15 Spooky Halloween Apps for iPhone & Android | Dark Nights Await You

15 Spooky Halloween Apps for iPhone & Android | Dark Nights Await You

Are you getting to see those cute pumpkins everywhere? It means it is the month of October! Yes, it is Halloween month! From kids to adults, to friends to families, to cousins to grandparents, all get geared up to celebrate Halloween. As you know, we get dressed up in different scary costumes and get-ups to ward off the spirits that are believed to visit on 31st October. Some make use of Halloween Apps and celebrate. Let us see how?

So, there are different ways of celebrating Halloween, and everyone has their own interests and beliefs. People gather, share their stories, tell forecasts and fortunes, dance, eat, drink, and celebrate. Some watch Halloween or scary movies with their families, and good food, and good times! For me, the celebration is calling my cousins, and having a blast! We all gather and have good food, dance, play games, share our experiences, and cherish the memories!

We are living in the age of social media, and how can creators stay away from Halloween apps? These apps on our cell phones and iPads or tablets are great fun, and informative at the same time. The apps can be of great help to those who are new to the concept of Halloween, or who want to learn about the festival. 

Download These Halloween Apps For A Fun-filled Experience

15 Spooky Halloween Apps for iPhone & Android | Dark Nights Await You

Halloween is a season full of fun, motivating people to get into the spooky spirit. Scarier the look, double the fun. In fact, we have apps to help parents handle their kids getting scared. It is usual for little kids to get scared, and there are apps to inform people or children who are new to the concept. 

Nowadays, schools, colleges, and institutions also need Halloween apps to get updated and follow the trends. Such apps can tell you about various games to be played when you gather to celebrate.

There are apps to get unique lifestyle ideas, make different appetizers and dishes/ cakes/cookies and to make craftwork at school or birthday parties with a Halloween theme, or even for those scary sounds to set up the Halloween mood. 

Best Halloween Apps for Android

15 Spooky Halloween Apps for iPhone & Android | Dark Nights Await You

For your Android phones or platform, here are some Halloween Apps:

1. SwiftKey

15 Spooky Halloween Apps for iPhone & Android | Dark Nights Await You

This app is for your Android Keyboard. There are themes, and Halloween is one of them. Users can take images from the gallery and customize a Halloween theme. If everything is Halloween, then why not the keyboard?

2. Halloween Soundboard

15 Spooky Halloween Apps for iPhone & Android | Dark Nights Await You

This app has a collection of scary and spooky sound effects. True to its name, the app has classic scary laughs, bats, dogs, dripping blood, and so on. So, if you have set the décor for Halloween at your home, you can mix, match, and create all the scary noises, and be a pro at the work that you have done for Halloween. There is much to play with in this free app.

3. Pinterest

15 Spooky Halloween Apps for iPhone & Android | Dark Nights Await You

Pinterest is a name we are all aware of. These apps offer great content during holidays and festivities. So, if it is Halloween, Pinterest is one of the best Halloween Apps to find great ideas and concepts. By concepts I mean costumes, food, decoration; you name it, and they have it. They have great DIYs which are practical and easy to execute. 


15 Spooky Halloween Apps for iPhone & Android | Dark Nights Await You

KWGT is a customization app. There is a lot of fun stuff to make Halloween special with the widgets for your screen. There are affordable Halloween wallpapers that can be customized. You can also import some designs or create them and have a lot of variations. 


15 Spooky Halloween Apps for iPhone & Android | Dark Nights Await You

KLWP is like KWGT. The difference here is that there are live wallpapers. These apps are available in both free and paid versions or premium versions. So, enjoy creating widgets and wallpapers on these apps during the Halloween season. 

Best Halloween Apps for iPhone

15 Spooky Halloween Apps for iPhone & Android | Dark Nights Await You

Make fun things with these apps on your iOS:

1. Plants vs Zombies 2

15 Spooky Halloween Apps for iPhone & Android | Dark Nights Await You

This is a great game if you are in complete Halloween spirit. It is a strategy-based game where you have to build and play with characters on a territory. The game asks the player to build a territory or a garden with amazing plants. 

2. Greeting Cards and Wishes

Halloween Apps

As the name suggests, this app is to create wishes and greeting cards for Halloween. You can create cards and share them with your groups of friends, families, acquaintances, and office colleagues. 

3. myNoise

Halloween Apps

If you have to use your iPhone for background music, myNoise is the best Halloween app. If you have planned a trick or treat, or a great meal for your cousins, all you need is the perfect music. Leave Halloween, be it any occasion, music is the perfect party partner. There are some amazing and scary Halloween tunes as well to team up your Halloween décor. There are so many sound effects, that you have to download the app for an enhanced ambiance. 

4. PicMonkey

Halloween Apps

PicMonkey is an editing app. The app is easy to use to edit your pictures. There are basic templates, backgrounds, tools, features, and whatnot. There are great filters on the app to make your artwork look spookier and ready to share. 

5. Spotify

Halloween Apps

Spotify is the best app for the party. So, if you decided to party with your family at the last moment, you can download Spotify, and the dance game is sorted. Simply create a playlist, share it, and connect it with your speakers. 

Halloween Apps for Kids 

Halloween Apps

Here are the great fun Halloween apps for the little or grown-up folks!

1. Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Halloween Apps

This app is just the best Halloween app for your children. It is a cartoon classic that was aired on television first. The app offers an interactive book to play and enjoy. There are costumes, cutouts, and pumpkin-craving sessions to enjoy. When your child will tap on any illustration, it will come to life.

2. Pumpkin 3D

Halloween Apps

As the name suggests, this app will crave a beautiful pumpkin with 3D effects if you don’t have the time, space, or expertise to do so. You can play around with different features and share the snapshot with family and friends. 

3. Toca Boo

Halloween Apps

Even big kids can enjoy this app. The character’s name is Bonnie, a little girl who is the host. She frightens her family members, wandering around in the house. To escape from Bonnie, the player needs to hide, and stay away from the lights. There are hidden surprises as well. 

4. Smart Tales- STEM Learning

Halloween Apps

It is a free music game for children. Smart Tales has a collection of animated stories and interactive games, helping to stimulate imagination among the children. This way, children can have Halloween fun and build STEM learning at the same time. 

5. Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Engage your kids this holiday season while you get occupied with festivities with jigsaw puzzles. Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle Game is great fun for kids with 30 puzzles under different themes, all based on Halloween. There are pictures with pumpkin cravings, mysterious castles, bats, and so much more. 

Wrapping Up

Halloween is all about scaring others and getting scared! What can be better than having fun this holiday season with the Halloween apps? We have apps for different categories, giving the flexibility to people to celebrate Halloween with full zeal.

You can make greetings, create and use sounds and effects, create and post content, and for the folks who love to eat and dine, we have apps for them as well. We have apps that can be purchased, and some apps are free with minor in-app purchases! So, enjoy these apps! Happy Halloween!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Halloween?

Halloween is a festival celebrated on 31st October to celebrate the fall and wave off the spirits of the dead.

What are the best Halloween Apps?

The best Halloween apps are 
1. Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle
2. Pumpkin 3D
3. Toca Boo
4. Halloween Soundboard
5. Swiftkey

Are their Children-centric Halloween Apps?

Yes, there are various informative and fun Halloween apps for little learners. 

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