GTA 5 Christmas Update: When is the Christmas Update hitting GTA Online in 2023?

GTA 5 Christmas Update: When is the Christmas Update hitting GTA Online in 2023?

Christmas 2023 is almost here, and all the gaming enthusiasts are super excited for GTA 5 Christmas Update of 2023. With Winter Vibes and a lot of exciting new stuff taking over GTA Online, the Christmas Update is always counted upon by the Gaming Community. In this article, you will get to know when the Christmas 2023 Update is coming to GTA 5. 

With GTA 6 Trailer already on board, the Gaming Community is already in high spirits. Though GTA 6 is expected to overshadow the rest, everyone loves snow and Christmas Vibes around this time of the year. With games like Gorilla Tag and Bloxburg already out, Rockstar Games is not going to miss the Christmas 2023 Update in GTA 5.

So, What is the cool stuff that is coming with GTA 5 Christmas Update? Let us talk about the exciting stuff you can expect from the Christmas update this year. Last year, the GTA Online Christmas Update was rolled out on 22nd December 2022. Will it roll out around the same date this year? Let us find out.

When is the GTA 5 Christmas Update: How Many Days Will it Last?

Just like every year, Rockstar Games is expected to roll out the Christmas update in GTA 5 anytime around mid-December. Last year, Rockstar Games added the Christmas update on December 22nd, and in 2021, it was released on December 23rd. GTA Online typically updates every week on a Thursday at roughly 10 am BST.

Now, the Thursday closest to the 22nd of December this year falls on the 21st. So, looking at the previous updates, it’s safe to assume that Rockstar Games will be dropping snow into the game on the 21st of December, 2023. 

This is almost 4 days before Christmas, so gamers will have plenty of time to play with snowballs and drift around in the snow. For the last 2 years, Rockstar Games have been going ahead and keeping the snow active in the game for a good 2 weeks or so. It is expected that this Festive Update will last till at least the first week of New Year 2024 or so.

GTA 5 Christmas Update 2023 Items & Events: What’s Exciting?

GTA 5 Christmas Update

1. Snowy Trails and Snowman Collectibles

Snow is probably the only thing that most people are excited about in GTA Online every year during Christmas, and why not? During Christmas Update in GTA 5, you can actually interact with the snow, pick it up, and throw snowballs. Driving and drifting around in snow gives a whole new feel to the game. Just like last year, Free Christmas Vehicles and Christmas deliveries are also expected.

Last year, we even had Snowman Collectibles. We had to go around and destroy them, which was so cool. There is a Snowman outfit that you will get after destroying all the 25 Snowmen around the city. Something similar is expected in GTA 5 Christmas 2023 Update as well.

2. Christmas Items, Outfits and Weapons: Candy Cane, Weasel Plaza & More

During gaming, you will be able to unlock rare clothing and a bunch of Christmas items like Christmas Sweaters, Masks, Liveries, and Christmas Weapons like Candy Cane. Not only this, you will be receiving a free holiday gift when you log on to GTA Online. 

Talking about Weapons, we even had a special event last year during the festival update. It was called The Weasel Plaza Shootout.  By doing this event, you could unlock the MW 29 pistol. It may come back this year!

There is also a rare Christmas Stocking Mask that only certain players would have been able to unlock by playing previous GTA 5 Christmas updates. This rare mask was last added to the game back in 2014. The players who have this Red Mask available to them are indeed the OG players who have active accounts from back in 2014. Let me know in the comments section if you are also one of them.

3. The much-anticipated “Gooch Event”

Last but not least, The Gooch Event is also expected to make a comeback in 2023. The Gooch event is an exciting addition that comes with the Festive GTA 5 Christmas Update.

In the Gooch Event event, the players driving or walking down the streets of GTA are robbed of their money and snacks by a character named “The Grinch.” You will have to chase him down and kill him to get your money back and some extra cash. If you are able to kill the Grinch in time, he will drop a present. First-time players can unlock the Gooch Mask after collecting the present. This event has a very big chance of returning this year.

Clearly, with GTA 5 Christmas 2023 Update, the Gaming Community has so much to look forward to.

Wrapping Up

There is so much cool stuff and features that are expected to make a comeback in GTA 5  with Christmas 2023 Update. The update is expected to be rolled out on the 21st of December, 2023 and I’m sure it will leave the Gaming Community happily surprised. So, get ready to enjoy the festive vibes with GTA 5 Christmas Update 2023.

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