Halloween Pop Culture Costumes For Men & Women | 13 Outfits

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Only 30 days are left for Halloween and you haven’t even chosen a costume yet. Can you feel that anxiety? The stress of choosing a costume that resonates with your personality and matches the Halloween vibe cannot be described in words. But what if I tell you that you can skip this tension? Yes! Choose from the best “Halloween Pop Culture Costumes” and stop stressing about your look now! 

You don’t have to worry about anything. We have already told you about all the best Halloween face paint ideas. Match one idea with a costume based on your favorite character and you’ll be the star of the night. For the whole year, you have binge-watched shows days and nights, there are chances that you already have chosen a character.

The looks we have mentioned below are some of the most iconic looks created by the most talented people in the world. You can easily buy them from various online shopping sites. Needless to say, these Halloween Pop Culture Costumes will make you stand out among all the people at your Halloween Party, and then, you’ll thank us for these suggestions.

13 Halloween Pop Culture Costumes   

All these looks have been a major source of inspiration for Gen-Z. The iconic looks got viral over and over on the internet. If you want to be one of the party spotlights then you must choose one from this list of Halloween Pop Culture Costumes in 2022.

Halloween Pop Culture Costumes For Men & Women | 13 Outfits

1. Harry Styles At Met Gala 2019

The best pop culture symbol is a man breaking stereotypes every day. Harry Styles actually freed the nipples in his Met gala look. He is wearing a sheer lace blouse, black paints with matching mail paint. Aren’t you screaming! The man looks S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G and so will you if you choose this Halloween pop culture costume.

Halloween Pop Culture Costumes For Men & Women | 13 Outfits

2. Cruella de Vil in “Cruella”

The queen of 101 Dalmations has a great personality. With half black and white hair parted from the middle, Cruella rocks the red lips like a star. Put on the punk rock outfit and wear your black cape, cause you are going to win the game if you’re being Cruella for Halloween night. PS: If you want a subtle look then you can always choose her red slit dress.

Halloween Pop Culture Costumes For Men & Women | 13 Outfits

3. Lil Nas X in Montero

Lil Nas X always understands the assignment. He got all the glances at this years’ Met Gala with his golden outfit, but we aren’t talking about that right now. Among the Halloween Pop culture costumes, you can stand out from the crowd and wear this Regency-era ball gown. With the matching blue nails, you can wear a wig, only if you have that guts.

Halloween Pop Culture Costumes For Men & Women | 13 Outfits

4. #FreeBritney Halloween Pop Culture Costume

Britney is finally free from her conservatorship and you should definitely celebrate it if you are a Britney Fan. After years and years of struggle, she’ll finally bloom and you can support her by wearing her epic Red jumpsuit look. Straighten your hair and put on some subtle makeup. Don’t forget to post your pictures on Instagram with #FreeBritney and Halloween quotes.

Halloween Pop Culture Costumes For Men & Women | 13 Outfits

5. Peaky Blinders Halloween Costume

You cannot think about the best Halloween Pop Culture Costumes and not talk about the epic Peaky Blinder look. Everyone who has watched the Netflix show is a die-hard Thomas Shelby fan (as they should be) and if you are one of them too then you must wear a peaky suit and a cap. Don’t forget that textured top and the cigar.

Halloween Pop Culture Costumes For Men & Women | 13 Outfits

6. Natasha in Black Widow

This year Natasha aka Scarlett Johansson got her own Marvel movie and if you are a Marvel fan then you must know how sexy she looks in her black suit. If I could I would never take this suit off. However, if you are getting a chance to wear it, so why not?

Halloween Pop Culture Costumes For Men & Women | 13 Outfits

7. Jughead Jones from Riverdale

The tortured writer of Riverdale is quite popular for his cute beanies and fur-trimmed jackets. The look can be pulled off by anyone who loves simplistic style and wants to do their bid by wearing a Halloween pop culture costume. Sometimes he also wears leather jackets, which are also very common you can also try wearing those to a Halloween Party.

Halloween Pop Culture Costumes For Men & Women | 13 Outfits

8. Sia Halloween Pop Culture Costume

Sia is literally a pop culture icon if we think about it. Until a few years back no one had seen her face and her powerful songs have kept some of us alive. Needless to say, being Sia, even for a night, will be super empowering for you. A wig like Cruella but with straight hair and long bangs.

Halloween Pop Culture Costumes For Men & Women | 13 Outfits

9. Jon Snow from The Game of Thrones

Be the King in the North, with the heavy outfit of Jon Snow. Just don’t kill your Danerys. You’ll feel like an actual king once you wear the outfit and roam around in your heavy robes. The leather gloves, furry robes, and hard shield make him look totally badass and if that’s what you want then you should definitely try this Halloween Pop Culture Costume.

Halloween Pop Culture Costumes For Men & Women | 13 Outfits

10. Harley Quinn From The Suicide Squad

A truly savage girl who will kick your ass anytime, Harley Quinn is one of my favorite characters. The tight ripped t-shirt, the baseball bat, messy makeup, and flashy accessories make one of the best Pop Culture looks ever made. If you are a shy person, instead of shorts, you can opt for ripped jeans. But please be this woman it will scare the shit out of your friends at the Halloween Party.

Halloween Pop Culture Costumes For Men & Women | 13 Outfits

11. Money Heist Halloween Pop Culture Costume

Now, I don’t have to tell you exactly how Money Heist has been a symbol of pop culture since the day it has been released on Netflix. The Dali Maska and red jumpsuits have become more iconic than any Halloween pop culture costume this year. So, if you can, do get your hands on this without doing any blunders like Tokyo.

Halloween Pop Culture Costumes For Men & Women | 13 Outfits

12. Daphne Bridgerton From Bridgerton

Ahh! the beautiful balls, the breathtaking jewelry, the ravishing ball gowns, and the short bands, oops, I spoiled my line, just like they spoiled her hair. Never mind, the beautiful gowns of Daphne from the Bridgerton family are the next upbeat Halloween Pop Culture costume that you should look for in the market. It is stunning, from head to toe. Don’t forget the gold crown, that’s what gives the attire the Bridgerton look.

Halloween Pop Culture Costumes For Men & Women | 13 Outfits

13. Shang Chi from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

For those who are a fan of Chinese cinema, you must know who Shang-Chi is. The famous action hero looks smashing in his red and black outfit. You can also wear this red snake print jacket with an ombre black shade on the top. Match it with black jeans, neat hair, and a wooden stick.

Wrapping Up

I am quite sure you must have had at least 5 favorites from this list of best Halloween Pop culture costumes in 2022. My favorite look is of Harry Styles at Met Gala and Daphne from Bridgerton (excluding her bangs). Comment below your favorite looks and share your views.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and keep visiting PathOfEx again. Happy Halloween!!!


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