All GTA Online UFO Locations to Win Cash For Halloween Event 2022

All GTA Online UFO Locations Of GTA 2022 Halloween Event

It’s the GTA Halloween Event! I hope you all are enjoying the new updates. One of the new GTA Halloween updates is the UFOs. If you wanna know the GTA Online UFO locations, you are in the correct place. Here in this article, we will be talking about the new GTA UFOs and their exact locations with maps.

After the Halloween updates of Adopt me, Warframe, YBA, Phasmophobia, Return to Animatronica, Fortnitemares, PK XD, BloxburgRoblox, DBD, Read dead, Overwatch 2, Minecraft, and now finally GTA Halloween Update. It’s only natural that players wanna complete the new quests and try out new Halloween items because they are just for this month of October. So, enjoy these GTA Halloween UFOs by quickly knowing all the GTA Online UFO locations.

Just like Roblox’s new spooky games, new chest locations, Pumpkin heads, new Halo interface, new Rainbow friends, Headless head costume availability, Minecraft’s pumpkin carving, and Fortnite Pumpkin skin. It’s new UFO locations interface in GTA Halloween this year. Let me share the exact location of GTA UFOs with you.

All Exact GTA Online UFO Locations

All GTA Online UFO Locations Of GTA 2022 Halloween Event

In GTA Online, there are several places where you might locate a UFO. We already know Every UFO location you need to visit in order to take a picture of the UFOs. Just keep in mind that you must always go and look for GTA Online UFO locations between 10 p.m. to 4 a.m since the peak of UFOs are more in these hours.

GTA Online UFO locations from day 1 to day 17 are –

DayUFO Location
1Paleto Bay Peninsula
2Above Sunken UFO In Paleto
3Mount Chiliad
4El Gordo Lighthouse
5Altruist Camp
6Silent Probe Mountain
7Satellite Relay Station
8Gunrunning UFO Crash Site
9Shack and Gunrunning UFO Crash Site
10Patriot House
12Polar-Taylor Power Station
13Paleto Area
14Altruist Camp and Zancudo
15East Blaine County
16Kortz Center, Galileo Observatory, Vinewood Sign, Land Act Dam, and NOOSE Headquarters
17All over city of Los Santos
All GTA Online UFO Locations Of GTA 2022 Halloween Event

GTA Online UFO Sightseeing Dates

The festivities, according to Tez2, include 17 “stages” of UFO sightseeing with different GTA Online UFO locations, with the final one taking place on Halloween Day. In contrast to the typical UFO paradigm, the Fort Zancudo UFO will appear on Sunday, October 23, 2022, as said.

Do UFOs Relate To GTA 6?

Players of GTA Trilogy found a photograph in 2021 that appeared to be from Miami, or Vice City, as it is known in GTA, and featured the Lil’ Probe’Inn with a UFO in the distance. Although you should always take speculations with a grain of salt, it looks like GTA 6 will soon be shown. Find out the release date of GTA 6 and some new character leaks.

All GTA Online UFO Locations Of GTA 2022 Halloween Event

Wrapping Up

So, this was all about the GTA Online UFO locations. I hope you understood every location clearly, and I also hope that you are on your way to finding out all the UFOs on GTA. Enjoy this Halloween with GTA UFOs. Keep this article by side while you look for the UFOs. 

I want you to go and check out Path of EX once for more Halloween updates on your favorite games. You can reach out in the comments with further doubts. Just enjoy this Halloween holiday with your friends and family. I will make sure to be back to you with yet another interesting and useful Halloween Update. Till then, take care and Play with GTA UFOs.

Happy Halloween!

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