Good Omens Season 2 Is Going on Air | Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything You Need To Know

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Is Good Omens Season 2 happening? But, where is the story? Oh, there is so much confusion! Right? But don’t worry, if you are a Good Omens fan and are eager to know if there are any chances of season 2 going on air, then we have got a piece of fantastic news for you. Here is the post that will reveal the release date, cast, plot & every other thing that you need to know about the popular Good Omens Season 2

Well, who would have imagined that a story of Angel, demon, antichrist, and a witch can make people go crazy for years? Well, this is what is evident when you mix Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. After all, they are masterminds behind Good Omens. Season 1 of the Good Omens won millions of hearts soon after its release on Netflix, but this 12 episode long series was put to an end soon because of no script!

After a series of controversies of putting a full stop to season 1 of the Good Omens on Netflix, Good Omens Season 2 is finally going on air with Amazon Prime Video soon after two years of season 1. This time, it’s happening with no book to use as source material, making fans more curious to know what will happen next. 

Keep up your curiosity and head ahead to the post as below you will find out the release date, cast, plot & everything else that you need to know about the upcoming Good Omens Season 2

Good Omens Season 2: What To Expect?

Good Omens Season 2 Is Going on Air | Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything You Need To Know
Source: TechRadar247

Have you ever wondered about the after story of a book? Like, what happened after the protagonists got married? Was it a happy ending?

If you have not yet, Good Omens, season 2 is going to be something that would make you think about it once, at least.

Confused Why?

Good Omens season 1 was based on the novel “Good Omens” by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

But what about season 2?

What will happen in the story further if there is no reference to follow? This is a thing to think about as it has put many viewers in confusion and excitement!

On where to take the story of Good Omens! Neil Gaiman tells everyone that Terry Pratchett always agreed that they would work on Good Omens “together or never at all.” Now that Sir Terry Pratchett is not among us, the story of Good Omens Season 2 largely depends on Neil Gaiman.

However, further discussions on the plot were made by the two back when sir Terry Pratchett was still with us. So, Neil Gaiman is not entirely clueless as Pratchett has already left unpublished works on the story, and discussions about writing follow-ups have occurred between the two.

As good omens season 1 was complete on its own, with an engaging beginning, plot and, conclusion, all speculations about the story of the upcoming season 2 will be in vain.

Ahhh! That’s so sad.

But fans certainly do expect something more to it, and that’s happening.

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Good Omens Season 2 Cast

Good Omens Season 2 Is Going on Air | Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything You Need To Know
Source: Junkee

There are going to be old and new faces in Good Omens season 2. With huge suspense as to who will join the cast, mystery characters are unknown. Some names are not revealed, while some are still speculated.

WUHU!! Aziraphale is going nowhere. He will be there in the show, and Michael Sheen will play his role.

Along with this, we have another good news for you.

Or, Appropriately, another gossip for you.

Crowley is also coming in season 2, played by explicit David Tennant. An addition in the star cast is always good for the fans. Not only this, but the co-author of the book Neil Gaiman will be there to execute things smoothly while all the prominent cast members are said to be irreplaceable.

That is why Tennant and Sheen are back on board as the faces of the show.

Good Omens Season 2 Release Date

Well, You all are familiar with the Season 1 of good omens. It was released on May 31, 2019.

Do you know what this means?

This means that it has been two years that fans have been waiting for a season 2, and here it is! In June 2022, Good Omens Season 2 was renewed, which will air on Amazon Prime Video!

The shoot for Good Omens season 2 hasn’t yet started and will take off later in 2021.

However, it should not take a lot of time to shoot the whole season because season 2 of Good Omens will only be six episodes as of sources.

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We can expect season 2 to be released early to mid in 2022.

Neil Gaiman sighed relief to the eager audience.

Good Omens Season 2 Trailer Release

The only thing about season 2, which is yet to be released, is a bunch of interviews to renew the show for season 2. The trailer has not been released yet.

So, wait up! And watch the space!

Any Controversy That Follows?

For those of you who are new to this Good Omens team, the seasons of good omens were to previously air on Netflix. But as it is all about god and satans, around 20,000 people signed a petition to cancel the show.

Do you why?

Just because they want to find it, it airing on Prime video instead.

They thought that the series “normalized satanism” and showed satanism to be light and acceptable.

Contrary to this, the story of the series is about an angel named Aziraphale and a demon, Crowley, played by David Tennant, who attempts to prevent an oncoming apocalypse and the rise of the antichrist.

Good Omens Season 2 Is Going on Air | Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything You Need To Know

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Wrapping Up:

This was all for what we know about the upcoming Good Omens Season 2. It seems like a sigh of relief to settle down the butterflies in the stomach. Well, I am also guilty of checking about the release of season 2 almost daily because of watching season 1 on one go.

Tell us in the comment section if it the same for you or not? We will love to hear from you.


Frequently asked questions:

How many episodes are in season 2 of the good omens?

Since the Season 2 of the Good Omens is going on-air on Amazon Prime, Amazon ordered a 6 episode long drama adaptation to offer a treat to the fans.

Are Crowley and Aziraphale lovers?

Well, season 1 experience sizzling chemistry between the two. The biochemistry makes them inseparable even in season 2. Let’s hope that they confess it this time before time goes away.

Is Aziraphale a real angel?

Yes, he is! The novel clarifies that Aziraphale is an angel and a character on the Sueniverse.

What happened to the third baby in good omens?

Well, the book version reveals that the third baby is given to the adoption.

But what about his fate?

His fate can be a surprise as the book suggests that the baby may grow up as Greasy Johnson who will be a leader of the rival gang.


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