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There are chances you are searching for this after getting a terrible haircut. Don’t Worry! We all have been there, and we all had wished to go back to a time when we had beautiful long hair. However, you don’t have to stay with your short hair for long. Really, How? Let’s get started with this article on “Hair Extensions For Short Hair,” and I promise you’ll have all your answers by the end. 

Many people use clip-in hair extensions to get long hair instantly. However, things aren’t that easy for short-haired people. Only after considering a lot of parameters can one decide whether you can get hair extensions or not. But there’s nothing to worry about, as we have brought solutions that will help you through this whole process of getting hair extensions for short hair. 

As a general guide, your natural hair should be anywhere from 4-6 inches to hold hair extensions nicely. This hair length is considered perfect because your original hair needs to cover the strands of extensions to look natural. Your hair cannot look unnatural as that would look bad. 

So, how can you get hair extensions? Is it possible to get hair extensions even if you have short hair? Let’s find out everything for you. 

Can You Get Hair Extensions For Short Hair? 

Hair Extensions For Short Hair
Source: Luxy Hair

Yes, definitely. You can get hair extensions for short hair. A lot of things need to be considered before you get hair extensions. There’s color, extension type, the length of the extension, and a lot more. 

However, if you have extremely short hair, you must not get a waist-length hair extension because it will pressure your locks. That’s why it depends upon the hair type you have, whether your hair is thick or thin, etc. 

What Type Of Hair Extensions Are Best For Short Hair?

Hair Extensions For Short Hair
Source: YouTube

Now, the answer to this question varies for different people. Generally, clip-in extensions are considered great for many reasons. Firstly, they add volume instantly, and they are the easiest ones to apply. You have a much better length with voluminous hair, without any damage. 

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But! But! But! 

Clip-in extensions are not for everyone. Only people with thick short hair can carry the clip-in extensions while making them invisible. For the rest of us, it will be a little tough to hide them, which makes clip-in extensions not the perfect choice for everyone. 

The safest option for people who cannot use clip-in extensions is permanent extensions. Now, there are still a lot of options in the permanent range. You can get permanent hair extensions for short hair in three different ways-

  1. Glued Permanent Hair Extensions
  2. Keratin-Bonded Permanent Hair Extensions
  3. Tape-in Hair Extensions (semi-permanent)

When you glue permanent hair extensions for short hair, you use hair glue to stick the pre-bonded sections with your locks. Glued hair extensions are applied an inch away from your scalp not to damage your roots.  

Hair Extensions For Short Hair
Source: Hair Extensions

The same is the case with Keratin-Bonded Extensions; however, it is considered healthier. Since there’s no glue in this type and keratin is super healthy for your hair, it is a better option than glued hair extensions. 

You can also try tape-in extensions using adhesive tape to stick the hair strands instead of glue. Tape-in extensions are the best choice for straight tresses because they are almost invisible in that kind of hair. 

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How Do You Hide Extensions In Very Short Hair?

Hair Extensions For Short Hair
Source: Glo Extensions Denver

A major issue that girls face while using hair extensions is that they don’t blend well. To hide hair extensions in short hair or any hair, you need to do a bunch of steps so that it looks natural and attractive. 

1. Cut Hair Extensions

To make your hair blend with the extensions, you need to make sure your extensions look natural. One way to ensure that is to give it a lovely cute. Visit your hairdresser, and they will create all the nice layers to make the extensions blend with your natural hair. 

2. Choose the Right Color

If you love some shade in your hair, you have to do the same with your hair extensions. Make sure your hair extensions blend with the bottom of your natural hair. A better way could be to use two different shades, chestnut brown, and chocolate brown. 

3. Hide The Bases

Suppose the haircut of your extensions is different from your natural hair. In that case, there are chances that the bases will appear, and I can tell you, it will not look good at all. 

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Hair Extensions For Short Hair
Source: Sitting Pretty Halo Hair

You can try pinning down the bottom of the hair, or you can make a small braid. It will hide your natural hair and make it easier to use hair extensions for short hair. 

4. Get a Heavier Set

If you are looking for hair extensions for short hair, you must make sure the extensions cover all your head. This point is the most important for short hair because to avoid any visible traces of natural hair, a good amount of extensions should be used. 

5. Curl Your Hair

This trick will help everyone, girls who want hair extensions for short hair or long hair. You’ll take a small portion of your extensions along with your natural hair and curl or straighten them. This will hide extensions beautifully, and no one will ever know that you’re wearing hair extensions. 

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6. Make A Braid

One of the best ways to hide hair extensions for short hair is to make a braid. You can try parting the hair into two sections, from ear to ear. Make a braid of the lower section, or you can also make a lower bun. This will hide your bases, and no one would ever guess that you’re wearing hair extensions. 

How Many Hair Extensions Do I Need For Short Hair? 

Hair Extensions For Short Hair
Source: Luxy Hair

Applying hair extensions to short hair is very difficult. Especially if the hair is 5 inches long. Hairdressers don’t recommend using hair extensions with hair shorter than 3”. Although, if you still want to try it, then these are the approximate requirements of hair extensions for short hair-

  • Thin short hair requires 150-170 pieces of Keratin hair extensions.
  • Hair with medium thickness requires 200-225 pieces of Keratin hair extensions.
  • Thick short hair requires 250 pieces.

Note that your hair is going to carry the weight of extra tresses. The thinner your natural hair is, the weaker it is going to be (only if thicker and heavier hair extensions are added).

If your hair is jaw-length, do not attempt to get waist-length extensions. Always try to choose the length of additional hair close to your natural hair length.  

Wrapping Up 

You can get hair extensions even if you have short hair; after all, it’s not rocket science. Although, you must have the minimum required length to hold hair extensions. Make sure you take care of your hair to get damaged (beyond repair). That was all in this article about “Hair Extensions For Short Hair.” 

If you have any more doubts or queries, comment below, and we will try our best to help you. 

You can also share this article with your friends who have cut their hair short. Have a Great Day! 

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