Google Pixel Watch vs Galaxy Watch 5-Who Wins The Battle?

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Smriti Razdan
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Google has recently revealed its much-awaited Android-based watch called as Google Pixel Watch. The company is pushing the ecosystem by introducing the new Wear OS device for Pixel enthusiasts. The watch is best suitable for the currently launched devices, Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro. Since its launch, Samsung has made its glorious position in the Wear OS marketplace, not leaving any stone behind to be the bull of the competition. It will be exciting to scrutinize Google Pixel Watch vs Galaxy Watch 5.

With the latest launch of the Google Pixel watch, It will be captivating to contemplate the competition between Google Pixel Watch and Galaxy Watch 5. Both devices come with different sets of features and specifications. The idea is to pick out the best in terms of specifications and the overall look of the devices.

Read the following article, where we have discussed all the specifications and features of the Google Pixel Watch and Galaxy Watch 5 explicitly.

Google Pixel Watch vs Galaxy Watch 5

After many years of conjecture, the Google Pixel Watch arrived in the market as a contender to battle with the already-established Galaxy Watch 5. The comprehensive distinction between the Google Pixel Watch and Galaxy Watch 5 are as follows

1. Design and Display:

Google Pixel Watch vs Galaxy Watch 5

The Google Pixel Watch comes with a modern AMOLED display with circular 3D domed glass. The glass is protected by corning Gorilla glass 5. The 3D glass looks bold and is perfectly fused with the stainless steel body, making it slim and ideal for the wrist.

The Pixel watch comes in only one size, i.e., 41mm. It also attributes two buttons; one is placed in the middle of the watch, which works as a crown, and the other snappy button is placed above the crown. The Pixel watch comprises 80% recycled stainless steel and comes in three different color options, i.e., Matte Black, Polished Silver, and Champagne Gold.

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On the Other hand, the Galaxy Watch 5 is nearly similar to its predecessor in terms of design and display. The Galaxy watch is made up of aluminum and comes in silver and graphite colors. The watch offers two sizes depending on your wrist size, i.e., 40mm and 44mm. It has 1000 nits of brightness, giving no trouble in outdoor use.

The Galaxy Watch also has an AMOLED display and Gorilla Glass 5 protection covered with sapphire crystal making it scratch resistant and sturdy. The galaxy watch attributes a flat display on the front with two buttons placed on the right side of the body.

Google Pixel Watch vs Galaxy Watch 5

Both watches offer similar waterproofing and water-resistant feature. But Galaxy watch 5 has the edge over the pixel watch as the former comes with IP68 water resistance protection certification and military standard shock resistance.

2. Battery Life and Charging:

Google Pixel Watch vs Galaxy Watch 5

Google assures that the battery life of the Google Pixel Watch manages to survive upto 24 Hours on a single charge. The Pixel watch comes with decent 284 mAh battery life. It will be interesting to see if the watch can live upto the expectations claimed by the company in terms of battery life. The company also promises to provide a fast charger to avoid any delays in charging on regular use. The Google Pixel Watch supercharges from 0-50% in 30 minutes of charge.

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Whereas the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has a slightly bigger battery capacity than the Google Pixel watch. The company claimed to get a battery life of upto 50 hours on a single charge. In practical usage, with the minimum steps tracking activity, Always On Display activated, mixed with a few Google Assistant Questions, The battery comes down to 38% after 13 hours and 15 minutes of usage.

Google Pixel Watch vs Galaxy Watch 5

This claim seems to be far from what the company claims. But wait, the Galaxy watch comes with a fast charger to wipe out your worries regarding charging. The Galaxy Watch 5 charges from 0-45% in 30 minutes of charge.

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3. Fitness and Health Tracking Feature:

Google Pixel Watch vs Galaxy Watch 5

Fitness and Health Tracking feature is a significant element of any smartwatch. The Google Pixel Watch is an advanced version of the Fitbit watch. It consists of a well packed of features, which Google developers have been improving for a very long time.

Google Pixel watch helps in providing accurate heart rate tracking. This data is fueled into the metrics such as Active Zone Minutes and Daily Readiness to assist you in enhancing your workout experience and sleep monitoring features. 

Google Pixel Watch has more than 1000 workout types with Fitbit Premium Subscription. The Google Pixel Watch also comes with the Fitbit Premium subscription, which is free for new buyers for six months.

Google Pixel Watch vs Galaxy Watch

Whereas With the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, the Optical heart rate sensor is actively working all day and night, ECG tracks your heartbeat activity, and Sp02 is enabled to track your oxygen saturation.

The watch has the same Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis sensor that enables you to check your body fat, Muscles, water content in the body, and many other statistics as well. The Galaxy Watch 5 comes with 100 different workout types, which is enough for most of fitness folks.

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The 3-in-1 Bio Active Sensor enhances the health and fitness feature to some other extent. These features comprise your Steps tracking, manual workout tracking for more than 90 exercises, and in-built sleep tracking with a sleep coaching platform. That sounds phenomenal, as Samsung has done a fantastic job in presenting the fitness and health tracking feature.  

4. Software and Features:

Google Pixel Watch vs Galaxy Watch 5

Google Pixel Watch runs on the latest version of Google’s wearable operating system, Wear OS 3.5. This watch comes with wearable versions of 

  • Google Maps
  • Google Assistant
  • Google Wallet
  • Messages and
  • YouTube Music
Google Pixel Watch vs Galaxy Watch

Google Pixel Watch also has S0S support that will enable you to call swiftly in an emergency situation. Google confirms that the watch will come in early next winter with the wear OS update.

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On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 also runs on the latest version of Google’s wearable operating system 3.5 and Samsung’s One UI watch 4.5 software. This watch comes with wearable versions of 

  • Google Maps
  • Google Assistant
  • Google Wallet
  • Messages
  • YouTube Music
Google Pixel Watch vs Galaxy Watch 5

The Galaxy Watch 5 is quite similar to its predecessor and attributes a list of new features such as Swipe down to see your Quick Settings, Swiping left to go through widgets, Swipe right to see notifications, Swipe up to view your applications, pressing and hold on to the watch face to select the new one.

The watch’s user interface offers more customization and a better experience for Samsung smartphones. The Watch also supports fall detection, which is unavailable on the Google Pixel Watch. Needless to say, the Galaxy Watch 5 put together Samsung Pay and Samsung Health in a simplified manner.

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5. Pricing and Availability:

Google Pixel Watch vs Galaxy Watch 5

The Google Pixel watch will be available to buy at an astonishing price of $350 for the Bluetooth and WiFi version, whereas the 4G/LTE version can opt for the price of $400. The company has said that the watch will be available to buy from the net in early winter’s Wear OS update. 

The Galaxy Watch 5 is available to buy at a starting retail price of $280 for the 40mm Bluetooth version, whereas the LTE support model for the same size will be available at $330.

The 44mm model of the Galaxy Watch 5 is available to buy at $310 at an additional cost of $30 from the former model with Bluetooth version, whereas the WiFi version of the watch can be grabbed at the cost of $360.

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Google Pixel Watch vs Galaxy Watch 5

Who’s Better: Google Pixel Watch or Galaxy Watch 5 

Samsung Galaxy Watch has done an overwhelming job in almost all departments. Samsung is clearly declared as the winner between the two as it has held the market for the last eight years and emerged as the lone warrior in its competition.

As we have seen, users are getting more advanced features in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. Additionally, Samsung is giving health and fitness tracking and coaching features at no extra cost, while Google only offers rudimentary features for free. In contrast, significant features are available after buying a Fitbit Premium Subscription.

Nonetheless, Google should be highly praised for launching its first wearable watch and a new baby in the Google ecosystem. It will be exciting to see the new Google Pixel Watch soon in our hands.

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The Google Pixel Watch can be a lucrative product for users in terms of design and aesthetics, but when it comes to the more matured hardware and software blend in a smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the winner. 

Wrapping Up

Here in this article, I have discussed the most prominent features and specifications of the Google Pixel Watch and Galaxy Watch 5. By listing down all the features set and specifications of the two, I have drawn out the righteous winner, i.e., Galaxy Watch 5. Comment down below to let us know your favorite features between the Google Pixel Watch and Galaxy Watch 5 and what your pick will be between the two smartwatch wearables in the world of booming technology.


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