How to Watch Google Search AI Event on 8 February?

How to Watch Google AI Event

Google has planned to host an event on the 8th of February and the company will disclose all its work relate to Artificial Intelligence. The presentation will be exciting for those looking for Google to launch something competitive like ChatGPT. All eyes are on the Google Search AI event and people are also curious to know How to watch Google AI Event on 8 February.

Let’s stay with the post and I will tell you how you can watch the Google Search AI Event on the 8th of February.

How to Watch Google Search AI Event?

How to Watch Google Search AI Event on 8 February?

According to an invitation sent to Verge, the Company is going o share how it is “using the power of AI to reimagine how people search for, explore and interact with information, making it more natural and intuitive than ever before to find what you need.”

The ones who are waiting to know about the streaming of the Google AI event then let me tell you that the 40-minute event will take place on Youtube.

The presentation will likely be more about the tools as the invitation contains references to Google translate, Google Lens, Google Shopping, and Google Maps. There are many looking forward to hearing and expecting something extraordinary from Google. You can’t do much if the show is about improving the tools mentioned above as it can make a massive difference to those who use them daily.

What are the Expectations From Google Search AI Event?

Because of the storm created by the OpenAI ChatGPT, there are many expectations from the Google AI Event. After getting the bottleneck competition, Google might be preparing to launch the exact same tool as ChatGPT. The tool is rumored to be “Apprentice Bard” and will produce results similar to the ChatGPT.

We can’t say much about it before the launch at the time of this event. We have to wait for the event and see what Google has in store for us and what its preparations are to give concrete competition to Microsoft, which has invested millions of dollars to collab with ChatGPT to introduce its exceptional features into its products and services.

Wrapping Up

This article talks about how to Watch Google AI Event on 8 February. Many people are curious about the event just because ChatGPT has gained momentum and popularity in the market. There was also news from the Gmail creator that the ChatGPT might destroy Google in the next two years. Comment if you find the article insightful and share your thoughts on the upcoming Google Search AI Event.

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