GTA 6 Lucia: First Female Protagonist In GTA Game Series

gta 6 lucia: first female protagonist in GTA

GTA 6 official trailer finally went live, and this is surely the one that deserves all the love and attention. Here, on this release, we can clearly see about the game co-starring playable woman, Lucia. This has come up as a surprise for, I guess, everyone. So, let’s head through this page, and I will reveal everything about this new addition to the GTA series. Step forward!

Since the GTA made its big reveal, every other fan has gone crazy over the internet. Whether it is about the GTA 6 strip club or striving to know about its available platforms, people cannot keep calm as to what this game has next to offer in season 6. Indeed, there is no doubt in saying that this version is going to make a BLAST!

Many of you may wonder how Lucia is different from the other females featured in GTA. Well, this is where the mystery is. Lucia is not just a replica of what we had in the past game series, but she is a power-packed character. The four we have had didn’t have the power to change the game’s plot, but Lucia does. So, before I spill the beans over here, let’s head further and allow me to guide you through ‘GTA 6 Lucia- First Female Protagonist in GTA.’  

Who is Lucia in GTA 6?

gta 6 lucia: first female protagonist in GTA

As GTA 6 finally revealed its most-awaited trailer, the main highlight was two characters: Jason and Lucia. According to what we saw, Lucia is the female protagonist who has been sent to prison and was born for heists. She is observed to be brave and powerful and isn’t scared to indulge in criminal activity. 

As the trailer begins, Lucia is found being questioned about her crimes in the prison. When asked what led her to the jail, she casually replied, ‘Bad luck, I guess.’

GTA has always been a more men-oriented game series; as we all know, it’s only been GTA 2 that allowed you to play as a woman, and that, too, didn’t do justice to what a woman can do entirely. Hence, to take our experiences to another level, here we have GTA VI, which has finally revealed one of its female protagonists: Lucia. 

Is GTA 6: Lucia the First Female Protagonist in GTA?

Lucia is not the first female protagonist in the history of GTA, as we know that 4 out of 8 skins have been female characters in the game, but none of these really had any story to offer. Lucia is the strongest female character in the GTA world and has much to offer. She has a Latin-American background. 

Although Rockstar didn’t reveal her partner’s name in the crime, she is with a man during a police chase. According to the leaks, his name is Jason, and he is another protagonist in GTA 6. 

Wrapping Up

Let the excitement brew because this is what the GTA 6 expects from its community. We have had many female characters on the list, but as you can assume from the trailer, Lucia will break all the records. Read this article thoroughly, and buckle up for this new season. I am pretty sure it will all be worth it. 

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