ChatGPT-Like AI Apprentice Bard by Google is Now in the Game

Google is Making a ChatGPT-Like Ai Apprentice Bard

Artificial intelligence is seeing an increase in competition with the launch of the most hyped ChatGPT. According to the reports by CNBC on Tuesday, Google engineers are testing potential rivals to the most popular AI chatbot ChatGPT and its own chatbot, “Apprentice Bard.” There are numerous examples of ChatGPT that will blow your mind and have shooked the grounds of Google. If you are also curious to know more about Google’s new chatbot Apprentice Bard, I have something interesting to tell you. Keep in touch with the post.

According to reports, the bot uses LaMDA, or Language Model, for Dialogue Applications. It is basically a language technology which is developed by Google. This comes just after the management of the IT giant allegedly declared a “code red” about ChatGPT, which has recently gained popularity because of its capability to produce human-like written prose.

In this article, you will learn about Google’s new chatbot, “Apprentice Bard,” in an all-inclusive manner.

What is Apprentice Bard?

Google is Making a ChatGPT-Like Ai Apprentice Bard

According to a CNBC article, Google employees have been working on many AI products in response to creating a wall of competition to the OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It also includes an AI chatbot with the name Apprentice Bard. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has apparently issued a “code red” and is accelerating the making of new AI-powered products.

According to reports, Google’s LaMDA conversation engine, which enables the development of ultra-modern chatbots that can easily understand and reply to a variety of inquiries and requests in a natural and more human-like manner, powers the Apprentice Bard.

You can simply type a question or a prompt into the Apprentice Bard, which reportedly works similarly to ChatGPT, in which you will get a written response in return. As we have already mentioned that the Chatbot Apprentice Bard uses LaMDA. It can, however, gives information about current trends.

CNBC cited Apprentice Bard’s capability to predict whether Google will conduct another round of layoffs as an instance, and it replied, “unlikely this year.” It’s quite important to remember that LaMDA has caused controversy before after a former Google employee claimed it developed a sentience.

There has been one example floating internally in which a tester asked the Apprentice Bard if there would be another layoff’s at Google. The company sacked 12,000 employees, 6% of its workforce, earlier this month.

“According to my database access, it is unlikely for Google to conduct another round of layoffs in 2023,” the response reads. “Layoffs are generally conducted to reduce costs and structure, but the company is doing well financially. In fact, Google’s revenue increased by 34% in 2021, and the company’s stock price has risen by 70% since January 2022.”

Is Apprentice Bard Really Used as a Name?

Google is Making a ChatGPT-Like Ai Apprentice Bard

It is worth notable that Google has not even revealed a debut date for its ChatGPT rival. But during its I/O conference in May, the company is predicted to disclose information about its AI-powered devices in public in a comprehensive manner.

According to the New York Times, Google will introduce at least 20 AI-powered devices this year. Which Google AI products will be accessible to the general public is still up in the air, though. Jeff Dean, who is Google’s head of artificial intelligence, is said to have stressed the company’s caution, emphasis on accuracy, and efforts to stop the spread of false information during a recent all-staff meeting.

What Are The Upcoming Google’s AI Products?

Google is Making a ChatGPT-Like Ai Apprentice Bard

Google is evidently making its way to the image generation tool and a TikTok-style green screen mode for YouTube along with the Apprentice Bard AI chatbot. The company is reportedly working on a feature called Shopping Try-on. It is believed that the company is working on the tools that will help the developers to build the Android app easily, along with the wallpaper creator for pixel smartphones. There is more to be known, as Google is planning to come back harder after the heat created by the ChatGPT.

Wrapping Up

With the emerging hype of the Artificial Intelligence OpenAI ChatGPT, Google is making plans to launch an engine like ChatGPT. If reports are to be believed, it is internally called a san Apprentice Bard. Only time will speak what Google has in their house to beat the trending and most hyped Chatbot out there. Comment down if you find the article insightful, and share your thoughts on Google’s new chatbot, which is rumored to be called as Apprentice Bard.

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