Check Out GTA Online Jack O Lantern Locations | All 200 Pumpkin Locations

GTA Online Jack O Lantern Locations

Gamers are going crazy about GTA Online Jack O Lantern locations. There are incentives to be earned if you go around gathering up GTA Online Jack O’ Lanterns, which have started to appear everywhere. In this article, we have provided all 200 GTA online pumpkin locations.

These GTA Online Pumpkins are easy to find, and as you approach closer to them, your pad will start vibrating to let you know you’re on the right road. In the most recent Grand Theft Auto V Weekly Update, different Jack O’ Lantern (pumpkin) items may be found around Blaine County and Los Santos. Players can obtain the Horror Pumpkin Mask by finding ten Halloween items and the Pumpkin Tee by finding all 200. 

GTA 5 players can also access benefits such as in-game cash, RP, snacks, clothing items, and more by participating in this brief event. You may unlock the Horror Pumpkin Mask and Pumpkin Tee by collecting all 200 Jack O’ Lantern Halloween collectibles in GTA Online. Without further ado, let’s see where to find all 200 GTA Online Jack O Lantern Locations.

All 200 GTA Jack O Lantern Locations For Haloween 2022 

GTA Online Jack O Lantern Locations

All 200 GTA Online Jack O Lantern locations for Halloween 2022 are listed below. The named locations are listed in this short guide.

Tip: Vinewood in Los Santos is the ideal area to look for pumpkins. There are numerous Jack o’ Lanterns to be found.

Los Santos Pumpkin Locations

GTA Online Jack O Lantern Locations
  1. Mirror Park (8)
  2. Murrietta Heights (2)
  3. El Burro Heights (9)
  4. Rancho (9)
  5. Davis (4)
  6. Chamberlain Hills (6)
  7. Strawberry (1)
  8. La Mesa (2)
  9. Mission Row (5)
  10. Pillbox Hill (5)
  11. Downtown (1)
  12. Little Seoul (2)
  13. Vespucci Canals (8)
  14. Vespucci Beach (3)
  15. Del Perro Beach (5)
  16. Richard Majestic (1)
  17. Del Perro (2)
  18. Pacific Bluffs (5)
  19. Richman (8)
  20. Vinewood Hills (34)
  21. GWC & Golfing Society (1)
  22. Rockford Hills (4)
  23. West Vinewood (10)
  24. Burton (1)
  25. Hawick (1)
  26. Downtown Vinewood (2)
  27. Grand Senora Desert (2)
  28. Richman Glen (1)
  29. Banham Canyon (3)
  30. Chumash (3)
  31. Tongva Hills (2)
  32. Great Chaparral (4)
  33. Redwood Lights Track (2)
  34. Harmony (2)

Blaine County Pumpkin Locations

GTA Online Jack O Lantern Locations
  1. Zancudo River (2)
  2. Grand Senora Desert (9)
  3. Stab City (2)
  4. Sandy Shores (11)
  5. San Chianski M.R. (1)
  6. Grapeseed (5)
  7. Galilee (1)
  8. Alamo Sea (1)
  9. Mount Chiliad (2)
  10. Cape Catfish (1)
  11. Mount Gordo (1)
  12. Paleto Bay (9)
  13. Paleto Forest (1)

And that’s where to find every Jack O’ Lantern in GTA Online for Halloween 2022.

Wrapping Up

So, that was all about 200 GTA Online Jack O Lantern locations. Now, go and find the GTA online pumpkins and get your rewards. As soon as we know more about it, we will update the article. Till then, keep sharing this article with your fellow gamers and stay tuned to the Path Of EX website. Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Is The Cherry Pie Farm GTA V?

The Cherry Pie Farm is a farm in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, located on Baytree Canyon Road, Great Chaparral, opposite the intersection with Galileo Road.

2. Where Is The Tongva Hills In GTA 5?

Tongva Hills is an undeveloped part of the State of San Andreas located in Los Santos County in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. It is bordered by Lago Zancudo to the north and Banham Canyon to the south.

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