100% Spooky Halloween Nails For 2022 | Creative Nail Art Ideas

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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There are two kinds of people in this world. First, who plans their Halloween days before, throwing Halloween parties with themed Halloween costumes. Second, those who still decorate their places but enjoy it with a close family circle binge-watching hilarious FRIENDS Halloween episodes. Now, wherever you fall, there’s one thing that’s common between both the camps: A Spooky Halloween Manicure! 

Halloween nails are a must for all manicure lovers. There are a zillion creative ideas on the internet, but we have curated only the best ones for you. This Halloween season is quite special because it is happening after the pandemic. It’s not like the pandemic is over yet, but a lot of restrictions have been removed. This gives us another reason to celebrate the most horrifying season of the year. 

You’ll never get tired of scrolling through these breathtaking nails. Some of them are my absolute favorites and I am sure once you see all of them, you’ll have your set of favorites too. Let’s check them out now.

Halloween Nails Designs To Try This Season

100% Spooky Halloween Nails For 2021 | Creative Nail Art Ideas

We have sorted all the nails into different sections as Classy, Orange, Purple, Short, Stiletto, and others. A lot of them can be made by you at home. Also, think about what kind of nails do you want, Gel or Acrylic.

Classy Halloween Nails

If you want minimum colors and still want to do something Halloween-ish on your nails, then classy is your style. You will definitely fall for all of these Classy Halloween Nails and will be obsessed with these for sure.

  • Square Shaped Light Pink Halloween Nails | Ghost Face
  • Stiletto Black Halloween Nails With Star and Moon
  • Ballerina Spider Black Nails
  • Ballerina Nude Nails With Spider Nail Art
  • Stiletto Nude Nails with Bat and Spider Art
  • Stiletto Dark Night Nails
  • Smokey Black Halloween Stiletto Nails
  • Dark Smokey Black Stiletto Nails
  • Smokey Bats Stiletto Halloween Nails
  • Almond Shaped Moon Nails

Orange Halloween Nails

You will be surprised to see the creativity of the people. They have literally made haunted forests on these beautiful nails and if you ever get to make these on your nails, please do. They are beautiful and completely spooky. Get in the trend of the season by trying Orange Halloween Nails.

  • Spiderweb Halloween Nails with Sparkle | Stiletto
  • Spooky Black and Orange Nail Art
  • Halloween Pumpkin Nail Art
  • Almond-shaped Orange Pumpkins & Ghosts Halloween Nails
  • Sparkle Black and Orange Nails with Pumpkin Nail Art
  • Ombre Halloween Nails | Stiletto
  • Matte Orange Nails with Scary Forest Nail Art
  • Scary Pumpkins Nail Art
  • Haunting Cat Orange Halloween Nails
  • Shiny Orange Pumpkins Nails

Purple Halloween Nails

The demand for purple nails will never die. The color looks super attractive when matched with black and you’ll get exactly in these purple Halloween nails that we have listed below. Some are matte while others are too shiny. Choose one for your favorite Halloween look this time.

  • Witch Print Purple Halloween Nails
  • Short Witch Nails
  • Purple Ombre Nails For Halloween
  • Scary Squoval Halloween Nails
  • Graveyard on Nails
  • Bats and Moon On Purple Halloween Nails
  • Shiny Spider Web
  • Scary Cat Eyes on Purple Halloween Nails
  • White Ghosts On Purple Nail Paint
  • Shiny Purple Nail Design For Halloween

Short Halloween Nails

People think if they have short nails they can’t be creative with them, but that’s not it. You can totally get full Halloween-ish nails this festive season. Take inspiration for the pictures below and screenshot them for future use. You’ll be surprised to see so many beautiful short Halloween nails ideas. So are you ready?

  • Simplicitic Halloween Nails
  • Cute Pumpkin Short Halloween Nails
  • Spider Web Nail Art For Short Nails
  • Ghosts For Short Halloween Nails
  • Black Cat For Halloween Nails
  • Cute Figures On Short Nails
  • Spider web on Black Short Nails
  • Shiny Short Nails For Halloween
  • Black and Purple Halloween Short Nails
  • Spooky Cat Short Halloween Nail Idea

Stiletto Halloween Nails

If we were to decide on one nail shape that is loved by all the nail-lovers in the world, then it has to be Stiletto. The sharp pointy end looks really chic and it also gives us enough length to be creative. Get the perfect Stiletto Halloween nails and glam yourself up for the season.

  • Shiny, Black and Orange Stiletto Nails
  • Scary Trees On Stiletto Halloween Nails
  • Spooky Stiletto Halloween Nails
  • Graveyard Nail Art On Stiletto Nails
  • Teal Green and Black Halloween Nails
  • Spider Web Stiletto Halloween Nails
  • Black Stiletto Halloween Nails
  • Multicolor Spiderweb on Halloween nails
  • Orange Stiletto Nails
  • Scary Faces for Halloween Nails

Gel Halloween Nails

There is a different craze of Gel nails among people. Some like the shine which pops out all the colors beautifully. If you relate, then the following Halloween nail ideas will surely bring a light in your eyes, cause we have got you the best gel Halloween nails of the season.

  • Gel White Nails For Halloween
  • Dripping Blood Gel Halloween Nails
  • Orange Gel Halloween Nails
  • Floroscent Green Spooky Gel Halloween Nails
  • Boogie man Gel Halloween Nails
  • Blood Nail Art On Gel Halloween Nails
  • Jokey Face Halloween Nails
  • Ghost Face Gel Halloween Nails
  • Spooky Gel Halloween Nails
  • Faces On White Gel Nails

Easy Halloween Nails Design

Not many nail ideas can be made at home. you generally require a lot of items to create the perfect nail look. However, these below-mentioned ideas are very easy. You can easily create them at home without any additional help.

  • Simple Black Halloween Nails
  • Easy Black Stiches On Nails
  • Ghost Faces On Orange Halloween Nails
  • Simple Halloween Nails
  • Blood On Halloween Nails
  • Cute White Ghosts
  • White and Orange Stripes
  • Googly Eyes For Easy Halloween Nails Design
  • Easy Halloween Nail Art
  • Nail Stickers For Halloween

Wrapping Up

That was all about this article on the spooky festivals’ manicure ideas. if you like this article then comment below. If you want more creative ideas for nail designs then let us know. Till then share this article and read our other posts on Halloween.

I am sure all of them will be very helpful to you. Have an amazing day! Happy Halloween!


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