7 Hacks You Should Know Before Hitting The Mall

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Retail therapy is called so for a reason. Besides being a necessity, it also feels weirdly good to shop alone. It can be very relaxing. Taking a stroll down the different sections and window shopping can all feel very peaceful if you’re in the right mood. 

Sometimes romanticizing the monotonous chores of our life can come in handy. They help to get tedious things done. We have done the same when we say shopping is therapy. We have romanticized the idea of shopping to make it less of an ordeal and more of an adventure. 

So shopping can be fun but only if you know how to make it fun. There are two kinds of people – one who hates shopping and another who loves and lives for it. No matter which kind you are, shopping is a necessity. So why not change our approach and make it fun?

Also, no matter which kind you are, shopping still can be an ordeal if you don’t do it smartly. Going to the mall can be a fun exercise if you know a few hacks to make the process easier and more fun. But to make it so, you need to read on. This article shares seven such hacks with you that will make you fall even more in love with shopping. 

Know where to go: One of the most important aspects of shopping is the venue. Your shopping experience is heavily dependent on the place that you’re shopping. It can make or break your experience. Buying from scattered shops is hectic and more time-consuming. 

This will take away from your experience of shopping as well. That is why you should always shop from places like Melbourne Central where you get all your needs met in one place. This is convenient and will help you focus better. 

Carry a tote: Tote is the new cool but do you know what else it is? It is environmentally friendly as well. Shopping includes getting a lot of bags. But if you carry a big tote bag, you can put all the things you buy in it. 

Also, carrying multiple bags is not easy. That is why make sure you’re carrying a tote bag. This will make the shopping experience hassle-free. 

Use a trolly: If you’re planning to buy many things, make sure that you use a trolly. Many shopping malls have a common trolly that you can use to carry your bags. Alternatively, you can also drop your bags at a common counter. This will keep your hands unoccupied. 

Plan your spree: No matter how much you think you know what you want, seeing those many things together can get intimidating. You might end up forgetting the essentials you had to come to buy. That is why plan your spree. 

Buy the things that you want the most at first and then move ahead to other unimportant things. Or you can also make categories. For example, buy all the dairy products together because they are usually kept in the same section and move accordingly. 

Prioritize: You must always make a priority list when you are out shopping. In most cases, you will end up forgetting what you had to buy in the first place. That is why make sure that you prioritize. 

Also, if you have to buy many things, you might get drained, and the most important stuff might get left out. So keep the spilling limited to items that are not so important. 

Use a checklist: You must always make a handwritten or phone-based checklist. This helps in remembering what you need to buy. This also helps in budgeting and stops you from overspending. 

Decide what you need to restock. These are economic ideas that will curb the constant need to buy useless things from the mall. 

Keep time in hand: Quick shopping is disastrous shopping. That is why don’t try and wrap it up in a hurry. You will miss some things or pick up the wrong things. For this, you will again have to go and return stuff later. 

That is why, whenever you need to go shopping, take out time for your schedule. This way, you will also enjoy the process. 


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