a place most wanted by the candy lovers because they will get their favorite sweets at “The Addams Family World”. Here is a 45 feet tall macabre suburban mansion replica. Many eccentric ghosts will be roaming around here, so watch closely. 

Tickets Open For Haunt O’ Ween 2021 In Los Angeles
Source: NBC Los Angeles

For the adults, “Malibu Wines Beer Garden” will serve you a chilly beer and you’ll have the best wine tasting experience in SoCal. We have also heard about “Umami Happy Dad”, it’s a living room if you get tired of all the scary monsters around.

Wrapping Up

That was all about the Haunt O’ Ween event happening this Halloween. It’s starting from October 1 to October 31. Make sure you pre-book your tickets and enjoy the best event of the season.  

If you have visited Haunt O’ Ween 2020 then share your crazy experiences with us by commenting below. Have a nice day!

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