Great book about Maine’s north woods

Great book about Maine’s north woods

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Of course, when I saw the title – Canoe and Camera, A Two Hundred Mile Tour Through The Maine Forests – I had to get that book. And I have to thank Tommy Carbone for re-publishing Thomas Sedgwick Steele’s story of his journey with two friends and three guides through the Maine woods in 1880.

That’s right – his journey was in 1880. And one thing we can be very pleased about is that our north woods hasn’t changed much since his journey. It’s still a wonderful place.

This book brought back a lot of great memories of my own time in the north woods, mostly hunting and fishing.

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I also liked the information Carbone added to the book, and the old photos are really good too.

I like this quote from Steele: “The pleasure of canoeing these undiscovered lakes and streams, and living from day to day upon their resources, was an element of indescribable delight.”

Well, Maine’s north woods are no longer undiscovered, but I often spent a whole day there without seeing another person.

If you’ve never been in Maine’s north woods, you’ll be headed there after you read this book. And if you have spent time there, a lot of Steele’s stories will bring back your own wonderful memories of your time there.

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