Graveyard Shift Game Endings Walkthrough (Two Plus One Secret Ending)

Graveyard Shift Game Endings | The Walkthrough Guide (2024)

If any recent video game has terrified my soul, it is the Graveyard Shift Game because it’s all as spooky as the ending of it. Moreover, your decisions determine your character’s end in the video game, and trust me, you won’t like it! So, without giving you many spoilers, let’s read about Graveyard Shift Game endings that will guide you in the game.

As the game title suggests, the game revolves around a cemetery where the player acts as a security guard. However, the eerie-looking cemetery has sinister mysteries and evil creatures that will give you an adrenaline rush. Despite having a recent release on 3 December 2023, Graveyard Shift Game managed to grab the attention of millions. Now, gamers are more curious about Graveyard Shift Game endings. So, here are the much-needed details.

The Graveyard Shift game story is set in the ruins of Whispering Winds Cemetery, with lots of security cameras, shrieking voices, and unapologetic ghosts that will keep you on your toes. Read ahead to learn about Graveyard Shift Game endings.

What Is Graveyard Shift Video Game Story?

Graveyard Shift Game Endings | The Walkthrough Guide (2024)

Roblox’s Graveyard Shift is an adventure video game with a survival challenge. The user can play this game as the main character, Gary. He has recently changed his previous work to seek a safe and peaceful job. 

So, he lands up as a security guard at Whispering Winds Cemetry. His work requires him to stay in the cemetery from 5 PM to 8 AM daily. However, on his first day, he comes across life-threatening situations and his deepest nightmares that turn his life upside down. 

As the video game progresses, the simulation takes the player in different directions of the graveyard. The player faces evil spirits, demonic creatures, and dead bodies who want to kill the guard. 

Graveyard Shift Game Endings: Walkthrough

So, he must make quick decisions before he turns into a corpse. This article covers all the three Graveyard Shift game endings that you will come across in the game. 

Graveyard Shift Game Ending 1: Agent Intervention

Graveyard Shift Game Endings | The Walkthrough Guide (2024)

One of the most common endings that you can have by choosing your direction will lead you to the Agent. You can find the Agent when you cross the large gates of the graveyard and ask him for help. However, the Agent will take you to his facility to erase your memories of your night encounters. 

You will end up lying in a facility room where the Agent will have a memory-swipe device to reset your brain. As he proceeds further, a message will appear on the screen stating, “Your mind was erased along with any memories of tonight’s events; you returned to the graveyard with no further incidents…

Graveyard Shift Game Ending 2: Abduction By Aliens

Graveyard Shift Game Endings | The Walkthrough Guide (2024)

One of the twisted Graveyard Shift game endings is the abduction of Gary by aliens. If you choose another way to finish the game, that might lead to your kidnapping by aliens. Once you gain consciousness, you will see you lying on a table surrounded by two weird-looking aliens. 

However, you again lose your senses and go into a deep sleep. A message pop-ups on the screen stating, “You were reported missing by your boss but were never found…

Graveyard Shift Game Ending 3: The Secret Ending

Graveyard Shift Game Endings | The Walkthrough Guide (2024)

If you play the game with vigilance and smart moves, you will get a secret ending in the game. Once you proceed to complete your objective, a UFO will appear from nowhere. At this moment, you need to crawl back and wait till the UFO gets out of sight

Once everything seems normal, move out of the graveyard premise. Lastly, quit the job and leave the place for your own good. In this ending, you will see a pop-up, “The events that occurred tonight were quickly covered up and classified. You quit the graveyard shortly after…” on your screen.

Wrapping Up

The article on Graveyard Shift game endings covers the existing ending situations here. I will keep adding new endings if the game updates more. So, worry not about the ending and focus on your Graveyard Shift game journey. Ask me in the comments section if you have any doubts about Graveyard Shift game endings.

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