Halls Of Torment Item Tier List: All Items Ranked

Halls Of Torment Item Tier List: Best Items Ranked

Are you looking for the Halls of Torment Item Tier list? You have arrived just in the right place. Today, in this article, I have discussed the Halls of Torment Item Tier list with every detail you need. So, join in and explore!

Halls of Torment is a retro-style rogue-lite ARPG where players choose heroes and battle supernatural creatures in dangerous dungeons. Similar to the Halls of Torment Ability Tier list, the Item tier list is also a significant part of the game. Enhance your hero’s abilities and equipment as you delve deeper into the abyss, discovering powerful items along the way.

In the world of Halls of Torment, a diverse selection of items awaits you, each falling into one of five categories: Footwear, Garments, Gloves, Headwear, Necklaces, and Rings. These items can give your character a significant advantage on the battlefield. To ensure that you are equipped with the finest gear, here’s a comprehensive Halls of Torment Item Tier List. Let’s dig in!

Halls Of Torment Item Tier List: S-Tier

Halls Of Torment Item Tier List: Best Items Ranked

As expected, the Hall of Torment items in the S-tier are the absolute best in the game. Regardless of your character or chosen map, these items have the potential to be game-changing.

They possess the ability to enhance your overall damage under specific conditions, provide exclusive abilities to your character, significantly boost your stats, or even grant you the power of revival, among other benefits.

As a tip, the Revive items may not offer direct boosts to your character. It is advisable to swap them in when you anticipate imminent defeat or find yourself in critical situations.

Below, you’ll find a list of all Halls of Torment Item Tier List of S-Tier items, accompanied by a brief description of their passive effects.

Spike Boots (Footwear)

  • Regenerates 1 Health per second when standing still.

Pace Setter (Footwear)

  • Allows your character to drop 10 Spikes into the ground when hit, each dealing 100 damage and stunning enemies. Has a 4-second cooldown.

Elven Slippers (Footwear)

  • Increases your Block value while moving. Although the base value is 10, it can be further increased by enhancing your character’s movement speed.

Blazing Shell (Garment)

  • Increases your Block Strength by 6 and grants you a 50% chance to trigger Burn on enemies upon contact.

Hunter’s Garb (Garment)

  • Increases your damage by 4% (up to a maximum of 40%) for every second you remain stationary. The bonus decreases gradually if you move.

Shadow Cloak (Garment)

  • Allows you to spawn a shadow that deals damage and increases your Block value.

Fencer Gauntlets (Glove)

  • Provides 6 Block Strength and grants a 50% chance to retaliate after performing a Block. The retaliation strike is guaranteed to be a critical hit.

Invocator’s Grasp (Glove)

  • Increases your Summon Spawn, Duration, and Damage by 40%, 40%, and 20% respectively.

Wind Crown (Headwear)

  • Increases your Attack Speed by 1% per enemy defeated, stacking up to 50 times. The effects of this item last for 5 seconds if not refreshed.

Fighter’s Headband (Headwear)

  • Allows you to regenerate 1% of your health per second for 60 seconds after defeating a boss during a run.

Collar Of Confidence (Necklace)

  • Increases your overall damage by 5% for each enemy within your pickup range, up to a maximum of 50%.

Jade Amulet (Necklace)

  • Increases the EXP gained by your character by 50%.

Ring Of Fire (Ring)

  • Transforms your main weapon to deal Fire damage. Each hit has a 15% chance to apply Burn on targets.

Wooden Ring (Ring)

  • Increases your Critical Chance by 10%.

Seal Of Rebirth (Ring)

  • If you are killed while wearing this ring, it will break and bring you back to life with 50% HP.

Ruby Circlet (Ring)

  • Increases your overall damage by 4% for each enemy affected by Burn, up to a maximum of 60%.

Halls Of Torment Item Tier List: A-Tier

Halls Of Torment Item Tier List: Best Items Ranked

The Halls of Torment Item Tier List of the A-Tier items excel in their own right, providing substantial increases to your main stats or featuring powerful build-focused passives. However, their full potential is best realized when used in specific builds. Here are the A-Tier items in Halls of Torment, along with a brief description of their passive effects.

Runner Shoes (Footwear)

  • Increases your Movement Speed by 15%.

Electrostatic Treads (Footwear)

  • Generates energy while moving, which, when maxed out, allows you to deal electric damage in an area of effect (AoE) and stun enemies.

Firewalker Boots (Footwear)

  • Creates a trail of fire each time you move, dealing damage based on your Fire Damage total. Also has a low chance to apply Burn.

Plate Armor (Garment)

  • Increases your Block value by 6.

Quickhand Gloves (Glove)

  • Provides a 20% increase in Attack Speed.

Helmet (Headwear)

  • Increases your defense and block strength by 3.

Scars of Toil (Necklace)

  • Increases your overall damage by 0.07% for each health point below your maximum value.

Copper Ring (Ring)

  • Increases your Critical Damage value by 40%.

Pest Ring (Ring)

  • Allows you to summon 2 rats every 2 seconds. Each rat can bite up to 10 enemies and apply debuffs on them.

Echoing Band (Ring)

  • Gives a 20% chance for every physical attack to trigger an additional hit, dealing 40% damage from the first attack.

Ring of Thunder (Ring)

  • Converts your main weapon’s damage to electric, with each attack having a 15% chance to electrify enemies.

Longfinger Gloves (Glove)

  • Increases your pick-up range by 80%.

Duelist’s Spark (Necklace)

  • Increases your damage by 50%. The bonus decreases by 5% for each enemy within your pick-up range.

Hunting Gloves (Glove)

  • Increases your Additional Strike value by 30%, determining the probability of performing an extra attack with your main weapon immediately after each standard attack.

Halls Of Torment Item Tier List: B-Tier

Halls Of Torment Item Tier List: Best Items Ranked

The B-Tier items in Halls of Torment are either suited for niche builds or, while capable of packing a punch, lack the same impact as the higher-tier items. Here are the B-Tier items, along with their passive effects.

Plated Boots (Footwear)

  • Increases your Defense by 3.

Bogged Boots (Footwear)

  • Leaves a trail that slows enemies who walk past it, dealing damage based on the number of enemies affected.

Defiant Plate (Garment)

  • Provides 3 Defense for 5 seconds after being hit, stacking up to a maximum of 30.

Blood-Soaked Shirt (Garment)

  • Gives you a 3% chance to recover 1 HP after killing an enemy.

Spellcaster Gloves (Glove)

  • Increases your ability damage after not attacking for 2 seconds.

Sparking Tips (Glove)

  • Allows you to deal area-of-effect fire projectile damage after hitting a burning enemy with a physical attack.

Thunder Crown (Headwear)

  • Triggers a follow-up attack dealing 100 Thunder damage after hitting an electrified enemy with a magical attack.

Headwear (Headwear)

  • Performs a war cry every 5 seconds, awakening enemies within its range for 5 seconds.

Blood Catcher (Necklace)

  • Allows you to regenerate 1 Health each time you deal damage equal to 100 times your maximum health value during a run.

Maiden’s Tear (Necklace)

  • Allows you to regenerate 10% of your health instead of taking damage once every 90 seconds.

Guiding Star (Ring)

  • Increases your movement speed by 40% but decreases your Attack Speed by 30% while moving. Increases your Attack Speed by 40% but decreases your movement speed by 30% while attacking.

Iron Ring (Ring)

  • Increases your base Attack by 10.

Necromancer’s Clutch (Ring)

  • Allows you to summon one skeleton of any kind every 15 seconds, with a maximum of 5 skeletons at once.

Thornfists (Glove)

  • Guarantees a critical hit against an enemy that has just struck you.

Halls Of Torment Item Tier List: C-Tier

Halls Of Torment Item Tier List: Best Items Ranked

The C-Tier items in Halls of Torment are the lowest-tier items in the game, primarily recommended for beginners starting their journey. These items offer basic effects that may become negligible as you progress or unlock better options. Below are the C-Tier items, along with their passive effects.

Plated Boots (Footwear)

  • Increases your Defense by 3.

Chain Mail (Garment)

  • Increases your Health by 10% and your Defense by 3.

Hood (Headwear)

  • Increases your Health by 12% and your Defense by 2.

Demonic Bond (Ring)

  • Allows you to summon one imp every 5 seconds, up to a maximum of 5 imps at once.

By utilizing the tier list and understanding the unique benefits each item offers, you can optimize your character’s loadout and strive for success in the challenging halls of torment. Remember to adapt your strategy based on your character build and playstyle. May your journey be filled with triumph and glory!

Wrapping Up

This guide was created based on gameplay experience in Halls of Torment on PC and will be continuously updated as new items are introduced or discovered within the game. As you progress, make sure to aim for higher-tier items to maximize your character’s potential. Good luck on your journey through the challenging Halls of Torment!

Please note that the information provided in this guide is subject to change as the game evolves and new updates are released. Stay tuned for the latest information and enjoy your adventures in Halls of Torment!

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