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Okay…Hurry! What? Why? Because this is all about DnD Haste 5e Spell. Haste 5e spell ain DnD is a spell that speeds up the target creature, allows it to rush instantly, and make its own share in combat without wasting any time. With a certain time constraint, this spell limits itself but the advantages surely make it count as one of the WOW spells on the list of DnD. In this writeup below, we are going to explain the DnD Haste 5e Spell in detail so I suggest you ‘Stay Tuned’. 

This is an amazing spell for the Armor Class as they get an extra bonus with this one. Also, there are a defined number of classes that are best suited for the Haste 5e Spell DnD. And the advantages one gets with this spell are worth falling for.

Had enough talking, right? Because let’s just not spoil the prominent feature of the Haste 5e spell by bragging much. You can go and look into it yourself. Read along!

Define Haste 5e Spell in DnD? 

A 3rd level Transmutation Haste 5e Spell is a bizarre spell that allows the target to get a wiggle on in the range. The curious target is given an opportunity with this spell to earn an extra +2 bonus to their Armor Class and increase their speed to twice. This allows the target to flee from its attack using extreme mobility. 

Haste 5e Spell DnD

The target also gets an advantage of extra action on their turn, which can be used to make a weapon attack, disengage, hide, dash, or an object only. 

This spell also allows the target to make a dexterity saving throw. However, the spell is limited to the duration of 60 seconds only. After the Haste 5e spell ends, the target cannot take any action or even move as the spell leaves them in a state of lethargy and sluggishness. 

Also, a target must hold on to a lot of focus and concentration throughout the spell. When a focus is lost, the whole spell ends. 

Haste 5e Spell Attributes

Haste 5e Spell DnD
Casting Time1 Action
ClassArtificer, Sorcerer, Wizard
Range30 Feet
Duration1 minute
Level 3
ComponentsVerbal, Somatic, Material
Player’s Handbook

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Haste 5e Spell

Haste 5e Spell has its own set of opportunities and obstacles in DnD. Though it allows the front-line characters to avail themselves of the benefit of the doubt, they still have their own downside. Following are the advantages and disadvantages of the Haste 5e spell. 

Advantages of Haste 5e Spell

  • A bonus action to the dexterity gives a certain strength to win the combat. 
  • The time limit of 1 minute proved to be long enough to make the mess. 
  • A Target also gets an extra attack on his every turn. 
  • This allows the caster to target 5 creatures in total, where one e of them can be himself as well. 
Haste 5e Spell DnD

Disadvantages of Haste 5e Spell

  • The lethargic effect on the target when the spell ends can, somehow, majorly affect the target’s role in the combat.
  • A spell is most likely to bound the caster with itself, which means that in the meantime, this spell can restrict the choice of spells of the caster. 

Which Casters Can Cast Haste 5e Spell?

The special casters with good martial abilities like Bladesingers, Battle Smiths, Sword, and Bow-wielding Bards, Eldritch Knights, Arcane Tricksters, and even weapon-focused Sorcerers are usually observed to be casting Haste 5e spell. They earn additional defensive and offensive power with this spell. 

However, casters with no specific martial abilities can also go for this spell, in order to securely keep up with the focus on their martial allies. 

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Haste 5e Spell is Suitable for Which Classes?

As we read above in the Haste 5e spell DnD Attributes Table, Artificers, Sorcerers, and Wizards are the best-suited classes for the spell. These classes have the access to cast the spell but at certain levels which are stated below:

Haste 5e Spell DnD
  • Sorcerers and Wizards cast the spell at the 5th level when they get a 3rd level spell slot.
  • Artificers will access to 3rd level only when they reach up to their 9th level. 
  • Bards can use the spell at 10th level when they have the ability of Magical secrets. 
  • Eldritch Knights and Arcane Tricksters get access to the 3rd level spell slot when they reach up to the 13th level. 

Boots of Haste 5e

Boots of Haste 5e are just not another pair of boots but they are the coolest Haste Boots. This allows the target to experience the life of the Haste 5e Spell to the fullest by clicking them with your bonus action during the spell. 

What a target needs to do is, just have to tap the heels of the boots together and he will be hasty enough to crash the range in a flash. This haste effect can also be put off by tapping the heels back again, just as your remote control

Haste 5e Spell DnD

These boots come to your rescue for a whole of 10 minutes, after which they doze off to serve you with complete rest. This makes them a better option to choose than the Basic DnD Haste 5e spell. 

Another positive point here is that the Boots of Haste doesn’t require much of your focus to let the spell continue. Also, this end of the spell does not stop your advantage so you can still hit the rival even after losing the spell. 

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Wrapping Up

Okay…If you are planning to ignore this Haste 5e Spell DnD, I BEG YOU to please don’t. It can be a bit hasty to say this but speed is sometimes all you need to let your group members run away from the enemy. Plus, that bonus action is the cherry on the cake. It does have some drawbacks, but the fact that they are SOME doesn’t make much difference. 

This is one of the powerful spells so just give it a try and drop your reviews below. We are also open to any queries and suggestions. 

Have a Good Day! Adios..!!


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