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The Royale High Halloween Update is now out, but where are the locations for the Halloween Chests? To help you in finding all the Halloween chest locations in Royale High Path of EX is here to help you. So read the article to the end, grab your spooky Halloween Chests in Royale High, and enjoy your trick or treat.

In Royale High, you earn diamonds by attending classes and meeting friends to level up while purchasing new clothes and teleporting to other locations. Creating new Halloween Skins, the Royale High Halloween upgrade has unquestionably settled into the ideal market with many unique tricks or treats for you.

In keeping with the Halloween theme, we felt this would be a fantastic opportunity to discuss All Halloween Chest Locations In Royale High. So let’s check out Halloween Update locations for the Halloween Chest in Royale High. Let’s get started right to it:

All Halloween Chest Locations In Royale High (2022)

The Royale High Halloween update includes five different places to find Halloween chests. They are clad in green hearts and have pink bodies with black accents. Here’s where your Royale High Halloween Chests are located

The five spooky chest locations In Royale High are: 

1. Halloween Chest Location One

Halloween Chest Locations In Royale High

The first Halloween Chest Location In Royale High is next to the wall on the right side of the spawning area. Near the group of flats labeled “Earth,” players should teleport.

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2. Halloween Chest Location Two

Halloween Chest Locations In Royale High

Follow the walkway to the right, take the stairs from the same spawn point, and reach your second Halloween Chest location in Royale High. After ascending the stairs, proceed straight ahead before turning left and climbing a further set of twisting stairs. The chest is located above the entrance, behind it.

3. Halloween Chest Location Three

Halloween Chest Locations In Royale High

Turn right from the second chest location, proceed along the trail, and then turn right again. You will see yourself in the spookier Halloween Chest location in Royale High. Inside a shed, there is where you’ll find the third chest.

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4. Halloween Chest Location Four

Halloween Chest Locations In Royale High

At the Royale High spawn location, turn away from the railway station and proceed left down the walkway. The fourth box inside the brown home is your Halloween Chest location in Royale High when you open the door on that row.

5. Halloween Chest Location Five

Halloween Chest Locations In Royale High

To Find your fifth Halloween Chest location in Royale High from the brown door home, turn left and proceed until you reach a greenhouse, where you should turn right. The fifth chest is on a stone platform with candles, and it’s impossible to overlook!

Royale High Halloween Special In Roblox

Get ready for Royalloween 2022; it’s time to fill your buckets with candy! For a month of apple bobbing, costume making, candy gathering, and other spooky fun, Roblox users from all over the site will come together for Royale High’s annual Halloween celebrations. Enjoy all the Halloween Chest locations in Royale. Roblox has even introduced Halloween-themed accessories and a limited edition prize bag for 2022.

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Wrapping Up

Woohhh! I hope now you would have decided on your location from all the chest locations in Royale High. So what are you waiting for? Start your game and enjoy these spooky Halloween locations in Royale High with your friends. You can grab more games with  Halloween themes from Path of EX and enjoy playing them with your friends.

Happy Trick or Treat


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